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If you’re looking for a cheap digital piano, you could do a lot worse than the M-Audio ProKeys Sono 61. It could also be a handy bit of kit if you’re developing a home recording setup and you need a cheap keyboard and MIDI controller. The big advantage of the Sono 61 is price - for your ?199 you get a very playable instrument. It has a built-in audio interface, so you can plug it straight into your PC or Mac (it’s compatible with both) via a USB port without having to spend ?70+ on an external sound card. Better still, if you’re developing a home studio you can use the Sono 61 as your main audio interface as well as your digital piano and MIDI controller.
Because of its low price and piano-like qualities, it’s a good one for kids who are just starting out.
The semi-weighted keys don’t provide the kind of real piano-like performance an experienced player might prefer. All in all the M-Audio Sono 61 is a good choice if you’re looking for a cheap digital piano for your home studio or to develop your keyboard skills. If you’re after a slightly chunkier, traditional-looking digital piano (with its own wooden stand and sustain pedal, and a more realistic piano feeling), check out the Yamaha DGX 630.
Learn to do the stuff your piano teacher never taught you with How To Really Play The Piano - just ?14.95 inc. Like many others when it comes to parts of a computer I have in the past gone for a cheap and basic keyboard, don't get me wrong it works and that's fine but over the years these have failed, often don't include any programmable features and can be noisy. I decided to look for a mid-range model, I wasn't intreste3d in wireless as it would stay on a desk all day and I didn't see the point in using yet another set of batteries.

Well, the Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard fitted the bill as I have been very happy with their other input devices and had heard good things about their keyboard range.
Just above the Zoom slider there are three volume buttons to increase or decrease and mute the sound.
Then continuing to the right are shortcut keys to My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music, along with Mail, Home Page, and Messenger keys.
The last shortcut keys are above the number pad and are set to open the calculator, log off or send the system into sleep mode. I think the Black and Silver colour scheme works well; the layout is typical and very easy to use. If you’re not a particularly skilled keyboard player - or you want to develop your skills - the Sono 61 will give you a very professional result. The advantage of buying from a major manufacturer such as M-Audio is that you can rely on them to invest in decent onboard software - and, indeed, the Sono 61 has a first-class piano sound, making it useful for gigging. If you’re a learner or a part-time player, they should be fine - but experts might want to pay a bit more for the more realistic feel that more expensive digital pianos offer. What really swings it as great value is the quality of the piano sound and the built-in digital audio interface, which allows you to set up the beginnings of a home studio for just ?200. So when the latest cheap keyboard had a couple of crucial keys fail, it was time to upgrade and this time spend a little bit extra.
My requirements where to buy a branded model as I had used too many cheap models previously and the keyboard had to be of standard layout, none of this splitting the keyboard in half for me.
Price wise this was the cheapest Microsoft model without paying more money for a wireless or Bluetooth version.

This can be useful for zooming in or out when viewing photos on screen or even standard documents, without the need to select the option from the tool bar. Then above the function keys are buttons to Play, Stop, Rewind, and Fast Forward, to the right of these are five programmable keys. All of the function keys are preset with commands to open, undo, save, or spell at the press of a button. I make the total number of shortcut and programmable keys 21 not including the function keys.
The lower part of the board is designed to make it comfortable to use and depending on your preference you can use it with or without the supplied wrist rest which is made from plastic. It should be fine for most gigging purposes, too, and kids in the first few years of piano lessons will have no problems. It also makes a pretty handy MIDI controller, though if you’re using a Mac you need to check this post to get hold of the right drivers. I think it's worth the £20 price tag and should be considered when you look to replace your current keyboard.
Buy midi keyboard stands as well as voice, organ, percussion and sound expander modules by the biggest brand name manufacturers in the industry whether its for your home project or professional digital audio. However, if you’re a skilled classical or jazz pianist, you might find it a bit cramped.

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