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Our unique "Point, Play + Say" system encourages children to learn to read, write and play music. You can view more about the course we use by visiting the Piano School Publishing website by clicking here.
With classes over 6 days, and courses designed for students aged 6months to 100 years – we can make music work for you!
Jungle Music was developed over many years, and has become the launching pad for thousands of music loving youngsters. Guitar lessons – The guitar is an incredibly rewarding, versatile and contemporary instrument to learn.
Junior Keys is the perfect start for any young pianist, and immerses children in music, movement and a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Forte private lessons are tailored to suit you or your child, focus on long term development and get results.
However, if a child is allowed to rely on their ear to learn and play songs, it becomes by difficult for them to have long term success. The first one or two years of tuition are the most important part of their music education. Music is a language, and the reading and writing of this language is vital to any student's long term success.
Classes are held between the hours of 9am and 12pm, Monday through to Saturday, take a look at what would suit your child, then book a free trial! With over 40 music specialists in 2 great locations in Brisbane, we are confident that we will find the right match for you.

Because of this, the single most important skill your child should learn when they begin playing is how to read music.
This is because it not only teaches a child to recognise the notes that form written music, but develops the coordination between the eyes and hands, and teaches students how to read and play notes simultaneously. This is where the foundations of learning are laid, and it is the skills they learn in the first two years that will carry them through to high standard musicianship.
The "Point, Play and Say" method teaches students to read, write and compose music at the piano, thus laying a firm foundation for their future musical development.

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