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At the heart of the PX-5S Stage Piano is Casio’s proprietary AiR sound source which provides incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds.
In addition to Privia’s award winning grand piano sounds, the PX-5S has an arsenal of newly developed sounds including classic electric piano, harpsichord and clav sounds. The PX-5S is a powerful four zone controller, complete with 4 knobs and 6 sliders all of which are completely configurable to control internal sounds, effects parameters or send continuous controllers to other gear.
The PX-5S redefines what a stage piano should be, providing an arsenal of other sounds and creative tools. Casio continues the tradition of providing “class compliant” USB connectivity on Privia digital pianos. The PX-5S has 100 completely user configurable Stage Settings which are arranged in 10 banks of 10 each.
The PX-5S has an array of physical controllers available including Pitch and Modulation wheels, 4 knobs, 6 sliders and 2 footswitch inputs. Each knob, slider or pedal can simultaneously control two parameters at once, offering superior control over internal tones or external MIDI devices. The PX-5S includes two unique and highly configurable performance tools a Phrase Sequencer and an Arpeggiator.
Using a standard USB thumb drive, your performances or moments of inspiration can easily be captured as a standard .WAV file. Casio CTK-3200 Portable KeyboardThe Casio CTK-3200 is the ideal start for ambitious music fans: With its 61 touch-sensitive keys, 150 rhythms, 110 songs, sampling function and pitch bend wheel, it brings out the joy of playing a keyboard.
The keyboard and mac mini I'm using never did this with the last MIDI to USB cable I had been using previously, I only stopped using that one because it was borrowed and I had to return it.
Budget is an important factor when deciding between buying a digital keyboard versus buying a piano.
Your best compromise, if you want the important features of an acoustic piano, would be a digital piano. In this digital keyboard vs piano debate another important consideration is the use of headphones. Space should also be taken into account when deciding between electronic keyboard versus piano.
In the PX-5S, the power of AiR has been expanded to provide stunning fidelity and control over other instrument tones and effects with 256 notes of polyphony. Some of these tones are complete with release samples, amplifier and speaker simulations for an incredibly authentic experience. Each zone on the PX-5S can control an internal sound, an external MIDI device or both simultaneously.
The PX-5S includes powerful Hex Layer tones complete with real-time filters and also features four programmable arpeggiators and multitrack phrase sequencing. This allows Privia to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need to download drivers.

When you’re within a bank, each Stage Setting is just one button press away allowing you to seamlessly switch configurations during a live show. In addition minimum and maximum values for these controllers can be set, allowing your adjustments to be precise and musical. This allows an ordinary footswitch to control a parameter over time, allowing you to do volume swells, filter sweeps and control effects such as a wah-wah effect in an incredibly musical way.
Each Zone within a Stage Setting on the PX-5S can choose to use an Arpeggiator or trigger a Phrase.
Phrases can be riffs, drum patterns, controller movements or longer musical events that can be triggered live from the keyboard.
I open GarageBand and the keyboard will play one note at a time just fine, but if I play two or more notes at once, then the sound will kind of spaz out, with the two or three notes just lasting forever and no sound from any new notes being played.
The new looks pretty much the same as the old one though, are MIDI to USB cables not all created equal or something? You can often get over a thousand voices on a keyboard including organs, various pianos, flutes, saxophones, guitars, trumpets, organs, accordion, vibraphone and the list goes on and on. It is a gamble to put out so much money for a piano not knowing whether the child will remained interested in the instrument.
Pianos and keyboards have the same keyboard layout so there’s no problem transfering what you learn on a piano to a keyboard and vice versa. Class Compliant USB MIDI also allows Privia digital pianos to be used as a controller for the Apple iPad by using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. Each of the 4 zones in a Stage Setting can control an internal PX-5S tone, an external MIDI device or both simultaneously. Stage Settings can easily be edited, moved or replaced using the PX-5S’s Data Manager software. As an example, for an electric piano Stage Setting the knobs and sliders can be configured to control parameters such as amplifier gain, speaker selection, key-off noise, effects and EQ. The pedal inputs on the PX-5S also auto-detect the polarity of the footswitch, allowing virtually any brand of footswitch to be used.
Phrases can include things like bass lines and horn riffs that will transpose across a range of keys in the zone.
While you’re at your performance you never need to worry about interruptions in power as the PX-5S can operate for hours with 8 standard AA batteries. Your favourite tunes are played over the keyboard speakers in "half playback" so you can play along with the keyboard part. The sound only stops if I hit the spacebar about two or three times (to press play and stop). They usually have a feature called Graded Hammer Effect or Graded Hammer Standard in which the keyboard emulates that of a real acoustic piano. If number of keys is important to you, there is a wide range of 88 key keyboards and digital pianos on the market.

In this technological age, it seems like one would be missing out by simply buying an acoustic piano.
But as we’ve seen there are many factors to consider in this electric keyboard vs piano debate. In another Stage Setting with several sounds layered, the sliders could be configured to control volume over each zone or component.
Using the Data Manager software for the PX-5S you can convert standard .MID files for use as phrases. The second footswitch can be used to start or stop playback while you play along with your own pre-recorded backing tracks. The Casio CTK-3200 is equipped with a fully developed learning system for effective keyboard training: The practice piece is split up into individual sections of several bars, in the same way as in traditional instrument lessons, and is then learnt section-by-section. In addition to other characteristics, the keys are lighter in the higher registers and heavier in the lower registers.
A piano can’t be moved around easily whereas you can take your keyboard along with you hassle free.
Each of those six layers gets its own filter (LP, HP, BP) and filter envelope, its own AMP envelope and pitch envelope (all 7 stage envelopes). There are up to 16 steps in the Arpeggiator and it can be configured to play at different note values such as 8th notes or 16th note triplets. This gives you access to thousands of free and commercially available .MID files for use in the PX-5S.
With the help of the sampling function, you can also record noises and voices directly via the audio input and play them with the voice pads.
Be sure to choose the instrument that meets your needs. Go here to buy a keyboard of your choice. Particularly unique to the PX-5S, the Arpeggiator can be used to trigger parameter changes such as panning, filters and more, with or without triggering notes, allowing you to add animation to your parts.
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Some of the cheaper models leave a lot to be desired when it comes to replicating the piano sound. If you can’t afford a piano or have no access to one, your best bet is a weighted-key keyboard or digital piano, preferably one that has 88 keys.
A Hex Layer tone gets its own insert effect but you can choose if a layer uses that insert or the amount that goes to the system effects (chorus, delay, reverb).

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