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The yamaha digital pianos are one of the best buy choices when it comes electronic piano brands.
The pure cf sound engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled and highly acclaimed yamaha concert grand piano; ghs weighted action is heavier in. The MIDI signal would eventually travel through a USB cable between the interface and computer if using the red line approach. It's just that 2 out of 3 of the setups in wiring diagram #2 have the dp directly connected to the pc. Originally Posted By: Mark MarzialeI have a Yamaha PF500 DP with both straight MIDI outputs and USB MIDI out.
It depends.If you get low latency with the PC's internal sound card, you won't need an external.
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Data travels in both directions through the cable.The amp does not have use for MIDI information. The only way I could imagine the software piano would get the MIDI output of the DP is if the PreSonus knew enough to send the signal back to the pc through the single USB connection.
In fact, even after all the suggestions and 30 years in IT, I was unable to get the 22VSL to output sound to my amp & external speakers from my DP.

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So a music program (piano library operating inside a VST or similar) can read MIDI data coming in from the piano, and it will play the piano library sounds accordingly.Originally Posted By: Mark MarzialeDoes the latter hookup work for software pianos?
So doesn't that mean the MIDI signal, in this hookup, would need to be transmitted to the pc via the USB connection, in order for the piano software to get the MIDI signal?Maybe I didn't make it clear I'm staring at the RED MIDI connection between the DP and Presonus, plus the BLACK USB connection between the pc and Presonus.
That is directed to the computer where it is translated into a better piano sound and then the audio is passed back to the interface then onto the amp and speakers.
Just wanted to make sure the presonus was going to relay the midi signal from the dp to the pc through the single usb connection.
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