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Advanced course, helps to improve your typing speed by memorizing frequently used syllables and words. To help you learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard, Typing Tutor displays a virtual keyboard with zone highlights.
To further simplify your typing lessons, Typing Tutor displays moving hands over the keyboard. You can evaluate your own performance or that of your kids or students at any time by simply looking at charts. Free typing games can help teach kids and adults how to type as well as how they can improve their speed and accuracy. Berry the hairy spider needs your help escaping from the chameleons in this free typing game. The free typing game Alphattack challenges you to kill the enemies on the screen by pressing the corresponding letters on your keyboard.There are three difficulty levels and multiple levels. Desert Typing Racer is a free typing game where the goal is to type the letters above the cars before you crash into them.
Rapid Typing Tutor offers you complete freedom of learning, allowing you to make your own lessons and plan your studies. As seen in the picture to the left, the first five letters on this keyboard layout are Q W E R T Y giving its name QWERTY.
Named after its creator, the Dvorak keyboard is often credited as being faster to learn and more efficient than the standard QWERTY keyboard layout.

As seen in the picture to the left, the first five letters on this keyboard layout are A Z E R T Y giving its name AZERTY. Type the letter or word you see on the chameleons to destroy them and move Berry up towards the finish line.There are three different levels of difficulty on this free typing game to make it great for kids of all skill levels. To return to a different level the next time you play, you must enter a password to unlock the level. Day If you have not been making any significant initiatives to improve your typing speed, maybe you have experienced its negative impact on your productivity ?
Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the QWERTY keyboard.
Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the DVORAK keyboard. This keyboard format allows the use of accents and other language specific characters that the standard QWERTY keyboard does not support. Read the directions for each game to get the best chance of getting the fastest speed and the lowest number of errors.I recommend starting with the lowest level of the typing game, even if you have some typing experience. Talk about a typing challenge!You can customize Desert Typing Racer by level of difficulty - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. As compared to “hunt and peck” method of typing, or the one in which the typist has to find and hit each key individually, “touch-typing” is much more productive.Basically, the “touch-typing” technique involves keeping the eyes on the source copy at all times. RapidTyping offers a built-in Lesson Editor that lets you: insert txt or rtf text from file(s) of any size split a long text into lessons of specific length customise the course goals and the lesson view settings The editor shows the number of words and symbols in a lesson and the ratio of letters and the TAB and ENTER - special keys.

Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the AZERTY keyboard. This makes it a great typing game that will keep challenging you as your typing skills improve. This means the typist does not look at the keyboard at all; instead he memorizes the keys and designates certain areas of the keyboard to be manned by each finger on his hands. The portable version means that it does not need to be installed on your PC and it can run straight off a USB flash drive or any other type of media. If you're just a beginner to typing or really need to brush up on your skills, you should consider taking these free typing lessons.
This is highly beneficial because, this organized system saves a lot of time and free your brain and your eyes the hassle of processing visual information from the keyboard. After completing this course, you will know which finger to use to hit each key without looking at the keyboard. As you will find, these apps contain some speed tests to monitor your progress, tutorials, illustrations and many more.

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