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Yamaha vs Casio keyboards: Find a comparison between these two major brands of their product lineup and important features, to help you buy one. Both have a wide range of digital music products and can provide you with some value-for-money options, especially Casio. But at the same time, it can really get confusing for you to decide, especially when you have not got the opportunity to see and hear the product for yourself. That is the reason I have tried to make a comparison between these two brands – on some of the important features of Keyboards & Pianos. Over the years, it was Yamaha all the way for experienced players and Casio for the beginners.
If you are a pro keyboardist, a weathered stage musician or a performing pianist, your ears and fingers are going to be highly sensitive. And Yamaha, because they offer some top class pianos as well as synthesizers, are the favored brand with most pro musicians. But then with Casio launching a range of value-for-money products, the pros are keeping their eyes open to pick up good bargains, especially as their add-on keyboards. A nice lightweight piano keyboard, with powerful built-in speakers can suffice in certain situations. If you are playing at a venue where you have a decent amount of crowd, talking over cocktails, not everybody will realize that you are not using the best keyboard instrument. In fact, some of them may not even hear you 15 feet away from where you are, if they’re really engrossed in some important discussion (sorry to burst your ego bubble but that is a fact). For some of the situations mentioned above, a keyboard with good built-in speakers can be handy, and that is where some of the Casio keyboards are good. Again, this is not a hard-and-fast rule but it works fine in most situations, especially smaller venues. But then if you are willing to carry an additional speaker, the digital piano-keyboard that you choose doesn’t necessarily need to have great built-in speakers. In case, if you just want something to hear your keyboard, and will be using a good PA or external amps, then you may even use good monitor earphones to hear yourself play.
Be it the more expensive digital pianos – which looks and feels much better, or their range of professional keyboard synthesizers and arrangers…Casio does not have the products which can impress a lot of professionals (at least for now). If you take any digital piano or keyboard from Casio…for the given amount of money that you spend, you will always get a lot more features. As mentioned above, Casio hardly has anything in the $1000 plus price range aimed at pros and semi-pros. But below that price range, the keyboard feel and sound is very subjective and can vary from person to person. For beginner keyboards, the sound quality is a bit better in Yamaha, but then you pay more. Note: By the way, you may hook up your Casio to decent external speakers or to your existing music system (if it a better one), and see that the sound output is much better than the speakers on most of the arranger keyboards.
Yamaha definitely scores over Casio here as it has high end products like synthesizers, workstations and music recording equipment including studio monitors and PA systems.
Yamaha also had the edge over Casio in digital pianos for a long time until recently where Casio has introduced some great digital pianos, especially their Privia Pianos.
The more experienced players may choose a better feeling-and-sounding instrument, and don’t mind spending more for it. A fact is that Yamaha has a better brand image and significantly outsells Casio – specially keyboards & synths. I agree that Casio does not make as many high end models as yamaha does, and the quality of the sound produced differs, but the fact is that for beginners to intermediate level players, Casio has many inexpensive models with almost all the features that you can find on music keyboards.
This is something which even I am trying to figure out…to go in for a Yamaha keyboard or a Casio keyboard.
I have been playing for more than 15 years now and I have taught a lot of students as well.
When I relocated to a new city, I wanted a good keyboard so that I could practice, and sell it off when I moved back.

The Truth: Casio does have higher end models like the Casio Privia-350, the Privia-330, the Privia 150, and even the Casio CDP models. The Casio WK-200 is a 76-key portable workstation packed with all the most useful features. BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats and more. DomiNations is an epic combat strategy game of advancement, exploration, and conquest from legendary game designer Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations).
A comparison on some of the important parameters which you would normally use to make an informed buying decision! Though the scenario is changing a bit, as you can see from the product offerings from these, Yamaha still has that advantage in terms of quality offerings.
Your ears will obviously demand the best sounds and the best acoustic piano reproduction, and your fingers will demand a responsive keyboard and true ivory and ebony feel (if you are a pianist) in the keyboard performance. Beginners, no doubt, are happy to get the latest Casio products because of the price and feature ratio. And that is because, over their years of experience, they have realized that for certain gigs, it just doesn’t make sense to carry the heavier board, along with amplifiers. If you think, a Casio keyboard sounds tinny (that that all of them sound tinny), it may not sound like that as you get further away from the piano.
That way you don’t even have to depend on any PA system, and the external speaker itself will be able to provide plenty of volume. They have been constantly upgrading their products and launching newer models, be it in the arranger series or the digital pianos. So it is up to you to decide if you want to pay more, when it is going to take a couple of years for you to learn and to play well. Casio has a few keyboards in WK and CTK series for the advanced users but then they are still not in competition with the likes of Motif and Fantom.
In the mid-range of portable pianos the Privia pianos are doing quite well, along with the Yamaha pianos. Some of them may choose to go in for a better instrument, not necessarily a louder instrument, and think about the amplification aspect later on.
For someone who is starting out, or who wants to play just for fun, I would still recommend Casio. I think if someone is just starting out, learning to play the keyboards then Casio can be a good keyboard to start on.
We initially bought him a Casio mini keyboard and the thinking was just to introduce him to music. I did not want to spend a lot, but wanted most of the features; not exactly an entry level 61 key keyboard. Choose your Nation from among the greatest civilizations of the world, and lead it to ultimate victory throughout all of human history – from the Stone Age to the Space Age! Their portable digital pianos are already garnering lot of good reviews, so do check them out. It is even coming out with an aggressive line of products lately in the below $1000 price range, and there is hardly any difference in quality there.
I will be learning to play keyboards and so I wanted something that had lots of sounds, effects, lessons, accompaniments, ability to connect to computer, etc. Over a period of two years, he has picked up quite well and is now able to play many songs. My experience has been that Casio keyboards have very different sound qualities depending on the models within their range?just like any other brand. I played on Yamaha several times and according to me this keyboard doesn’t give me a good piano sound. Bone-shattering action rendered in console-quality 3D graphics takes place in a massive fantasy world with thousands of loot to be unearthed. Build a capital city, train your army and dominate rival Alliances to become the most powerful ruler on the planet!

To say that the sound of all Casio keyboards are not as good as Yamaha keyboards sound quality is very incorrect.
Right now I’m using Casio WK-1630, and compared to Yamaha PSRs and MOTIFs, it gives a better piano sound. I was happy with it initially, considering its features and the price as well, but after some time I could feel that the quality of the sound was very uninspiring. The keys are heavy and gives you quality sound, especially for the price.The Yamaha entry levels keyboards are much better than the Casio entry level keyboards and are the exact same price ($99-$189). Yamaha seemed a bit expensive on the other hand, so as of now I am caught in this Casio vs. I would say you rather spend the time learning to play the keyboard and getting used to the various functions that music keyboards have. I myself don’t play the keyboards but I was quite impressed with its looks and its sound, compared to the other models that we saw.
An entry level PSR223 Yamaha cannot match the superior sound quality of a WK500 Casio for instance, which is in a high price bracket.
Casio is not only made for beginners, but is also used by well-known artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre and by professional musicians and producers. The WK-200 has microphone and Audio IN jacks through which you can take samples of up to 10 seconds. In a couple of years if you think you have really progressed well as a player, then you are free to choose a music keyboard of your choice. I personally wanted him to have a keyboard with most of the features, including the ability to connect to a computer (though I have no clue how to connect a keyboard to computer and neither do I know its purpose) He seems to be quite happy with the yamaha PSR-e413 keyboard and has recently started using various chords with his songs.
Additionally, sound volume and quality is not only about the samples but also about the quality of the amplifiers and speaker quality and size. I personally think if you know how to play keyboards, and have owned a Yamaha before, it is difficult to play on a Casio keyboard. Every body’s opinion are different so it all about how you feel at the end of the day. The WK-200's recording feature is more expansive than on many other keyboards in its price category. Until then, it really does not matter as long as the keyboard that you buy is within your budget.
There are many Casio keyboards that are superior in sound quality and sound volume to Yamaha because of price differences and vice versa too. I am in agreement that many professional musicians, especially for One Man Band situations, are using Yamaha keyboards. I have observed that the sound quality on entry level Yamaha keyboards and pianos tend to be better than those on Casio, but then they cost more as well. I think Yamaha Keyboards are really the best, especially if you are looking for a professional keyboard.
The Wk-200 gives you 570 voices to choose from, along with layer and split tone functions, 12 auto-harmonization settings, 10 reverbs, and 5 choruses. On the other hand Casio, in general, offers more features than Yamaha for a given price range. At the lower-end of the music keyboard spectrum, Casio may compete with Yamaha for the entry level keyboards and there could be people who prefer Casio…but that would be very few in number and that too there basis of buying would only be cost.
Yamaha clearly stands out in terms of the sound quality, superior styles and voices, range of keyboard models to choose from, and the Yamaha’s education suite is also very comprehensive. Registration allows you to save the perfect combination of tones, layering, digital effects, and rhythms so you can instantly pull it up whenever you need it. It's a great workstation for musicians who want to sample, record, and create their own styles.

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