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The Kawai MP8II features the critically acclaimed AWA PROII action – simply the finest keyboard action in the world.
As a MIDI master keyboard, the MP8II fulfills the requirements of a professional stage performer, whether in the studio or on tour.
The authentic sound of KAWAI stage pianos begins with the world renowned KAWAI EX Concert grand piano. Studio quality reverb, and professional digital effects, including distortion, pedal wah, and variable-speed rotary speaker simulation, can be individually applied to each zone, and precisely adjusted in real-time using four analogue control knobs. The Producer Pak is the ideal setup for a keyboard-based music production studio at home, and ita€™s compact enough to work on the road with a laptop as well. The affordable Music Lab Pak is perfect for individual student stations in school music labs, and ita€™s also great for kids at home. The Mobile Pro Pak is the ultimate bundle for professional multitrack music production on the go. Plug in, rock, and record with world-class tone anywherea€”the Guitarist Pak is perfect for home and mobile music production, guitar practice, and more!
The Audio-for-Video Pak gives you pro-quality sound for your video productionsa€”a huge upgrade from the limited recording capabilities built into your video camera. The 3D Audio Pak provides a unique means of audio capture via a special binaural stereo microphone, allowing you to create multi-dimensional, real-life soundscapes that are simply mind-blowing when heard through headphones.
This digital piano is proficient in mimicking the sound and feel of an acoustic grand, but it also boasts portability and functionality as a computer controller keyboard. In addition to using real wooden keys, the AWA PROII design incorporates many grand piano action characteristics, such as contrasting hammer weights – appropriately graded for each playing range, bass key counter-balancing and correctly located pivot points. The 88 key keyboard can be divided into four independent zones, with each zone able to play either internal voices, trigger external MIDI devices, or control both simultaneously, for a maximum playback of 8 sounds.
Placed inside an anechoic chamber, free of audio reflections, the rich sound of this world class instrument is meticulously analyzed and recorded by our Master Piano Artisans. In addition, this area also provides direct access to a four-band graphic equalizer and advanced tone control envelope parameters, and even allows Continuous Controller information to be transmitted to an external MIDI device. From music production with a computer to mobile recording, audio-for-video, webcasting, and more, therea€™s a Media Production Pak for you.
Award-winning SONAR X1 Producer software gives you a 64-bit DAW with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, ProChannel for that big-console sound, plus mastering tools, soft synths, and much more.

It features the OCTA-CAPTUREa€”one of the industrya€™s most highly regarded audio interfacesa€”giving you eight channels of simultaneous recording through premium-quality mic preamps and onboard effects (expandable to 16 channels with a second OCTA-CAPTURE). The TRI-CAPTURE USB Audio Interface makes desktop audio easy, with dedicated controls for input level, source selection, and playback volume. Like other digital pianos from Casio, the PX-130 has the Tri-Sensor 88-key scaled action keyboard. By emulating both the weight and movement of our grand piano actions, the Kawai AWA PROII delivers an unmatched feel and response that satisfies the demands of even the most discerning pianist. Separate fader sliders allow the levels for each zone to be controlled intuitively, in real-time, with a variety of additional functions and assignments available at the touch of a button, from one of the 256 programmable setups to further assist live performance. The acoustic portrait of each note is later transformed into a precise three dimensional digital representation, employing KAWAI’s proprietary Harmonic Imaging™ technology.
With powerful features such as these, KAWAI is understandably gaining a reputation as the instruments of choice among professional stage artists. SONAR X1 LE software offers a friendly and fun music-making environment, while excellent sound playback is provided with the compact MA-15D Digital Stereo Micro Monitors. SONAR X1 Studio DAW software anchors this setup, giving you a full music production environment with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, plus top effects and virtual instrument plug-ins like V-Vocal, Rapture LE and RGC synths, and many others.
The flagship SONAR X1 Producer software delivers a pro 64-bit production environment with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, ProChannel for that big-console sound, plus mastering tools, soft synths, and much more.
Tweak effects and tracks in the included Cakewalk Guitar Tracks recording software with real hardware knobs, buttons, and faders, and even record acoustic instruments and vocals with the built-in stereo mics. This bundle also includes a customized rubber case for the R-05 that protects from scratches and reduces handing noise, as well as a convenient mic stand mount for positioning the recorder in the perfect position.
Multiple inputs are provided to connect a variety of sources, including a guitar and a stereo device like a digital music player, and therea€™s also an XLR mic input with phantom power for condenser mics. Traditional stereo recording is also supported with the R-05a€™s built-in stereo mics and stereo line input. With scaled action, the lower keys have a heavier touch while the higher keys are more sensitive to lighter playing, just like on an acoustic piano. This unique process faithfully reproduces the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, while also providing the source for a rich selection of additional high-quality instrument sounds. For music input and software control, the ultra-compact A-300PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller works seamlessly with SONAR X1, giving you excellent playing feel, eight Dynamic Pads for finger drumming, plus an array of assignable buttons, faders, and knobs.

An EV-5 expression pedal is provided for realtime guitar effects control such as volume and wah, while RH-5 headphones deliver high-quality monitoring for recording and mixing. Rounding out the package are RH-5 headphones for high-performance sound monitoring in the field and during post-production.
The CS-10EM binaural microphone does double-duty as a set of top-quality earbuds, and a customized rubber case is included as well to protect the R-05 from scratches and to reduce handing noise during recording. RH-5 headphones are also included, providing monitoring during recording as well as private audio listening.
The good thing about having tri-sensor technology is that you can play one note rapidly without that key having to return to it's starting position to sound again. The Privia series also uses Casio's AiF Linear Morphing System to ensure smooth transitions across a  range of dynamics, from pianissimo to fortissimo. Designed to deliver a clean, balanced input and output, it provides a reliable foundation for any professional audio application or environment. The technology works by taking stereo samplings of four optimal key pressures from a top-quality grand piano, and then using linear morphing to provide a complete range of dynamics based how much pressure is placed on the digital piano key.
When driven by the USB bus power supply, QUAD-CAPTURE’s power is regenerated, providing the analog circuitry ideal voltage for the very best sound quality and efficiency in mobile environments.Aluminium Build, DI FunctionalityQUAD-CAPTURE is small, strong, and housed in a road-tough aluminium body, so you can transport it anywhere with the confidence that its premium internal components are securely protected. The PX-130 can be connected to a stand and three-pedal block, which is not as bulky as digital pianos that come with full cabinets, but still provides an authentic piano set-up.
For live-concert environments, QUAD-CAPTURE also provides Direct-Box (DI) functionality, essential for noise-free live stage use.SONAR X1 LE BundleEvery QUAD-CAPTURE package includes a complimentary copy of SONAR X1 LE software for PC that’s designed to work fluidly and seamlessly with the interface. Where the PX-130 differs from other Casio digital pianos is in its portability and functionality as a computer controller keyboard.
Derived from Cakewalk’s award-winning SONAR X1 DAW software, the LE version give you a powerful set of software tools for writing, recording, editing, and mixing your music. It weighs under 25 pounds and retains a sleek and compact design even with its full-sized keyboard. It would be a nice fit for anyone who needs an easily transportable instrument for stage performances.

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