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From the outstanding grand piano touch of the Graded Hammer 3 keyboard to the intuitive touch panel user interface of the top models, the CVP-600 Series Clavinovas put users in touch with their inner musician. Whether you're learning the piano for the first time or you've been playing your entire life, the Clavinova CVP-600 Series digital pianos deliver cutting-edge features that make music fun and easy for everyone.
When it comes to connectivity, the CVP-605, CVP-609 and CVP-609GP enhance the playing experience with unprecedented wireless iPad integration. Geared towards families seeking an upright alternative, the CVP-600 Series is intended primarily for musical entertainment and education for the entire family. Industry-leading guide lamps let anyone experience music making even if they've never played before, while Yamaha's Real Grand Expression sound engine delivers incredibly realistic synergy between touch, tone and pedals. Slated for shipping in February 2013, the Clavinova CVP-600 Series carries an MSRP ranging from $5,399 to $19,999. The design of YDP-S51 is derived from that of an upright piano both visually and ergonomically.
The piano sound is created by Yamaha's “Pure CF Sound Engine”, the same technology which has earned high praise in the renowned Clavinova range. 128 note polyphony ensures that YDP-S51 can handle demanding repertoire, even in complex passages, without losing notes.
The "Acoustic Optimizer" system has been created to enrich and control resonance by physically adjusting the flow of sound waves, thanks to its design and positioning within the instrument. For pianists who want to practice quietly, this function automatically adjusts the sound so that you can still experience a balanced, rich tone even at low volumes. This new performance mode enables you to split the keyboards into two with the same register.

The USB TO HOST port enables the transfer of information between your ARIUS and a suitably-equipped computer. Check out our blog for more extensive information on the benefits of practicing with headphones!
A variety of interactive music entertainment, education and performance features make these digital pianos just as enjoyable for beginners as they are for advanced pianists. Besides offering great karaoke sing-alongs, the line-up empowers a single player to sound like anything from a jazz trio to a 100-piece orchestra.
Accompaniment Styles with Yamaha Mega Voice technology provide everything from a drumbeat groove to a full band of professional musicians who are always ready to play. Key elements for the pianist such as the music rest and pedals are precisely located to achieve a comfortable playing position while the key cover mechanism features the gentle, soft-close action found on many traditional pianos.
Put simply, it lets you enjoy a playing response and expressive capability beyond your expectation of a digital piano. The combination of Acoustic Optimizer and digital technologies gives YDP-S51 an incredible expressive capability. Yamaha has used its heritage and know-how in piano manufacturing to achieve a keyboard that offers a natural feel with expressive playability.
Half-pedalling capability, together with the Damper Resonance function give fine control to the player and replicate the delicate nuances of an acoustic piano.
As both players can use sustain pedals during this mode, it is very convenient for lesson and duet playing. And Super Articulation 2 Voices offer the most realistic, expressive-sounding instrument Voices.

This attention to detail, combined with Yamaha's renowned piano technology, will provide you with many years of enjoyment. This is achieved by the subtle weight variations from the low end of the keyboard, which is heavier to the touch, while the action becomes gradually lighter as you move towards the higher notes. Consider these when choosing a piano:Know the different qualitiesDigital pianos are electric pianos, and they are made to sound like acoustic pianos.
That cuts out the difficult job of having to read music.However, once you master the art, you may want to upgrade to an acoustic piano. That is because most digital pianos do not offer tone and touch the way an acoustic piano does. These strings give the acoustic piano a lot more prevalence when compared to a digital piano.
You can not practice these skills on a cheap electronic piano and then apply them to an acoustic piano. If you are thinking to form a band check here Investment valueAn acoustic piano can remain useful for over 100 years while a digital piano may become obsolete after not more than five years.
Therefore, it goes without saying that an acoustic piano holds its value so well compared to a digital piano.Technology has enabled piano manufacturers to incorporate as much as possible into digital pianos. While digital pianos have a short life span, a good quality digital piano can go on for 20 or more years.I hope the information helps you as you pick out your first piano.

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