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For a long time Casio has had to battle against the perception of producing products that are toys, or bottom-of-the-line cheap machines that aren’t for serious piano players. I stumbled upon this beauty of a machine while perusing my local Guitar Center, and I was a bit shocked at how much of a find it was.
There are a total of 8 buttons or knobs on the entire machine, so you know this piano isn’t about wowing you with any bells and whistles, or unnecessary features.
At the same time, for someone who’s looking for a bit more, it could be the deciding factor that pushes them away.
Even if you’re still unsatisfied, the piano comes with a sleek USB port, which is plug-and-play enabled.
A Damper Pedal is another item that you may have to buy separately from the piano, if you don’t already own one. Some of the new additions for the upgrade of the CDP-120 from the 100 are expanded polyphony, transpose and touch functions, Keyboard Channel, and Local Control functions.
All in all, I was excitedly pleased with everything the CDP-120 brought to the table as a digital piano. Product DescriptionCasio's newest portables utilize the high performance Zpi sound source to deliver the most realistic piano, organ, and synth sounds, plus a huge library of built-in tones, rhythms, and DSP settings.
For unlimited possiblities Casio has created a brand new keyboard program where wave files can be downloaded directly onto a keyboard via a PC.
Totally blown away- i've owned quite a few keyboards, and to my amazement the piano sound on this board is the best i've heard, in fact many of the basic soundz are just outstanding. The single best features of this keyboard for me: the great sound quality, the xclnt on-board speakers, it's relatively light weight, ability to be battery powered, and relative ease to program. So far so good- have had about 4 months, no problem, bring it 1-2 x's a week to jam sessions.
Seeing how good this keyboard is at the under 400 bucks price point has made me want more- basically with this keyboard i give up a lot that more expensive pro boards have, like aftertouch, like a real sequencer, like an assignable foot pedal controller, like higher polyphony (only 32 notes here), more and better fx, better modulation wheel choices, better control means like ribbon controllers, etc. But surprisingly i still absolutely love this board, get more satisfaction than i have from any of the other 8-9 other boards i've had, and would only trade up if the board it replaced had such great sounds and (hopefully) built-in speakers. To be honest, i love this keyboard because it has done me proud for a good few years but when you've known someone (or something) for long enough you should be able to be honest about their qualities and pitfalls. Seriously easy and there are plenty of effects and a sensitive enough EQ to tweak the 3 or 4 sounds you will eventually end up using for the rest of time.

I mean, if you wore a shiney silver suit with a neon-blue tie you wouldn't exactly be sensible but you would surely stand-out.
Casio PX860 Privia Digital Piano Singapore $1699 Only + Special Bundles at The Pianist Studio! Visit The Pianist Studio to try out Amazing Casio PX860 88 Keys Digital Piano in Singapore. Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively. The successor to the CDP-100, this piano brings a better comprehensive package while keeping just about the same price. Those are pretty good dimensions for anybody looking to find an exquisite piece of machinery that can fit somewhere in their office, living room, or bedroom. The handy Plug-and-Play feature will allow you to connect with any computer automatically, the computer being able to recognize it without downloading any drivers or installers. It is a perfect feature for piano players who want all of the experience of an acoustic piano, but want to be able to let their kids sleep, or not disturb the people in the apartment above you.
The 48-note polyphony is an upgrade from the 32-note polyphony of the 100.  The Keyboard Channel works with the MIDI functions to send digital data to whatever computer you choose to connect.
The simplicity and the functionality of this work of art make the machine a great buy for any aspiring piano player. These powerful instruments feature an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful built-in speakers to take your performance to the next level. The sounds are ok if you use the external speakers but when you gig with it u can't really get a "pro" sound because, let's face it, it's not a pro piece of kit, nor is it meant to be.
Considering that for twice the price you usually get a similar beast wrapped up in a different skin.
But if you want to have a multi-tasking, seriously brilliant, professional sounding thing then save up your pocket-money for another few months and invest in a different piece of kit. Casio PX860 was the newly improved model of AWARD WINNING Casio PX850 which uses Amazing CASIO AiR SOUND SOURCE! However, when it comes to digital pianos, Casio begins to take a step in the right direction, producing quality pianos that are perfect for anyone trying to bring a real feel to mastering their craft of playing the piano.
Just to be fair to any reader or potential buyer, this piano most likely isn’t designed for the casual buyer.

This is what so many find endearing about the machine, in that it gives them exactly just what they need, with no headache, and complete satisfaction. With that said, I was blown away by the amazing quality of the sound found in each tone, especially the grand piano. This USB Midi port, which can also connect to your iPad, will help you achieve any external tone you can find. For people who want to use the 120 to record, they may find using this headphone jack a bit annoying.
With a sweet price range of anywhere from $400-$450 retail, and even $100 less than that if you find a good buy, this digital piano is a wonderful choice for anyone trying to bring the experience of an acoustic piano to their personal environment.
Using this software, new tones, tones with wave data, drum sets with wave data, rhythms, standard MIDI files, songs registrations and DSP settings can be loaded onto a PC, edited and eventually loaded directly into the keyboard.
If you aren’t an acoustic piano player who’s looking to replicate the feel of a real piano, and in need of a simple machine that comes without all the bells and whistles, then maybe this isn’t for you.
It has a stand-alone, keyboard-like build, with no legs attached, so you automatically know that you may have to purchase some items along with it, like a keyboard stand or a piano bench. The piano weighs about 25 pounds, which isn’t too bad, but if you’re planning on carrying it frequently it could get to be a pain. I would go so far as to say you won’t find a better, more realistic sounding piano tone for the amount of money you’ll spend on the CDP-120.
It’s a small detail that many casual musicians may miss, but more advanced players looking for the most realistic experience possible will surely notice. It won’t provide the most quality sound, and higher level digital pianos like the Privia rival it by having ?” output jacks. Many of my friends have said they would have thought it was at least 35, 40 pounds or more. The sustain is very short compared to real acoustic pianos; unrealistic to the point that there is no consequence to leaving your foot jammed on it. If this is too much of a problem for you, you may have to upgrade to a higher end digital piano.

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