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We believe that a treasure such as this should be shared so that everyday people can experience richer, more fulfilling lives.
By giving this work away freely, we hope to help YOU find your true path to financial freedom. Our aim is to create a site that will help bring like-minded people together to discuss, share and put into action the principles within the book.
We wish you every success and sincerely hope that this classic text serves you well, now and into the future. THINK AND GROW RICH™ is the registered trademark and property of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
This site needs your donations to keep the servers running.If you have already benefited from downloading your FREE eBook, Please Give Now and keep this site alive for others, as others have already generously done for you!
As part of the redesign of my blog I wrote a short, but very actionable free ebook for anyone who serves in a church, non-profit or business.Why did I write it? As I look around online I find many great blogs and websites about website strategy or social media strategy, but very rarely do I find anyone that is writing about improving your whole digital strategy (I write more about this in the book). Many organisations operate in silos which makes them much less effective when building their online platform.

The aim of the book is to give simple actionable steps to take your digital strategy from woe to whoa. If you have already subscribed via email, just enter your details again (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to get it to you without massive time investment of personally emailing everyone).
Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my e-book ‘Your Digital Makeover’ - A step by step checklist to take your digital strategy to a new level. I’ve been a Graphic Designer, a Creative Director, a Director and now I’m a Communications guy to one incredible church called Crossway. I’m passionate about sharing with the world what I know about branding, communications, marketing and all things digital. What this means is that everyone can now enjoy this classic work that has inspired many generations of successful, wealthy people who discovered the secret to finding financial freedom. After all, the book is not just about how to become rich – it provides a guide for the every day man an woman to be able to enrich their mind, body and souls. Now your strategy may not be woeful, it may even be okay, but why wouldn’t you want to make it great?

There is over ten years of my strategic thinking in this book, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that than to give it away for free. Just subscribe to the blog via email (see the book design box at the top right-hand side) and fill out your details and after you confirm your subscription it will come in the final confirmation email. If this idea appeals to you, then let us know by voting on the poll (on the right) to let us know you’d like us to set this up!
I write to help those who serve in already time poor, cash strapped churches and non-profits.

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