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2.Harmonizing the melody - Once you have figured out the melody (using some of my techniques on the resource page), it is time to harmonize it. The author has taught literally thousands of musicians how to play the piano by ear. LEARN KEYBOARD COURSE BY EAR- Play all styles, blues, gospel, rock, rhythm & blues, beginners, jazz. How to play the Organ - Free beginners keyboard tutorial - tabs, notes, keys for basic songs. Online Blues Piano Tutorial - Learning black gospel piano, Southern gospel piano courses, learn to play boogie woogie on the piano, simple piano chords free.

Whether you are working with a teacher or learning on your own, you can work at your own pace and master the fundamentals to give yourself a solid foundation on the piano. This method is fully compatible with other popular piano methods, and can be used all by itself, or side by side as a supplement to more reading-focused methods. Like any other method, the best results will come from working directly with an expert teacher, who can guide your progress in person. Listening - After you have determined the melody, harmonized the melody, and altered some of your chords, there are various techniques you can use to make sure that your song sounds right. If you understood just half of what he discussed above, you'll definitely benefit from his 300-pg course. Learn piano keys, chords, tabs, sheet music, theory lessons and scales with complete online music lessons.

With easy to understand videos and downloadable PDF lesson plans, the course is a highly visual experience and engages all the senses with interesting and creative card and dice games. Now that you have strategically figured out the melody to a song and have harmonized it, altering your chords to produce certain sounds is the next step. If you were playing gospel music, you would alter your chords differently than if you were playing classical or country music.

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