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Welcome to the Cornerstone Music Conservatory, celebrating 46 years of bringing music and people together. The Cornerstone Music Conservatory, founded in 1970 by its Director of Music Education, Ann Pittel, is a leader in creating innovative programs for toddlers through college prep.
Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can progress at the level suited to the individual. We realize you have a choice between several different music schools in the Los Angeles area. JSFC is designed to give children a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable music education.
During the elementary level, your child gains knowledge of tones, methods of expression, the basics of orchestration, and subsequently gains the ability to arrange, improvise and compose! Nothing can be more satisfying than sitting down at the piano and playing a much-loved melody. The Junior Guitar Course is specially designed for young students who want to play the guitar in an enjoyable way.
These music lessons, take you stright to the method leaving out (wherever possible) the confusing terminology and scientific jargon.
These five core Music Theory principles come together to give you the big picture about how to learn, play and compose music. The Rainbow Music series of Free Music Lessons have been created to provide a fast track method to understand and utilize the core concepts in music. This short course including Free Music Lessons covers the basics for all instruments and with special resources for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Harmonica and Recorder and more. You see, when you take these Free Music Lessons you will be able to learn and play any instrument you choose. This short course is absolutely FREE and it will help you to build a solid foundation to learn any part of Music Theory in the future.
Sure, if you want to learn Major Scale Music Theory the traditional way, then that’s great too. ThisĀ Free Music Lessons Gift Certificate Template is perfect for someone that loves to take music lessons.
If you are a music teacher then this would be the perfect gift for someone on their birthday. Get Certificate Templates is a place of professionally designed premium and free gift certificate templates, award certificate templates, certificate of appreciation templates and other document certificate templates.

Do you find a certificate of yourChoice?If not, Don't worry we can design a certificate free for you.
Through many years of experience and extensive research and development, we are able to offer the very finest, most proven music programs for you and your child. Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student’s learning style. We offer private lessons for piano, voice, guitar, bass, violin, drum, brass, woodwinds and songwriting. We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our school has been chosen more than any other music school in Los Angeles. One of the greatest gift you can give your child is the ability to read, play and express feelings through music.
The basic learning process is Hearing - Singing - Playing, with the primary goal being an ability to play the repertoire. This course is designed specially for children who have minimum or no music background and focuses on developing their overall musical abilities. The course's main objective is to spread the love and appreciation of guitar music to your young ones by making guitar music accessible and interesting. It steps through the basics of music to help you not only understand but apply it to your own playing.
They are universal across almost all musical instruments, so learning these basics will create a foundation for you to learn and play any instrument you choose. Learning these basic concepts accelerates your ability to play any instrument within just 7 short days. With the Rainbow Music Free Music Lessons all you need to be able to do is count from 1 to 12. We can speak from personal experience with this because even after months of training it can feel like it’s just still too complicated to get your head around. Start this short course now, it’s completely FREE and the essential learning resources used are provided FREE too. No doubt, once you get past the basics, you will want to do more and we have that covered for you too. ANY MODIFICATION TO, OR RESELLING OF, ANY PART OF THESE FILES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION OF THE OWNER. THE DEVELOPER AND OWNER ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR UNDESIRABLE EFFECTS (SUCH AS DATA LOSS, ETC.) ARISING FROM USE OR MISUSE OF THESE FILES.

This wonderful template has a blue violin with orange and gray music notes on a background of solid purple.
You could also pass this out if they are doing really well with their lessons and you want to reward them.
This leaves us free to specialize in one thing and one thing only- providing the highest quality of music instruction. At Yamaha Music School, our mission is to foster a thorough appreciation and love for music, while we nurture your child's innate musical talents to its best potential. This repertoire consist of a variety of pieces chosen not only for their musical value but for their appeal to children, ensuring that the students will play them eagerly and enjoyably. During the elementary level, the children learn piano performance techniques to play various types of music, develop an ability to listen and play together with other players, learn to read and write music, symbols and musical terms, and also to sing and play by ear.
Learning the guitar together in a group will definitely be an enjoyable lesson for students! There are no Staff Lines, Crotchets, Stacked Thirds or the other usual suspects when it comes to music theory lesson.
This simple 1 to 12 count is applied to each of the 5 core concepts, no fancy music jargon just a basic count that carries all the way through. We know many accomplished musicians who after decades of playing, trial and error still don’t have a handle on the basics. This template is great because it has a place to add how many lessons the recipient will be getting for free and for how many minutes.
Our Electone, Pano and Guitar courses for primary school children are structured up to an advanced level where your child can achieve internationally recognised qualifications. Lessons are kept enjoyable and effective through the use of pictures, CDs and disk accompaniment technology found on Yamaha's Clavinova instrument. During the elementary level, students develop: Aural ability - improving hearing skills and playing chords by ear Coordination skills - ensemble playing as well as sight playing Singing- improve solfege and rhythm sense After completion, students proceed to the intermediate and advance levels.
You can make this template your own by editing the text fields to your liking and adding your own wording. By using this gift certificate template you will be putting a smile on someone’s face by giving them the gift of music.

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