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Part of the CZ synthesizers series based on digital synthesis PD-Phase Distortion - strongly inspired by Yamaha FM technology like Yamaha DX7.
Power supply 6 X 1.5 V batteries or an external power supply type DC 9V negative in center polarity. VOICE system and 8 bits CPU UPD-7811g (same found on Roland Juno106) manages up to 8 digital voices polyphony based on PD synthesis. PD - PHASE DISTORTION process periodically distorts the phase angle of the oscillator altering the harmonic content, consequently creating new rich waveforms (8 to be precise).
The pattern of the distorted reading phase angle determines the DCO, while the amount of distortion of the reading phase angle (the depth) is determined by a dedicated EG DCW (Digitally Controlled Wave) which transforms the harmonics from pure sine to full distorted wave (99 stepped values). Remove batteries for at least 10 minutes, then use thin object to push the rest button under the hood.

VST instruments are loadable only if you have a VST host, but once you do, there's about a zillion and a half things to play with, many of which are excellent and free.
However there are some hardware restriction: it it not possible to mix 2 waves from group 2 thus following this rule, it is possible to obtain 33 combinations. The Casio Cz-101 is not the most powerful of CZ family but surely the cutest and most sought-after for its cheap 80' design with minikeys.
BUILD QUALITY – many controllers are made from cheap plastic and have cheap internal components. PLAYABILITY – a midi keyboard (in my situation) needed to be playable in all situations. Almost every single midi controller now comes with some kind of knobs, sliders, buttons or a combination of the latter.

But they keys are nice and easy to press, and since it has no buttons or knobs, it is cheap and extremely portable.
It also features an LFO for controlling the output level.The first oscillator will play at the frequency of the MIDI note pressed. The Oxygen 8 was too small, the Casio was too cheap feeling, and the W7 was missing keys (oops!) I needed a new midi controller pronto.
You can also de-tune each oscillator.MoreFor each oscillator, you can set attack, release and portamento times.

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