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In Part 1 of our article on advanced reharmonization we discussed two tips for understanding how to get started with chord substitution.
After trying out many of the options above the one I liked most was the F major 7th chord at the start of measure 3. As you probably know by now, ii-V-I progressions are some of the strongest and most common chord progressions in music and are used extensively in jazz. And now that we have a V-I progression (C7 to F), what minor 7 chord would we insert ahead of C7 in order to complete the ii-V-I progression?
Now that we have our ii-V-I progression in place, we can also consider how to move from A minor to G minor. If you were ever in the same room with a pro player who dazzled your socks off and had the opportunity to ask him or her to disclose a chord secret or two - and were lucky enough to catch that individual in a generous mood to share - then you know the value that can be gained by such an experience. Bittersweet Canadian comedy starring Kim Cattrall and Don McKellar as a middle-aged couple hoping to regain their zest for life. Davina accompanies Al to a cocktail party, where he schmoozes with the big players of the literary world. Davina and Al decide to take piano lessons, but things become awkward when their teacher, Greg, reveals he has a penchant for older women.

Davina grows concerned when she starts receiving an increasing amount of attention from a close male friend. Now TV titles are free to watch with your Now TV Entertainment subscription or when you start a 14-day free trial.
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Both chords use A, C, and E as chord tones, so that explains a little bit as to why the sound of the F major 7 chord blends so well with the melody.
Let's face it, 60 to 90 seconds of insight with such an individual can mean years of benefit. But how can we move the harmony from A minor 7 to F major 7 using the advanced reharmonization technique of the ii-V-I progression? Well, even if you never had this kind of a lucky break, you're about to take advantage of that kind of treat. What other chords could we use to harmonize the ‘A’ on the downbeat of measure 3?
But, even better, you'll be able to experience these eye-opening episodes again and again in this delightful little collection of videos that will have your fingertips producing "sparks" at those keys each and every time you sit at that piano or keyboard of yours.

Presented in video animation format, accompanied by the author's notes, this package will be a pleasure to return to again and again. The ability to pause these video animations and "freeze" those chords on the piano keyboard makes this popular program especially appealing. Basically, we can substitute a dominant chord with another dominant chord a tritone away (a tritone is an interval of a diminished 5th or augmented 4th). D7 and Ab7 are both dominant chords and are a tritone away and therefore can be substituted for one another. We could also use this idea of tritone substitution on our C7 chord by substituting and F#7 chord in its place.

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