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Be it Salsa, Jazz, rock or pop the beats are played out with amazing clarity and precision and can be likened to an orchestra conductor who deftly handles all the music.
Disclaimer: Scandid is a search engine that crawls every online store in India to find every product that is sold online. Did you know that price of books, electronic items, kitchen appliances and many other products are much cheaper online? Like everyone else I got a taped up open box that I was convinced had parts missing in shipping.
After having being away from playing music for almost three years, I was curious as to what would portable keyboards be up to. Editorial ReviewStop using those rickety boxes and give your musical keyboard some pride of place!
These cables require you to switch the output end of the cord to the input port on your keyboard, and vice versa. I received my Casio 76CASE Keyboard Carry Case, the very same day, I received my Casio WK-1630 Electronic Keyboard.
I'm pretty sure I picked mine up at a Wal-Mart or Sam's Club Store but anyway, I paid $80 bucks for it. I am a bassist, guitarist, and vocalist working on my own project.I did not have the money to throw into a Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, or Yamaha board. Why on God's green earth in this digital age any company would ship an item like this without an AC adapter when they come standard with $10 items is beyond me, but sure enough, it doesn't include one. This does exactly what it says it will do, has great sound, easy to set up and get started, lots of tones and other options.
In my mid-30's I decided it was time to finally learn to play an instrument - and the Casio LK55 fit the bill (my husband requested I pick an instrument that could be used with headphones!).The keyboard has realistic sounding instruments, and a pleasant piano sound.
My wife and I debated on which 76-Note keyboard to buy: Casio WK-1630 or Yamaha PSR-GX76AD. All product features, images, prices and other information published on our website have either been made accessible by suppliers or been gathered from public-domain sources.
Do check product warranty policies validity in Singapore especially when shipping from overseas. We currently show products in Books, Computers, Electronics, Appliances and Personal Care categories. Did you know that you can negotiate like a pro at local stores if you show them a lower online price? When you're not tickling its full 88 keys, you can stash the polyphonic keyboard in a closet, under a bed, or in other compact locations where most digital pianos refuse to fit.The scaled hammer-action keyboard offers touch sensitivity for beautiful piano tones and a feature called New Sound Source which is said to give the PX-100 sound quality to rival that of an actual grand piano.
I've never had an item delivered that was missing 1 peice before, but this had multiple peices missing. When I got it opened on the floor and started to assemble I thought *&%# the screws are missing. The stand's wood-grain finish provides an earthy complement to your keyboard's silver sheen. I needed some sort of highly portable keyboard to have access to in the trunk of my car, etc. As it was my habit (having owned three previous Yamaha Portasound keyboards) I went for the latest release in Yamaha's portable lineup, only to be dissapointed at the lack of versatility and mostly at the lack of power in the keyboard's output. The bench holds up to 250 pounds--enough for one musician of medium build or two lightweight pianists--yet still folds compactly for convenient storage.
Casio, however, thinks otherwise, which is why it developed the LK-90TV lighted keyboard, which connects to users' TVs to guide them through lesson plans while individual keys light up to direct them to the proper notes. Casio LK-45 Lighted Keyboard with 61 Full-Size Keys and Musical Information Systemby Casio Inc. Advanced tones like stereo piano and tremolo electric piano highlight some of the possibilities beyond the 516 standard tones. As a complete beginner I decided I wouls begin with a keyboard as opposed to a piano to learn, and possibly move up as I gained experience.
This X-style design, adjustable keyboard stand from Casio easily changes height from 28 inches to 37 inches with a spring-loaded knob that locks solidly into place. Without it, you could have problems communicating between MIDI gear and your PC.Look around for MIDI-to-PC cables that have an opto-isolator. Its 61 full-size keys cover five octaves and light when touched, making them especially fun for either learning or playing. When I saw that he left me a Casio LK-43 electric keyboard it was way more than I expected. It is easy to use, doesnt stick like the previous person mentioned and even with bare feet is comfortable to press down on. Also the top of the pedal has deep grooves so if you try to use it with bare feet, its really uncomfortable. However, if I had to purchase it today, I'd go for either CTK-551 or Casio LK-30 learning system.
Even my six year old enjoyed being able to produce pleasurable music easily by following the lighted keys. To top it off, it doesn't even tell you what kind to buy - it tells you to get some obscure coding that the guy at Radio Shack had never even heard of.Outside of that, which really warrants a rating of 1 star, it is really really cool! Although the Yamaha looked and played well, the Casio with it's lighted keys was the final selling point.Overall experience has been outstanding, it is a very cool machine with nice features. With 232 tones, a split and layer function, 132 rhythm patterns, and a two-song, six-track memory, this keyboard provides a full set of features for the beginner and intermediate keyboard player.A backlit LCD window displays selections and status of tone, rhythm, mixer, and keyboard functions. With 232 tones, (32 which you can create yourself) some excellent demo songs to showcase it's power, and over 100 rythms (20 which you can create yourself) this is a powerful piano impersonator. All trademarks, trade names, services marks and logos referenced belong to their respective companies. Although we make every effort to present accurate product and store information, including prices and stock availability, Scandid cannot guarantee and is not responsible for inaccuracies or omissions.
Auto-accompaniment provides exciting, dynamic, and realistic background arrangements for pop, jazz, rock, and a range of the other genres. All I can say is that if you do order this, GOOD LUCK, its clearly a risk based off everyone else's reviews too.
It boasts over 300 different voices, almost any kind of rhythm you can think of, a SmartMedia memory card slot, drawbar organ, SMF player and much more.You can also record your own song with up to 6 instruments.

Better yet, users can double it up and slip it into a small car such as a Mini Cooper while still having space for a full passenger load. The keyboard employs a comprehensive three-step lesson system, which lets people learn as they play and grades their progress after each tutorial.
Furthermore, you must take care to make sure you get the correct power adapter, something I am not finding easy at this point. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, it has rubber feet so it stays up--and stays put--during the big solo.
Choose the Audio tab, and you will see a box called MIDI music playback(assuming your running windows OS). 10 year old boy with lots more toys to see and buy all he wanted for chrismas was this key board. The keyboard's Song Bank offers 100 inspiring tunes to help you along: turn the melodies on or off and cut parts to suit your interests and ability. If you do anything wrong while playing a piece the keyboard tells you what you have done wrong.
I think the pitch bend wheel and touch response which are extras on CTK-558 may not be that important to beginners. Many popular songs are programed into the keyboard to bring the sounds of live musical instruments into your home. Also, you cant download the songs directly to your keyboard they remain on your PC.If these features are not important to you then this is a great buy. However, for beginners(like me), you will need some direction getting you PC to communicate the MIDI files to your keyboard. The learning steps programmed into the machine are nice, you can follow along and learn as you go. Some other facts about this keyboard include, It has 100 different insturments to use when playing, it has an MIDI port so you can connect it to your computer, and simply the fact that it's so easy to learn to play thanks to the key-lighting system. Plus an additional gift of welcome shopping vouchers when you apply for a Citibank Rewards Visa Card! The PX-100 can provide complete orchestral accompaniment on command, too.Other primary tones (voices) include strings and pipe organ, with 10 total tones. The instrument offers 12-note polyphony, which means up to 12 keys or voices may be sounded simultaneously.The song book included in the package yields insight into notes and lyrics.
It needed to be light, have it's own speakers, I wanted it to have a way of recording what I was playing, preferably have the option of battery operation and, most importantly, have a good piano sound. The keyboard's complement of 61 illuminated keys also means folks will learn on a full keyboard, and the 100 pre-recorded songs gives them plenty of choices for accompaniment. If you want even more control over your tones, you can edit the parameters of preset tones and save up to a hundred original tones in user tone memory. Not only does this product arrive without an AC power adapter, but it also lacks a sustain pedal, which is essential to anyone who plan to use this keyboard to play at least intermediate music.The model numbers for the adapter and the sustain pedal are located in the owner's manuel, in case you do decide to purchase this otherwise problem free product. Unless you want to replace the batteries every six hours while you practice, the AC power adapter is essential - as Casio knew when they put this device on the market.Had it not been for that one issue, I would have been absolutely elated with this product. The stand will hold keyboards up to 20 inches deep and is 30 inches wide when fully opened. It has a wide range of songs that you can learn how to play from twinkle twinkle to fur ellis!
It is easy to learn because it has voice and lighted key instructions on it and it shows which fingers go on what keys making it easy for me to learn and sound like a pro.
For the price it is worth it and so far I am quite satisfied with it.I bought this in the USA whilst visiting in May 2004 as, believe it or not, most music shops in Tokyo were out of them any make or form!!!!!NO COMPLAINTS HERE AT ALL!!!!!! Simultaneously use up to four effects, such as reverb or chorus, to produce your perfect sound. I think it is great to have a lighted-teacher keyboard instead of going for hourly lessons weekly. You really need to purchase some good instructional materials and learn the old fashioned way (lots of practice!) but it is fun and gratifying to play along with the built in songs in-between regular practice. I read music fairly well, so it's fun to watch the lighted keys, the LCD display, and the sheet music at the same time.The learning program is nice as you can practice the song until you are satisfied with your progress.
Other controls include pitch bend and modulation wheels, along with transpose and tuning.This keyboard operates on D batteries or an included AC adapter. This keyboard was perfect for those times when my dad had a headache, or my mom was trying to watch tv, of my sister was sleeping. A layer feature allows simultaneous sounding of 2 tones, while a split feature lets you split the keyboard between 2 different tones. Once you've rehearsed the tunes, the next job is waiting: Sing Along via the top-panel microphone input and dedicated volume control.
My final criteria was that I wanted 76 keys instead of the normal 61 key that are found on smaller keyboards (ala the Yamaha PSR series). Budding Elton Johns will appreciate the sing-along function, which lets people karaoke their way through 65 classics, with the option of loading more songs when connected to a computer through the USB interface. Built-in flash memory lets you expand your selection of tones and rhythms by downloading data from the Casio music site, or from other sources. I AM TOLD THEY ARE AROUND $30.00 AND IF YOU BUY THE WRONG ONE IT WILL BLOW UP YOUR KEYBOARD. Set the keyboard gm mode to 'on', and play any MIDI through media player or real one player. And, large amounts of pocket space for adapters, control pedals, headphones and can even hold music books with room to spare.
My only complaint is that if you want to learn a built in song using the key lighting - you can't learn both hands at the same time. If you write to Casio, it will take a week to two weeks to get the information I can provide you. In addition, you can set the program to play on it's own and fill in background chords and extra notes that fit your style and interests, or have the program fill in the back ground chords while you play the score. The sound is beautiful, it's easy to use, and the headphones i bought in addition are wonderful. Lesson assembles functions that enhance your practice sessions, which you can devote to right-hand part only, left-hand part only, or both hands--whatever requires the most practice. So nothing was missing and I put it together in about 10 minutes (not including the hour it took me to find my wrench for the one nut near the height adjuster) All in all it was well worth the low, low price and it got shipped for free so double bonus.
It worked great, but I thought it was for putting your songs on the computer and burning them to a CD.

Wasn't thrilled at the prospects, I must admit, because I remember Casio's cheesy-sounding tones of ole.
The karaoke option displays song lyrics across people's TV screens while they play, so both keyboard players and guests can harmonize their way through a host of favorites. The song was from the movie titanic.Please tell me how to us this keyboard and down load from my computer so my son can learn the song he longs to play? My grandma liked my keyboard so much that my mom returned my grandmas gift and bought her a Casio LK-43 electric keyboard just like mine. All the auto accompaniment songs follow the Casio chord and fingered-chord systems, so you can generate background music at any skill-level.The backlit LCD display ensures bright, optimal readability.
The LCD displays selection and status of tone, rhythm, mixer, keyboard functions, and tempo for complete control.The CTK-671 operates with an optional AD-5 AC adapter or D batteries.
All the auto accompaniment songs follow the Casio chord and fingered-chord systems, so you can generate background music at any skill level.Using the LK50's easy teaching approach, you systematically learn to play with lighted keys until you finally play the melody in real time with accompaniment. You learn the right and left hands seperately - which I can understand as the lighting might be confusing otherwise, but it would be nice to have the option.
I was surprised how fun that is, you can modify your music to fit your tastes and have fun with it, like having your own band.Another feature that is nice is the built-in metronome.
You can also record songs for playback at a later point (up to 5,200 notes).An onboard metronome offers adjustable tempos and beats. It's almost like I wanted to forget them: oh, how much I hated the tones that the Casio keyboards came with. YOU SHOULD BE NOTIFIED OF THE EXTRA COST AND THE FACT THAT IT DOES NOT COME WITH AN AC ADAPTOR.
The keyboard only possesses 61 keys, however, 27 short of a full 88 key keyboard found on high level digital pianos and acoustic pianos, being 5 octaves plus one key.
Your son will have to switch the navigation channel to pick up the different ranges of the song. You will easily see your tone, rhythm, song, volume, melody, and tempo selections via the easy-to-read LCD display. You will easily see your tone, rhythm, song, and tempo selections via the easy-to-read LCD display. To get the best out of this equipment, get the computer Music starter pack (or some kinda name like that) from cakewalk to create bigger, easier to compose songs. The backlit display shows chord names, tempo setting, keyboard information, and staff notation of notes played. If 61 keys is not enough, I recommend you look elsewhere.For the beginner, I do recommend this product, but beware the extra fees. Enjoy up to 12-note polyphony (simultaneous sounding tones) for complicated chords and fingerings. My Casio electric keyboard is the best present I have ever gotten from Santa, it is the BOMB of keyboards.
The display's onscreen music staff and finger icons show the notes and chords that you play. Also, it's a lot of fun to play around with the different sounds you can use, there's some really great ones. The conclusion is Casio produces music louder at the max volume with acceptable sound quality while Yahama couldn't produce loud music at the max volume. This keyboard, even today, almost two months after I bought it, comes with far more options than I think I will ever come up with uses for!It comes pre-loaded with far more high-quality tones than you will ever need, with a wide array of pianos, electric pianos and organs, opening the line-up. The general MIDI tones of this keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy desktop music capabilities. 2.) You must configure your sound-card by going into \'Control Panel'\'Sounds and Audio Devices'. So if you are a beginner and don't care about the loudness of the music, Yamaha seems to be better. It is a bit larger and heavier than the 61 key PSR series by Yamaha but the sounds really beat the DGX until you get to the top of that line (or certainly the top of the PSR line). The keyboard runs on an AC adaptor (AD-5, not included) or 6 D batteries which will power the keyboard for up to four hours.What's in the Box Keyboard, music stand, owner's manual, and 1 year warranty. The keyboard's built-in 76 x 42 mm LCD shows the current tone, rhythm, song, volume, melody off status, and tempo, as well as fingering and the built-in voice fingering guide. Casio does not provide the .ins (instrument definitions) file for it, and the manual is useless for creating your own. You can play with a bunch of parameters within all the tones and save up as many as 100 of your newly created tones,. Separate Right and Left buttons let you practice left-hand and right-hand parts independently.
It works terribly with Cakewalk (and I would imagine other MIDI devices) for this reason.If you just want to play, and never record anything, then this is the instrument for you, otherwise, go for something a bit more expensive. Built-in stereo speakers let you listen in style, while a headphone jack affords private practice, which may be advisable when you're just starting out! As for rhythms, there's plenty of those too (you can also make different drum kits play different rhythms than those they're programmed for, for an array of very interesting combinations), and you can save quite a few of your songs for playback, as well as keyboard configurations, or split the keyboard, or mix two sounds to be played, with awesome control over volume of each, etc.
3.) The MIDI software refered to as not supported in the user manual and by the 800 number is simply MS Media Player or Real 1 Player. I mean, with the Casio WK-3000 Professional Series 76 Key Digital Recording Studio Styled Keyboard by Casio (now, THAT's one deserved mouthful) you really have it all. You can run the keyboard off of an optional AC power adapter or six AA batteries (not supplied).
Look at the price, ask yourself if you can wait a while longer and buy something that is even just a little bit more expensive.. The Navigation channel on the keyboard will allow you to pick-up different ranges the MIDI file is playing.I hope someone finds this helpful. Once I got it up and running, I learned the tune from 'Cheers' in a matter of two hours with very limited exposure to piano playing. It is a very good investment for those who are musically inclined but do not want to go through paying for lessons!

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