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Developed and manufactured in collaboration with a specialist German company we're now able to offer the Series 08 electric action keyboard. If you are looking for a popular 61 key portable keyboard then the Casio CTK-2100 has got plenty of positive reviews from customers with an average star rating of 4. Amazon sell it as a package deal which includes quality closed cup headphones, an X-frame stand and a power supply.
What I like about this keyboard is that it gives the look and feel of an acoustic piano which is unusual for smaller keyboards. Now we will look at what customers are reporting back after their purchase of this Casio CTK 2100.
I would definitely recommend the Casio CTK-2100 keyboard for anyone just starting out and wanting to learn to play really quickly. A Digital piano can come in various looks – upright, grand piano or the simple stage piano look, each targeting a different set of piano players, including beginners as well as professional pianists. To begin with, here is an interesting article you may want to read about the practical advantages of buying digital pianos.
Have you decided what features your 88 key digital keyboard should have, in terms of musical styles, plain piano sounds, etc, etc.?
What about looks, do you want it to look like a real piano and with weighted, graded hammer action keys? You still have some more options from which you will need to select your final 88 Key Digital Piano!
Before we go in the details, here’s a brief note on the various types of pianos, in terms of their sizes. Please note that the digital versions can come in much compact sizes, as we will see further.

However, when it comes to the traditional format, the following are the most common types of pianos that are available even in the acoustic versions. But I’m sure you must have observed that over the years, even with the acoustic pianos, the preference has been more towards a smaller model that people could comfortably keep in their house, and also afford. That explains the transition from the grand pianos to the baby grands to the various vertical pianos, and now to the various portable digital pianos, and that too with different number of keys. You will find piano keyboard models targeted towards beginners, as well as towards professional pianists.
You will find models which just have the basic piano sounds as well as models which are loaded with amazing sounds and musical styles.
These Digital Pianos are extension of electronic keyboards; they come with 88 keys and have synth action. They are meant for keyboard players who are not accustomed to playing with hard keys but need more than 61 keys.
Some of the models contain the basic piano sounds and a few other sounds like electric piano, organ, and strings.
These are even used by a lot of gigging pianists as they tend to be considerably lightweight, so a good option if you intend to gig around.
Again, some of the models will have only the basic piano sounds and some additional sounds like the electric piano, organ, and strings.
Most of these models come with the graded weighted or graded hammer action giving it a very authentic feel. The samples used, the built-in speakers and the amplifiers are of very superior quality resulting in some truly amazing and authentic piano sounds. Note: You may also hear some other words to refer to upright pianos based on their heights, words like studio uprights, consoles and spinets!

Designed to attract professional pianists, music conservatories, five star hotels and people who want nothing but the best, these pianos are the closest match to an acoustic grand piano. With polished ebony cabinet, expressive grand piano sound, powerful speakers, and numerous instrument sounds, these digital grand pianos combine the features of acoustic grand pianos with the modern & flexible features available with digital technology. This site offers discount coupons for musicians friend, guitar center, music123, pro sound, guitar trader and other online music gear stores, to help you save on. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. However it is best to purchase the items separately -find out why below underneath the Negatives heading). But then most of these come with a bundled stand that you’re supposed to assemble, which makes it look like a vertical piano. If you like the Piano because of its looks as well then you will surely like some of these models. The keys tend to be heavier on the bass side and lighter on the right side which is how an acoustic grand piano behaves. They also feel that acoustic pianos are much more expensive than digital pianos (which is true, but its not that digital pianos are available for peanuts).
Here, you also get portable pianos which can be kept on a nicely-designed stand to make it look more expensive.

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