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The 61-key Casio CTK-700 features 800 tones, 250 preset rhythms, audio recording capabilities and all the necessary tools for a musician of any level. Casio CTK-7000 Portable KeyboardThe Casio CTK-7000 offers powerful and extensive features at a price that is unheard of in the portable keyboard market. Tones That Will Inspire Your MusicThe Casio CTK-7000 provides 800 world class tones organized by category in a easy-to-use interface. Capture The MomentWith the Casio CTK-7000 Keyboard you can capture those moments of creativity so they'll never get lost.
Mix Your MasterpieceWhether you're playing live or in the studio, you have total control over your mix. As mentioned in the review, split the signal out into a powered sub and a decent guitar amp. Unless you're doing arena tours, the average "recreational" keyboardist can play the CTKs where is and as is.
Item Not Found - 146697544 Note : The seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. 50 Rhythmen von Walzer bis Salsa bieten Ihnen einen bunten Querschnitt durch die Welt der Musik. Die Schnittstelle MIDI vereinheitlicht Musikdaten (SMF) für einfacheren Austausch mit dem PC. Durch das innovative Step-Up-Lernsystem wird das Tastentraining effektiv gestaltet, die 61 Piano-Style Tasten mit Anschlagdynamik fA?hren den Keyboard-Einsteiger Schritt fA?r Schritt den Weg zum Einstieg in die Welt der Musik. It offers 800 world-class tones, 250 preset rhythms, 17 track sequencer, 32 channel mixer, as well as audio recording capabilities.
Dynamic stereo pianos, vintage electric pianos, strings, drums and a wealth of synths and acoustic instruments are at your fingertips. Featuring a powerful 17-track sequencer, you can even edit and tweak your performances enabling you to turn out broadcast ready, professional tracks. One button click brings you access to styles from rock, pop, Latin, jazz, country, classical and everything in between.
The front panel sliders provide quick control over volume, pan, effect sends for each channel including the MIC and instrument inputs.

If you're downsizing from a B3, the chiropractic savings will pay for the thing in a few months. I also knew that even with the improved CTK-7000 series, they weren't entirely there yet when it came to running with the big ticket clonewheels. The kind where payment tends to come in the form of an open bar tab rather than a check with commas. It does a lot of the same things, has a lot of the same sounds, but all the sounds are GREAT & VERY usable with a band. The sliders allow you to control the level of each harmonic overtone to produce a powerful and rich organ sound. You can choose to have just a drummer or full virtual band at your disposal, so now you can play and write music with more speed and sophistication than ever before. You can also store this combination of three tones as a registration for instant recall on stage.
The built in Leslie effect is okay, but consider investing in a rotary stomp box or the real deal if you want the best sound. Then came the "WOW." It's a Casio dressed in midnight black that doesn't look or sound anything like the toys Casio once produced. It was part of my plan to retire 450 pounds of B3-type musical living room furniture and its 150 pound wooden traveling companion.
But once I fought my way through the manual and had it making sound, it was clear that whatever differences a trained ear might detect weren't worth the substantial difference in price. So much, that it was a tossup between reading the Old Testament-length manual or waiting for the movie version to be released.
The kind where the bar manager can barely spell "B3" let alone notice you're longer playing one. Play it with my band through a Roland KC500, but I'm leaving this home & using my Yamaha MM6. Manual fine, explains everything, but if you tweak a poor sound it doesn't make it a good sound.
For added depth and realism, an extensive set of DSP effects are available to enhance these tones, providing you with pure inspiration at your fingertips.

This means you can easily use your favorite computer music application without the need for drivers. The 96 registration slots will let you cover any gig, or save those magic sounds that define a hit song. I've only waved to the chapter on MIDI while passing through to the stuff at the back of the book.
Unlike the smooth flow found on the originals, when you extend the 7000's drawbars they do a step-by-step transition from one tone to the next. Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, the Casio CTK-7000 will allow you to create, edit and play your compositions at home, in the studio or on the stage.
For the final touch, you can dive deeper into edit mode to customize key click, overdrive, rotary speeds and more for the ultimate drawbar organ experience. That's right, these keyboards can mix down internally and save your song to an SDHC card as an audio file.
If you're a solo performer, registrations can also recall rhythms and accompaniments for you to play along with. I figure my 25-key controller can handle it until I can devote a week or so to all things MIDI. The CTK-7000 features a piano-style touch- response keyboard that provides a realistic piano experience. Whenever I find this annoying, all it takes is a glance at the receipt I taped to the keyboard. Give the 7000 or one of its Casio kin a powered sub-woofer, a decent amp (crank down the treble and mids), a decent rotary emulator or, like me, go out and curbside yourself an unwanted spinet with a built in Leslie.

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