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It is with some awe and a lot of respect that I experience these two CDs of Volume 2 of the Complete Piano Music by John Cage on Dabringhaus & Grimm. Thirdly my respect is felt greatly on account on the playing of Steffen Schleiermacher, which really is as exemplary as it gets! I have to sort of get through this sense of respect and admiration, and get more relaxed and easy-going before I sit down in concentration to simply listen, just hear, let be, let sound, let live… let Cage materialize in my room.
With ink, pen and transparent sheets of paper of determined dimensions a master page without notations is equipped with 4 systems.
The master page is set aside, while chance operations derived from I Ching, channeled through certain limits, are employed to determine the number of sounds per page. Eight single coins are tossed to determine clefs, bass or treble, which are then inscribed in ink.
Schleiermacher goes on to note that the level of compositional determination in the score fluctuates and changes throughout the cycle. In the booklet Steffen Schleiermacher gets downright scientific about it, and I direct anyone pointedly interested to this booklet.
An aspect of these pieces that Schleiermacher dwells on a while is the possibility of simultaneous playing of a number of the pieces of the cycle.
Schleiermacher recorded a selection of the pieces in sequence and at different position on the piano.
Since the duration of the two CDs is long; 2 hours and 33 minutes, there is ample time to sink into this world and these structures, which can be experienced in a strictly abstract way as well as in a matter-of-factly, palpable, tangible way, as were you climbing a skeleton structure of an immensely complicated but clearly contoured spider web of a construction dreamt by Maurits Cornelis Escher. Again I have to focus my admiration on the exemplary and totally unparalleled sound quality of these recordings on Dabringhaus & Grimm.

The artistic significance of these recordings cannot be justly presented in a short review like this. I have read the concentrated and elaborated booklet through and through, and the respect I feel comes at first from the intellectual and scientific strength that permeates the text, and my understanding of the hard studies that has foregone this issue. John Cage is a composer and thinker and freewheeling crew-cut American that has the right to be judged only by his best moments, and surely these crystal interpretations are some of his best moments. There must be enough space above and below each staff to allow for its being either bass or treble.
Then a blank sheet of transparent paper is placed so that its pointal imperfections are visible. Then conventional whole notes are placed and inscribed in ink wherever a penciled point falls within an area of staves or ledger lines.
Then Schleiermacher says something that may seem an unnecessary remark, but which harbors a lot of experience and wisdom vis-à-vis Cage and his compositions: One has to take the pieces seriously! At instances Cage has scored things exactly, while at other places in the score most decisions are left to the interpreter, except how the sound should be produced, i.e.
Cage originally jotted down the idea and the instructions on a sheet of paper from the letterhead of a Stockholm hotel (Hotell Malmen), and the work was first performed at Fylkingen, Stockholm by David Tudor on 10th September 1964.
These are just a few lines on a sketch, absentmindedly applied, in a certain, turned-away fall-time apple orchard feeling, as God looks away for a second and forgets his Creation. Electronic sounds as of acoustic feedback are heard in the piano sounds, and the space opens up into a garden with lush brancheries were garden birds are singing. Secondly my respect and admiration is felt on account of the brilliant technical knowledge that has made a sound this crisp and clear and completely undisturbed by extraneous sounds possible, proving the extreme care that Dabringhaus & Grimm invests in its issues. The number of imperfections corresponding to the determined number of sounds is intensified with a pencil.

This statement encourages the working out of the obvious questions that do arise at the outset of interpreting Cage, such as: “What is given? Schleiermacher reveals that the same material is heard in all these simultaneous versions, albeit in different selections and different degree of overlapping.
Microphones were installed in numerous places at different distances from the sounding source; the strings – even outside of the recording space, through an open window!
He has to be conscious of how an interpretation may stay the closest to what he perceives as Cage’s original intention of non-intention. The web of sounds is that out of a great cave with stalactites and stalagmites somewhere in China, because in addition to this watery, subterranean feel, there is a richness of Eastern percussive metal throughout, and a sparseness of fabric that is transparent as well as glistening, shining in little details that shoot like reflections from eye to eye in the sounding space.
Children pass by, chatting, and the piano is suddenly heard at a distance, watery, afar, while a truck seems more important or just as important… a certain panning of the sound at times make you feel nauseous, at least if you listen through earphones, but this piece is well suited for earphones, given the many details and the many different distances at which you hear the sound, depending on which of the many microphones are used to record, or rather, which of the recordings through the different microphones are used for the mix-down.
It is a mystery to me that this series of Cage recordings are rather anonymous in the world of contemporary music.
In between the two a narrow field, divided by a line, is used to notate different noises that are produced by hand or beater upon the interior (above the line) or the exterior (below the line) of the piano.
A procedure involving astronomical chards was utilized in reaching a determination of durations, so as to arrive at the 10 minutes the piece is supposed to last. This of course lays higher demands on the shoulders of any interpreter, since this freedom of speculation versus the common knowledge of Cageian thought makes decisions much harder to arrive at, than when a score is complete in all its aspects. The sound of the deeper tones is brittle but pregnant, like shiny chocolate candies with brittle, colored shells.

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