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Make sure you hit ‘like’ on my Facebook Page so you can be sure not to miss any! So, on to this week’s lesson, building grooves in the style of John Mayer and Charlie Hunter. Here are your chords for this week, some alternatives to your everyday E Major and minor chords.
I’m starting a new series of free weekly fingerstyle guitar lessons, licks and some of my favourite chords.
Anyone can improve their voice whether they are an absolute beginner or a seasoned performer.
Many piano instructors and studios only teach students how to read songs from a lesson book. These lessons are designed for beginner and elementary level and use music from the public, mostly well-known children's songs. Not only will your fingers memorize the positions of the guitar strings, your ears will also memorize the sounds of the notes on the guitar called Ear Training, so make sure your guitar is in tune. After a house move and some recording work I’ve finally got time to create some new lessons for you guys!

My friend and mentor Eric Roche always stressed the importance of having a good reach on the fretting hand so here’s something to get you started! A bit more sophisticated than standard blues turnarounds, these contain quite a bit of movement so try my suggested fretting and picking hand fingerings. These are some of my favourite DADGAD voicings, try using these as a springboard for new writing ideas. Our teachers will help you sing better and provide a supportive environment where you feel comfortable improving your voice.
We have awesome teachers and great methods that can have kids as young as 4 playing simple beats that rock. If you are a parent, you can use these lessons to both teach your child and to learn along with your child, without any prior knowledge of piano. I also include lessons about famous composers that can be used as music appreciation curriculum, lessons about reading music notes (on the same pages as the piano lessons), children's singalong songs, and LOTS of free sheet music (found on the song pages). You can tune your guitar by ear to the midi player by clicking the tune logo or tune by eye using an electronic guitar tuner.
Let's Play Music teaches all styles and genres, and all the skills you need to learn popular music like Frozen's "Let it Go".

Little creativity is involved and the students dona€™t understand the language of the music.
Below is some free sheet music that will allow you to play part of the song "Let it Go" from Frozen for free. Next is the Fourth String D, then the Third String G, Second String B and the First String E. If you are interested in learning the full song, feel free to call us at 603-425-7575 to schedule online lessons!
The exercises are designed to increase guitar picking speed and accuracy by developing muscles in the right hand, and to familiarize the ear to the sounds of the notes of the guitar on the open strings through repetition of the exercises called ear training. Click the treble clef and the midi file will begin with two long clicks followed by four short clicks.

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