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The P-140 brings users an exceptional range of instrument voices, from organs and harpsichords to the new, all-in-one piano & string dual voice. The P-140 features Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect keyboard, the result of more than a century's worth of piano craftsmanship and ingenuity.
The sleek and stylish P-140 is designed to impress with rounded corners, built-in speakers, and a new orange LED that is sure to turn heads. 2- some people look for a piano action which they can exercise or play on it and the feel would be some thing that beside enjoys from paying, when the time comes to paly on a real thing they can do it with no difficulties. If you just use the major preset patches for quick access they are straight forward, however, if you want to record or split the keyboard it is not intuitive and will take the use of the manual and plenty of patience. This piano is built like a world war II tank and about as heavy as one, however the playing characteristics of this keyboard are as good as it gets, really superior quality. You can't beat the value for the amazing quality, this instrument is built to last and has given me trouble free operation for years. It looks really good aesthetically, it won't take away from your music room or living room. You can play this out of the box with no problem, I don't modify the sounds themselves but you do have the option. The only complaint is the key weight and that just might be relative to me as described above. One more thing, I personally believe it has a better piano sound than the new motifxs series, literally.
Sign up to receive our All Access Pass newsletter, and never miss out on information handpicked for you by our gear experts! Feeling like you are ready to upgrade from your Fisher Price “My First Keyboard” that your neighbor left to you when they moved 500 miles away? If you are ready for a real musical experience then read on friend, the Casio Privia PX-130 might be just the only tool you need in your belt as a professional musician, a casual player in the church band or for becoming the next Steve Aoki.
Portability is normally a big issue for most players – we all like to jam with friends, play in bands, perform solo at a bar or otherwise do things that require we pack it up from the lounge and actually move it. Further education is something on most musician’s minds, and with the built in metronome and 2-channel recording system, you can record yourself play a passage, improvise over it, record it with the outputs onto your computer or just use it to practice running scales and phrasing. Creating masterpieces is something we all love to do, the only thing that goes wrong is when you create something and then find out the recorder wasn’t switched on! Sadly, there is no keyboard that will sound exactly like a piano, just like there is no laptop that feels 100% like a desktop, however, the Casio Privia PX-130 is as close as whipped butter is to cream to sounding like a piano. The pedal that comes with it is plastic and just doesn’t feel quite as good as the add on pedal that you can purchase. Overall this is a fantastic choice if you are after a high quality digital key setup, no matter what sort of music you play, you would be hard pressed to go wrong with this. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. The S08 is equipped with Yamaha's original Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard-a true weighted 88-note keyboard based on the highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard found in the Yamaha P series digital pianos.
From beautiful grand pianos and orchestral instruments to punchy synthesizers and bass sounds for the dance floor, the S08 gives you the equivalent of 28 MB* worth of high-quality AWM2 voices-over 700 in all. The S08 is fully compatible with Yamaha XG and General MIDI Level 2 specifications, both of which provide an extended range of instruments and effects over the original General MIDI standard. Unlike the small displays used in competing keyboards, the S08's custom liquid crystal display makes it easy to see the currently selected voice and other information at a glance. A newly designed playback sequencer lets you play back standard MIDI files (format 0) directly from a SmartMedia memory card. Although the S08 is a 88-note weighted action synthesizer, its light weight makes it the ideal keyboard for the gigging musician who needs portability yet demands the feel of a real piano. Having hundreds of voices at your fingertips is a wonderful thingActhat is, until you find yourself having to look through them one by one to find that particular string voice you liked so much.
Scrolling through voices and editing parameters is easier than ever thanks to a convenient control dial. Equipped with a USB MIDI interface, the S08 can connect directly to any USB equipped Windows or Macintosh computer. Came with everything i needed to get started right out of the box; power supply, manual, driver CD. Yes, this is worthy of my hard earned $999.99, Trust me, i have looked all over and for under a grand you cant beat it with anything in its class. I thought it had built-in speakers when I bought it, but I have a system at home and it was easy enough to plug into that. Haven't done a lot of tweaking but for getting basic sounds etc it's pretty straightforward. Compared to other 88-key pro boards, this is about the cheapest you're going to find, and I am very happy with it. When the USB port broke, I called Yamaha who referred me to a local authorized repair shop. Casio pianos are made in such a way that they can be used very conveniently by professionals as well as novices and people who are learning to play piano.
Acoustic pianos are known for producing a high quality of sound whereas the resonance of sound produced by digital pianos cannot match that of acoustic pianos, which is a weakness of Casio PX780 Privia 88-Key Digital Home Piano as well. Casio is striving to make refinements in this aspect by always coming up with better versions. There is a lot of travelling involved for budding or professional pianists which means they may have to take their piano with them. The new Kawai ES100 is the latest addition in the ES-series of digital pianos by Kawai, which comprises digital pianos that are highly portable and yet built to deliver powerful performances both on stage or indoors. The ES100 combines an 88-note piano sampling tone with a high quality graded hammer key action, to deliver a realistic piano experience in a low cost, portable instrument. 2) AHA IV-F Key Action – The ES100 boasts of a top quality graded hammer action key action (termed as AHA IV-F aka Advanced Hammer Action IV by Kawai), which feels both superior and sturdy, and yet is smoother and quieter than most of the other low priced models of various brands ( Yamaha DGX and Arius models).

3) 192-note Polyphony – This particular feature is the reason why Kawai ES100 beats all other competition hands down, when it comes to digital pianos that offer a huge polyphonic memory at under $1,000. 4) 19 sounds, including 8 Acoustic Piano sounds – It has 19 different sounds including 8 excellent acoustic piano tones, (eight acoustic tones are a lot really) considering the other sounds (strings, organs, electric pianos, harpsichords and other tones) which are also there. 6) MIDI controller and Headphone jacks – The ES100 comes with two headphone jacks which can be used to connect to headphones as well as external speaker systems, if you are to play the piano in a large hall or any other outdoor place. 7) Built-in Digital Recorder – It offers an easy to use 3-song built-in recorder which can help players to evaluate their own performances. 8) Additional Features – A piano-like Damper Sustain Pedal is available, which activates an ability to have a medium amount of sustain decay time while pressing the pedal half way down (half-pedalling). Customers were found to report a considerable delay time when using the pedals, concerning the Initial batch of the ES100.
The Kawai ES100 is a piano for the beginners and even experts who are looking for a budget piano, filled with all the essential features and more. Recorded using Yamaha's own AWM sampling technology, all onboard voices accurately reproduce the subtlest harmonics of the actual instrument with stunning realism. With three separate layers of stereo samples each set at a different velocity, Dynamic Stereo Sampling changes not only the volume, but also the harmonic structure of the notes depending on how hard you play the keyboard - just like a real acoustic piano! It's designed so that the keys in the lower registers have a heavier touch than those in the upper, which helps to create the feel of an acoustic piano.
These new features are all built into a compact chassis available in either silver or black with wood top panels of maple or dark oak respectively. I gave it 9 because there are some extra features in the hi end samples which is not presented on P140 like strings resonance(not sustain resonance ) or 5 or more layers of samples. A pack of good sounding piano sounds with amazing YAMAHA GHE piano action system and alot of extra features Plus a nice look.
Yamaha's CP300 stage piano delivers detailed piano voices, an 88-note graded hammer keybed, and full MIDI capabilities. The sound quality of the acoustic and vintage electric pianos are extremely accurate and when playing, you can't stop. I found myself practicing and playing on this thing constantly which has greatly improved my playing skills, this piano truly inspires and I am not alone from reading the other reviews.
While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest. That‘s why we have absolutely free ground shipping on every single order shipped within the continental United States.
Our success in meeting the needs of our customers -- since 1996, we‘ve satisfied over 1,000,000 people -- is due in large part to the fact that zZounds only hires experienced musicians to answer your calls and emails, and they are never paid a commission. The MIDI USB connection, guarantees you capture everything you write, then it is just a matter of a few clicks before you can upload it to your favorite video sharing site or with some friends on social media.
This is probably being pedantic, but when you are serious about making music and spending a lot of time on your machine of choice, you want it to feel good and know that it will last the distance.
Although a graded keyboard is ideal for playing piano sounds (it's designed so that the lower keys have a heavier touch), it's not practical for playing voices such as drums and basses.
And to ensure the highest standards of voice quality, the S08 uses Yamaha's own 24-bit effects processing chip to provide you with a complete range of high-quality effects, including 17 reverb types, 17 chorus types and 54 variation effects such as delay and distortion. Transferring MIDI files to a SmartMedia card from your Mac or PC is smooth and easy thanks to the included Card Filer software. The Category Search function makes it a snap to find just the voice you're looking for by allowing you to search through the preset voices by instrument type-such as Piano, Organ, Bass or Strings. The pianos made by Casio offer features which are offered by stage pianos including the hammer styled keys, complete size, etc. These efforts have helped in refining the sound effect to an extent where these digital pianos have surpassed the quality of sound produced by the conventional electronic keyboards. Their pianos are known to be high-quality products which are a favourite with both piano teachers and expert professionals, as well as with students who are just beginning to learn the nuances of playing a piano.
Currently priced at $799.00 at Amazon, the new ES100 promises to deliver authentic piano quality sound for a much lesser price than its competitors. There are 19 sounds including acoustic pianos, electric pianos, strings, organs etc which can be mixed and matched to deliver a more complete musical experience while playing. Using individual sampling technique along with its Harmonic Imaging technology, the Kawai ES100 is able to deliver an incredible rich and realistic piano sound, which is only found in the pianos of a considerably higher price range.
With its large tonal range, the ES100 rather skilfully balances the key weight properly too, and is able to produce a much better sound quality than most of the under $1,500 Yamaha pianos. The 192-note polyphony is not offered in any other digital piano of any brand in the below $1000 cost price range, and combined with a smooth, quiet hammer key action in a sleek, little portable cabinet, the Kawai ES100 emerges as a clear winner! The ES100 also features a 100 Drum Rhythm section offered along the Metronome feature, which sound exceptionally realistic for such a low price model. This is especially helpful for beginners, who can use the built-in lessons to practice while listening to the lessons playing in the backdrop, and sort out and work on the left and right hand parts separately.
There is also a very convenient option of allowing the built-in speaker systems of the ES100 to stay on, even when you plug in the external speakers or headphones! The ES100 though lacks the option to do a 2-track piano recording – it has only one full track piano recording, unlike some of its competitors.
This feature is mostly lacking in other budget pianos and helps while playing the legato passages of musical pieces, which makes it more appealing to the advanced players and students. So it is advisable to purchase the latest models on the ES100 where this issue has been fixed. This might also be the best digital piano out there for under $1,000, as it scores over most of its competitors such as Yamaha P35, P105 and Casio’s low end models. An exclusive fourth sample layer recreates a piano's unique sustain resonance whenever the damper pedal is pressed, while key-off samples add even the subtle sounds of felt dampers coming to rest on piano strings.
Just take a look at the different-sized hammers under the lid of any grand piano and you'll see why Yamaha puts the Graded Hammer Effect keyboard in all P-Series instruments. What's more, these stylish designs are perfectly complemented by the P-140's optional, slim keyboard stands in either color.

The action is very good but even with blindfold test you can easily recognize that it's a digital not acoustic.
You will not be disappointed if you don't expect too much from the internal 6watts speakers althogh they are fine according to my taste. I have actually improved in my playing skills because I find it easy to play for hours on this thing. At first it felt fantastic to have a kind of heavy feeling key, but then I started practicing on a conservitory grand piano and the key weight is NIGHT AND DAY. The only thing that will replace this keyboard is the Next Yamaha CP wich is going to be a few years I imagine.
Other samples like the electric piano samples are astounding, I love the "rhodes" sound it has. Unlike those house credit cards that can leave you vulnerable to exorbitant interest charges once the promotional period ends, we never have and never will charge interest when you take advantage of one of the zZounds Play as You Pay plans.
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The S08's BH keyboard has been specially designed to accommodate both the need for weighted feel and quick response across the entire length of the keyboard, allowing you to enjoy smooth weighted action regardless of which voice you play. When connected to an external sequencer, up to 16 instrument parts can be played simultaneously for composing and playing back fully arranged songs.
The S08's Chain Playback function gives you uninterrupted playback of up to 100 songs-perfect for live performance or simply practicing at home with sequenced accompaniments. They offer qualitative products at a very reasonable price which is the unique feature of this company. Casio has put in the best efforts by going for superior quality, designing to match the resonance of sound to that of acoustic pianos with the help of the hammer styled keys. This makes it very essential for the digital piano to be very portable and Casio piano meets even this criteria easily.
Historically, Kawai has not been known to offer a digital piano under $1,000 but with the launch of the ES100, they have finally changed the pattern. Also featured are a 192-note polyphony, dual and split modes, built in Alfred Piano lessons, built in speaker systems and a recording function.
As opposed to the usual Metronome feature on digital pianos, the ES100 also allows you to vary the tempo and volume levels while playing the piano with the background drum rhythms. The 2-track recording feature allows you to record while playing the piano with left and right hands separately, and is a very useful tool for a better self evaluation. Smooth key action and a realistic piano sound quality are the benchmarks for judging any digital piano, and the ES100 delivers at both fronts. Better still, the P-140's highly efficient built-in powered speaker system directs your music forward for unbeatable sound. Since many of the songs are classic piano pieces, anyone taking lessons can listen to them for reference.
Of course a conservitory piano will cost you 50 to 80 grand easy but I think Yamaha could liten it up a bit.
And because the S08 provides up to 64 notes of polyphony, you need not worry about running out of notes when playing long sustaining passages or sequencing complex arrangements. It seems very well build; that is keys are solid and not flimsy, buttons are not going to break off and oh, did i say it looks good? Casio PX780 Privia 88-Key Digital Home Piano has advanced features such as built-in lessons, tutorials, and more which can be very helpful for amateurs. Casio seemingly makes sure that the prices of their digital pianos are never out of reach for pianists and always ensures that there is only slight variation in the prices of their digital pianos, all the while providing extra features. The piano is also relatively small and lightweight (about 35 lbs) , and hence is portable enough to be moved almost anywhere in the house or outdoors.
Combined with its large polyphonic tone range, and a low price of $799, the Kawai ES100 emerges as a clear winner among portable digital pianos under $1,000! The other sounds are above the average BUT don't forget it is a digital piano not a work station keyboard. They are relatively cheap for what you get, one thing though, it is not for the light weights since you need to spend plenty of time in the gym to handle this beast, bulky and on the heavy side, but oh well. Call us at 866-zZounds (866-996-8637), and we‘ll provide you with a lower price on the phone. I do not have experience with Graded action versus the Balanced action of the S08 so I cannot speak to the difference there.
They are helpful even for professionals, enabling them in revising the lessons they have learnt in the past. Casio digital pianos are great value for money products, among the various other products available from other brands in this range.
Also, if you purchase from us and later find the product for less elsewhere, call or email us within 45 days, and we‘ll refund you the difference.
This feature also facilitates the pianist to play the piano in two diversified ranges at the same time.
All of its sounds are pretty decent but I only use the 2 main piano sounds and the one of the Electric sounds. You can however combine any two sounds by pressing the two sounds you want at the same time. Except for the little bit of resonance of sound in this digital piano, everything else is advantageous for a pianist.

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