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UK Pianos is the number 1 piano retailer in the UK with the largest selection of pianos for sale (digital, upright, grand and keyboards, brand new and second hand), piano reviews, tips, comparisons, questions and answers and free information.
The ShedHere at The Shed, I can air my views, describe how to fix & do things, log my search for Curry Nirvana, post my favourite videos and write about 'Stuff' to potentially, the world. It might help someone, I might make new friends and it all feels generally a useful thing to do!
My posts are reaching out, often appearing on page one in the search engines, I have subscribers and people making comments. I have heard back from the suppliers of some of the good products I've written about, strangely haven't heard from anyone who supplied a bad one, but I'm sure they are getting the message!
Bypassing that old 1980’s circuitry is simple and makes the Yamaha Electric Grand more reliable. While searching the net for answers I discovered that the Yamaha can be connected to an amp, UNPOWERED, just like a guitar. The bypass is so simple it can be done by twisting wires around 3 connectors, no soldering or electrical knowledge necessary. Simply connect the¬†WHITE wire from the piezo’s that goes IN to the board, with the RED and WHITE wires that come OUT of the board. At the left end of the circuit board behind the Volume control, these RED and WHITE wires are pushed onto pins in the board.

At the right end of the board the positive WHITE wire and it’s Earth come from the Piezo pickups and go into the board.
Solder or wrap the other end of the new piece of wire around the connector on the WHITE input end and then tape it up.
I have a CP70b that I have pondered doing this to but i’ve been itching to hear how much different it sounds first. Car safty sign box hdpe plastic blow molding machine Fully Automatic Single view strip head Parison thickness micro control system is optional for product best weight and quality control Die Mouth Extrusion Adjustment by 4-point adjustment,parison to be straight and view strip width and position stable. Address: Yongfa Technology Park, D-North Section, Gonghe 3rd Area Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, P. Old or antique uprights are straight strung and over damped, sometimes they have a wooden frame. I tested the piano by playing for 10 minutes or so using the onboard pre amp that I had fixed and then using this bypass method.
I take the output from the mono jack sockets to the CD input on a Yamaha home stereo amp and I have about the same volume as a standard piano.
The Yamaha doesn’t need any power now and I can undo this bypass simply by unsoldering the wires and poushing them back onto their connector pins. I’ve almost pondered trying to do a partial bypass, perhaps splitting off the input, one going to the preamp, and one just going to some extra xlr jack.

It would be easy to twist some wires onto the connectors and have two outputs, and then switch between. I expect when I hear the Yamaha pre amp sound I will immediately be convinced again that this way is better, as I was when I did it. The original damper pedal lever got bent gigging and my tech at that time made a replacement out of threaded rod.
I am enjoying the new sound, it hasn’t lost that signature CP70B timbre, but the bass is much clearer and more natural. 2day, my bro and I rattled around our lockout studio and he opened yet another cord bag and we found it! Could anyone please measure the length of the entire rod and let me know what size the threads are, please?

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