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In the tradition of introducing stylish, technologically-advanced, but easy-to-use products, Casio America Inc. The grand piano sound in the PX-830 delivers an unprecedented level of realism and expression.
The Privia PX-830 features a new “Ivory Touch” Tri-Sensor, 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard. The PX-830 is equipped with 16 different tones and is capable of layering and splitting sounds. Available in either black matte or black polish, the PX-830’s cabinet captures the enduring aesthetic beauty of an acoustic piano in a slim, elegant design that is the hallmark of the Privia line.
AMD first talked about the Radeon R9 Nano about two months ago when the US company launched the ground-breaking (at least technologically thanks to its HBM memory) Radeon R9 Fury X video card. Shuttle has prepared a new barebone PC that has the honor of being the first company barebone PC that carries the Intel Z68 chipset inside.
The barebone features a black box-sized computer case and is built around an Intel Core processor with integrated graphics. Some of the best Casio musical keyboards on the market are the Privia digital piano series. Another great option for someone learning to play the keyboard is a lighted Casio keyboard. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Four dynamic layers of stereo piano samples are integrated with Casio’s proprietary Linear Morphing System, resulting in a grand piano sound with seamless transitions and a superior dynamic range.
Casio’s superior engineering has resulted in an authentic piano touch that captures every performance detail and nuance.
Duet Mode allows for a student and teacher to work in equal ranges of the keyboard simultaneously while the two-track recorder enables musicians to produce their recordings or use it as a practice tool.
The PX-830 will hit stores this April with an MSRP of $1799.99 (black polish) $1399 (black matte). The device is a high-end smartphone and an interesting fact is that it comes with a Helio X10 processor.
As a compact and attractively priced unit that could play sounds from various instruments, this new product drew acclaim from music lovers around the world.
Additionally, the PX-5S features a large assortment of fully programmable sounds, including Hex Layer tones derived from the award winning XW-P1 synthesiser. Featuring a new, elegant, sophisticated cabinet design, new grand piano sounds and a new ““Ivory Touch”-weighted action keyboard, this new Privia sounds and feels as good as it looks.
For added realism, the PX-830 simulates the sound of the open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal using Acoustic Resonance DSP.

The matte-finished keys and scaled hammer action provides the weight, feel and resistance of an acoustic grand piano.
The PX-830 has a USB MIDI interface which allows users to easily use it with computer applications. Casio subsequently developed numerous features that were only possible using digital instrument technology, including one-touch auto-accompaniment, memory capacity to record and playback songs, auto-play, a melody guide function that guides users through a song by lighting up the keys, and sampling technology for recording any sound for use as a sound source. Hex Layers can produce evocative synth sounds as well as complex acoustic and orchestral simulations. Additionally, the PX-830 has 128-note polyphony – delivering more than enough horsepower for the most demanding musical passages.
Casio also broadened into other instruments for people who enjoy creating music, releasing digital drum kits, digital guitars and digital wind instruments. 61 key keyboards like the Casio CTK-2100, CTK-3000 and CTK-4000 are great gifts for a child or beginner.
You can check out keyboards like the Casio LK-230, Casio LK270 and Casio LK100 lighted keyboards. At the end of the day the ultimate decision is yours. Go here to buy a Casio keyboard of your choice.
Also, musicians have the ability to layer sounds and use the damper pedal without the worry of dropped notes.
In addition to electronic keyboards, in recent years Casio has been stepping up efforts to expand the popularity of digital pianos.
If you’re looking for a keyboard that emulates the feel of an acoustic piano, you should consider getting one of these, and not one of the cheaper light-key models. If you want a keyboard for your kid to play around with but don’t want to spend much, check out a Casio mini keyboard like the SA-76.
Reinforced by a new dual 20W speaker system, the result is a grand piano experience which is unmatched at any price. It’s a good idea to buy cheaper keyboards like these for kids since you do not know whether they will continue to be interested in playing the keyboard or piano. Four independent and programmable arpeggiators allow the PX-5S to expand in to sonic territory by creating an array of animated textures.
You don’t want to spend thousands on an instrument, only to have it sitting there if your child loses interest.
If you’re buying a keyboard for a child taking piano lessons, you should give one of these Casio digital pianos a try. You can start with cheaper keyboards like the Casio CTK series and move to more expensive models later on. If you’re a professional player looking for a digital piano, Casio, like Yamaha has some good options.

That said, the keyboard will serve very well for more moderate sound usage, such as producing lead instrument sounds, pads and beats. Click on those links in the previous paragraph to get the lowdown on the original models — the other specifications remain the same. Through standard MIDI ports and with a class-compliant USB port the keyboard can be used as a controller for other instruments, including computer software and iPad® based software applications. It also includes an audio input allowing you to monitor an MP3 player, computer or other device without the need for a mixer.Step Sequencer Providing everything from pulsing dance grooves to animated synth textures and arpeggios, the Step Sequencer in both the XW-P1 and XW-G1 is the first of its kind.
With nine tracks for drums, basses, synths and chordal parts, four controller tracks for adding panning, filter changes and other animation to existing parts and eight patterns make up each sequence; the user can build and mix their performance on the fly. Sequences can even transpose live from the keyboard, providing a completely interactive experience.Drawbar Organ In addition to the solo synth and HexLayers, the XW-P1 performance synthesizer is armed with an arsenal of gig ready sounds like stereo pianos, vintage electric pianos, strings, brass, guitars, basses, drums and more. The XW-P1 even has dedicated controls for key percussion and rotary speaker while also providing vibrato, distortion and more for the ultimate drawbar organ experience.Solo Synth Utilizing Casio’s exclusive (HPSS) Hybrid Processing Sound Source, a six oscillator monophonic solo synth is just one of the amazing sound engines in both the XW-P1 and XW-G1.
The solo synth has the power to deliver classic analog sounds and sounds with an aggressive edge unlike anything else. Two virtual analog style oscillators, two PCM based oscillators, a noise oscillator and an external oscillator via mic and line inputs can be combined to make up a single solo synth tone.
Each oscillator has an independent filter, envelopes, independent key tracking, portamento, two LFO’s and access to master resonant filter. With impressive modulation and control capabilities at your fingertips, the solo synth is capable of a wide range of sounds and expression.HexLayer In addition to the solo synth, the XW-P1 also features HexLayer tones. A HexLayer is a single sound comprised of up to 6 components, allowing complex layers, splits and velocity switched sounds. The sliders on the XW-P1 can be used to mix sounds on the fly to create evolving pads and rich synth textures while key velocity can be used to create dynamic velocity switched orchestral sounds and more.Arpeggiator and Phrase Sequencer The XW-P1 and XW-G1 both have powerful Arpeggiators.
In addition to typical arpeggio patterns, this Arpeggiator can create polyphonic synth gated patterns, acoustic instrument emulations and is even fully programmable allowing you to create your own unique sounds.
An additional phrase sequencer allows you to quickly capture any riff that you play on the keyboard and have it available on a front panel switch or triggered and transposed live from a range of notes on the keyboard. The new additions offer new tones and rhythms, a larger backlit LCD display and a new 17 track sequencer with editing tools for creating new sounds and music composition.Equipped with over 200 different styles of music from around the world, 670 instrument tones, 100 DSP effects and a registration mode for live performance, the new WK-6500 and CTK-6000 have all the tools to edit, create and perform music.
Users can plug-in a microphone, guitar, bass or other instrument and play along with instrument tracks from within the keyboard.All of the sounds get mixed and saved as a stereo audio file which can be shared with friends and family via computer or put on an audio CD for label executives.

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