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Although it has a ridiculously long and silly name; the Casio CTK601AD keyboard is quite good. This 76-key keyboard has everything you need to create and perform music including 670 individual tones, 16 track sequencer, rhythm editor and more.
Casio WK-6500 Electronic KeyboardThe Casio WK-6500 features a piano-style touch-response keyboard, song sequencer, tone editor, multiple digital effects, mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage and hundreds of editable tones. Sequencer and 32 Channel Mixer16 track song sequencer + 1 system track supports recording of up to 5 songs or approximately 30,000 notes. Rhythm EditorAllows you to combine instrumental parts from multiple built-in rhythms, turn individual instrumental portions on or off and adjust volume, pan reverb and other parameters to create your own personal rhythms. Multiple Digital EffectsA wide range of built-in effects include 10 reverbs, 5 choruses and 100 DSP types. Tone EditorAttack and release time, cut off, vibrato, reverb, chorus and DSP can be adjusted based on your preferences.
I haven't experimented with all the sounds yet, but so far the electric piano and organ voices sound good even through the keyboard's speakers and a pair of low-end headphones. In my experience, there's a fairly steep learning curve involved with getting the most out of all middle to high-end Casio keyboards.
Haven't had any problems with Casio keyboards in the past, so no reason to contact the company. Maybe just that it looks cool, and the recording, editing, and voice tweaking capabilities. Overall the Casio WK-6500 has a very nice look and feel for a middle tier or just past entry level keyboard.
Casio 61-key lighted personal keyboard - bjs wholesale club, The casio personal keyboard offers pure playing pleasure with 61-lighted piano-style keys. Casio privia px-130 review digital piano review guide, Looking for the casio privia px-130? Casio ctk-2300 review digital piano review guide, A review casio ctk-2300 digital keyboard 61 keys.. 5 portable 61-keys keyboard piano absolute, Question: i want to buy a beginner electronic keyboard, 61 keys preferably. Jb -fi casio lk-120 key lighting keyboard, Sporting features casio lk120 great introduction world music light keys follow lights learn, casio. Casio WK3300 Electronic KeyboardThe WK-3300 76 Key Musical Keyboard with touch response, allows you to select up to 894 tones that include orchestral sounds, synthesized sound and more. The WK-3300 has 76 Full size keys with 400 DSP programmed Advanced Tones like stereo piano and Tremolo Electric Piano for a total of 620 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones. A total of 400 Advanced Tones are programmed with DSP tones to make them richer and more powerful. In addition to the 620 standard tones, the keyboard also includes 50 realistic drawbar organ tones. Built-in Flash memory lets you expand your selection of tones and rhythms by downloading data from the Casio Music Site, or by the CD-ROM that comes bundled with the keyboard. A selection of 166 rhythms includes accompaniments for everything from rock to pops and jazz.
You can also transfer accompaniment data from your computer and store up to 16 of them as user rhythms in keyboard memory. A big built-in display shows chord names, tempo setting, keyboard information, staff notation of notes played and more for full support of all your keyboard play. Record up to 6 parts in memory, along with their tone, volume, pan position, and other parameters for later playback. The General MIDI tones of this keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy "desktop music" capabilities. A collection of powerful effects, such as DSP, reverb, chorus, and more, give you total control over the type of sound you want. Yo soy de estos telcadistas que les gustan varios estilos, como piano, organo, Cuerdas, Synths, etc.

Esto seria, toco hace muy poco pero he aprendido bastante solo (hace poco consegui un profesor por fin) pero creo que ya viene siendo hora de actualizarse.
Si te interesan los sonidos orquestales y acusticos seguramente deberias echarle un vistazo a un Kurzweil, por algo son los mas populares en los fosos de las orquestas en musicales y demas.
Casio WK8000 KeyboardThe WK-8000 88 Key Musical Keyboard with touch response, allows you to select up to 894 tones that include orchestral sounds, synthesized sound and more. The WK-8000 has 88 piano style keys with 400 DSP programmed Advanced Tones like stereo piano and Tremolo Electric Piano for a total of 620 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones.
Built-in Flash memory lets you expand your selection of tones and rhythms by downloading data from the CASIO MUSIC SITE, or by the CD-ROM that comes bundled with the keyboard.
Because its functions are divided into sections, it is easy to mix styles and instrumentation until you get just what you want. I have a Casio watch that is twenty years old and looks and runs as good as the day I bought it.
Yamaha PSR and YPG products are good too, but there is just more of everything, dollar to dollar on the Casio. When I first used the keyboard's built in speakers they took me by surprise, I didn't think that they would have such a good range of high and low frequencys. This keyboard had very many functions and dosen't require you to go through a ton of buttons and screens. Absolutly worth it, this is an amazing keyboard, for the price I didn't think it would be this good. I've never had to contact them, I wish the warranty was a little longer but it's not bothersome.
This keyboard is easy to play and use, the look of it dosen't really stand out, but the blue screen does make it look cool if you use it.
I'll keep this keyboard until I surpass what it can sastisfy me with, and even after that I would probably still keep it.
Casio is one of the most renowned firms known worldwide for producing some of the best musical instruments, calculators, watches and much more. It has 100 background beats, songs, styles and 200 voices including sound effects of helicopters, laser guns etc. The Casio WK-6500 offers a pitch bend wheel, a back lit display, music presets and 670 individual tones in a portable design. The extensive list of features and the sound from the high-output 2-way bass reflex sound system found in this music workstation will give you the chance to bring your musical ideas to life and discover the musician in you.
Choices of editing tools include event insert, copy and delete, quantize note locator and a step recording function. You will have to use it a great deal until you get the hang of program new sounds or making changes.
The Auto Accompaniment that will allow you to simply play a chord and the corresponding rhythms, bass and chord parts play automatically. This powerful instrument features an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful 2-way bass reflex speakers to take your performance to the next level.
Advanced tones like Stereo Piano and Tremolo Electric Piano enhance the Piano and Electric Piano tones to create a totally new sound. One-touch Preset instantly recalls the most suitable tone and tempo settings to match the rhythm you are using. Up to 120 of your own sounds can be stored in memory for recall, just like the built-in tones.
This keyboard can be used as a desktop music input device or sound source, and it's just the thing for playback of commercially available pre-recorded General MIDI music software. Parece de juguete, teclas de plastico sin sensibilidad o peso alguno y sonidos muy malos aunque solo he tocado el piano hace un ano. Se que en este caso Yamaha hace un mejor trabajo y terminaria siendo mejor irme por un MOTIF XF8, MoxF8 o un Montage 8 pero son muy caros. I can compose in any style, make a quick CD and now I have something concrete to give to the other musicians.

If you have musicians that mostly like to read instead of improvise, then just hand them your sheet music.
Plus, when you run this machine through the mixer, the volume is controlled from the keyboard and it is easy to get a good balance blend with your vocal mics without going back and forth.
The 2-way bass speakers make very nice bass without making it distorted (if the instrument sound you use is practical to go that low since this is an 88-key).
It's not a stand ideal to bring around because of the way it's assembled, so if you do haul it (it's not heavy), it takes up room, best to get a folding one. But if you are a plug & play player, just pick the catogory on the panel and dial in your sound and jam. I rate it in the same class with the yamaha, korg, and roland workstations but without the added expense. A big LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings, keyboard keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play more informative and enjoyable than ever before.
You can also select percussion or key click, and even edit the parameters of preset tone and save up to 100 original tones in user tone memory.
Some instrumental sounds will just not sound as loud as they should be even if edited compared to others which is a little downfall.
The sustain pedal is very very light so it moves around a lot because of the cord's weight and shifts so it get's a little anoying. So far no printing on it fades, and I was surprised this is a light keyboard with amazing feautures and sounds.
The screen also tells you the note your playing what the note looks like and the voice and style you're playing. Some people will think "it's a casio; I can't be seen on stage with this", but they will be wrong. I love the fact this keyboard has a SD Card slot, it's one of the greatest things to have I would say.
Only downfall is watch your keys, they don't have any real problems but if a force pushes them up by accident you will notice it sometimes.
Being in this manufacturing business for more than six decades, they are considered to be the top manufacturers of these products. However, at my school, the music department had ordered about 40 odd, new keyboards, that were the Casio CTK601AD! The sound is brilliant and loud so if you're planning on playing in a bar or at school in an assembly or something it is perfect. Whenever the key will go back up sometimes it will make an anoying bounce shake if they have been a little moved. Why pay for a more expensive workstation that might not sound any better unless you have money to burn.
Even if you don't have a way to transport a SD card to a computer or if you don't have an SD card still worth it. Since this keyboard also has built in speakers you could actually play it on the go (with the fact you can also use batteries as an alternative power source). The keys are nonweighted and easy on the hands but for some that's used to playing an acoustic piano, they may complain about the feel. Options for the rhythms, such as fillings, endings and starters, gives you custom made tune oter ideas. But once you have learnt them, there aren't any more, so more songs to learn would be an improvement.

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