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Last weekend the Wall Street Journal published a controversial article entitled, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” The author of the article, Amy Chua, is a professor at Yale Law School, and you guessed it- a Chinese mother. The type of western parenting Chua is describing is somewhat unique to Gen Y (born 1980-2000) in most aspects. Growing up under those types of expectations has to make you a tougher, more confident person, and a harder worker. Self Description: I'm a very kind, loving, caring, generous, smart, optimistic and romantic young lady who is here looking for a nice man for love and marriage. Comments: My dream man is dignified, traditional-valued, rational and perceptual, middle-class, gentle and graceful, reliable and having good sense of humor.
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She takes a very definite stance in the article that Chinese mothers raise children that are superior to those of “western” mothers.  The first question that comes to mind—what does she mean by superior?
I’m sure many boomers and Gen X’ers would agree that they were not praised by their parents for bringing home mediocre grades, were not allowed to quit a sport or an instrument just because they didn’t like it or weren’t good at it, and were made to respect and maybe even fear their parents.
If you were just expected to excel as a baseline achievement, you probably wouldn’t be looking for praise for every little task. Children need discipline but the sooner trust can be instilled, the sooner they develop personal metrics for accountability. She has taught beginners to advanced level, and her students range from age 3 to 58 years old!Previously, Teacher Jean has also taught at music schools before. We’ve written other entries about it—many Gen Y’ers have been observed to need more than their fair share of praise, expect a level of respect in the workplace that they have not earned, and have a lack of respect for authority.
If you choose to control your children, employees or customers; there will never be an element of trust in your relationship. And guess what—I have plenty of friends and colleagues who were barely making C’s who are making more money and are more successful than I am today. Companies (and the world in general) need businesspeople, scientists, dreamers, charismatic leaders, and diligent followers.

However, if someone goes over and beyond the expectations set before them, that’s when recognition should be implemented and has a greater return. If children are praised for earning C’s, made to feel like they are special for not doing much of anything, and allowed to talk back to their parents, it’s no wonder, right?
You can certainly become good at just about anything if you are badgered into it, but true passion for your work comes when you have a real love for it blended with a great work ethic that can help propel you forward. I am such a woman that put my partner's happiness ahead of my own and once when I get involved with someone I want to be with, I will give my all, my best, whatever it takes to bring joy, happiness and harmony to our relationship. The last but also the important one: rather than money, fame and prestige, I prefer more respect from my love.

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