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My child is only 5 – is it too early to start lessons – might it be a waste of money?
These are all frequent questions asked by parents who are interested in starting their child on the piano. These first piano lessons are a series of short exercises disguised as games, that combine strengthening and co-ordination with note recognition and memory. With this series of easy first piano lessons, parents will be able to assist their own children in the basic, first steps of playing the piano. If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! Hi Alissa, The note printables for the keys are included in the First Piano lessons eBook, which full of support and tips for young beginners. Hi Lia, The most important thing with young beginners is encouraging them to play as much as possible.
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This will lay the foundations in a fun and easy way, giving children the incentive and confidence to go on to a piano teacher for proper one-to-one lessons and be in a strong position to learn and make the most of them.
The first piano lessons series gets them started, and the eBook although it does include a lot of the same activities, includes much more in-depth teaching support and resources. It's a great question because every subject we spend time with means less time to spend learning something else.
So, I thought I'd share today what we'll be using for my oldest son's curriculum during his 9th grade year. Firstly, it is vital that the child shows a desire and interest in playing the piano, and is happy to sit and concentrate for a short time, say 15 minutes to start with.
Progress will be much faster, and they will be more likely to succeed and develop a real love of the instrument.
When children first start learning the piano they need lots of repetition in order to develop an understanding and strengthen their fingers, so these activities and exercises are an excellent way to encourage them. Each of the eight topics develop your communication skills in key areas, and your progress will be reinforced by tests and puzzles. It is a lot easier if they can already read a little, so it is probably best to give that a head start, and not to bombard them with too much information all at once! The accompanying 55-minute audio CD contains all the key words and phrases for you to listen to and repeat.
It also helps if they have strong little hands, although this can be improved with practise, if they have very small hands, it might be better to let them grow a bit!

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