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With its latest CGP line of digital pianos, Casio has managed to leave its competitors far behind in terms of technology, yet again. 1) Color Touch Interface – This incredible new feature is a welcome addition to the world of digital pianos. 2) 6-Speaker System – The CGP-700 sports four 20W+20W speakers in the top panel and two additional speakers in the included cabinet stand, to deliver a massive 40 watts of total sound amplification.
3) 88-Key Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II – With world class Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action technology, the Casio CGP-700 is able to recreate the touch and response of a 9 ft concert grand piano with precision. 4) World Class Piano Sound – A Multi-Expressive Integrated (MXi) sound source built into the Casio CGP-700 provides you with a rich, multi-dimensional sound experience.
5) 128-note Polyphony, 550 Tones, 220 Rhythms – The CGP-700 features a 128-note Polyphony, that allows it to deliver a masterful performance of songs from any genre. 7) High Portability – With a sleek design and weighing only 26 lbs, the Casio CGP-700BK is one of the lightest digital pianos around and is perfectly suited for any home or outdoor environment.
8) Other Features – Using a class-compliant USB port, the CGP-700 can easily connect with a PC, Mac or other devices, such as an iPhone, without the need to install any special drivers.
The Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano is a grand culmination of Casio’s 65 years of expertise in electronics and technology, and over 35 years in creating musical instruments. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox.
CDP120 comes with AHL Sound Source + A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos! Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively. One thing is for sure, this Casio model will definitely provide you the closest experience possible to a grand piano, when it comes to digital pianos.
It depends on your music goals and budget too, but in the long run it definitely pays of to buy this model, especially if you’re looking for a long time investment and a realistically sounding digital piano.
Casio PX760 Privia Digital Piano Singapore $1299 + Special Bundles Only at The Pianist Studio! The Casio® CDP230 digital piano features grand piano sound and feel in a compact slim design.
The newly launched Casio PX760 belongs to the same, incredible Privia line of digital pianos and has been presented to the customers as a direct upgrade to the hugely successful Casio PX750. 2) 88-note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard – New simulated ivory and ebony textured keys have been added to the Casio PX760, which are of the same size and have same weighted key action as a real acoustic piano. 3) Concert Play Mode – The PX760 delivers a much more improved sound quality, thanks to its large, dynamic tonal range and 3 electronic sensors per key. 5) USB Connectivity – Casio continue to provide USB connectivity option in all of its Privia models. 7) Additional Features – Transpose, that allows you to harmonize with other musical instruments.
The new Casio PX760 is definitely another step forward in the continuing evolution of the Privial line of digital pianos by Casio. All best 10 Keyboards picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
I bought the Nord Stage 2 HA88 on advice of my elder brother, who is an excellent keyboardist. I enjoy playing my acoustic piano, but I wanted something different to practice my daily lessons on without disturbing the neighbors.
My parents are very fond of playing the piano, but our old one was spoilt and would have taken a fortune to repair.
I have been using my DGX640W Yamaha for the past two weeks and I can barely keep my hands of it.
Alice has just started learning piano, so I bought her the PX 130 Casio, which features a dual mode. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing keyboards (and over 65 years in consumer electronics goods), Casio’s name stands synonymous to innovation and excellence. The new Compact Grand Piano (CGP) series of digital pianos by Casio feature ground-breaking technology, exceptional sound system and world class keyboard action, that makes them perfect for professionals and beginners alike.
While the top six speakers provide a rich stereo experience, the bottom two provide the requisite low frequencies to handle instruments such as drums and bass with ease. Suitable equally well to professional pianists and beginners, the CGP-700 delivers 127 times the resolution of other regular keyboards. It contains an exquisite sample of meticulously recorded piano sounds using over two dozen microphones, from a 9′ grand concert piano. Furthermore, it has 550 newly developed instrument tones that include guitars, basses, strings, drums, organs and more. The elegant wooden cabinet and stylish design only add to the overall appeal of the product, and to the flair of the room. This also means you can easily transfer and store your music as files in computers or smartphones, for further processing or sharing your music.
Loaded with incredible, never-seen-before features at an equally incredible price range, the CGP-700 is a complete product for every one from a pro to an amateur.

Privia is a giant in this industry and after more than thirty years of producing digital pianos and keyboards, they have outdone themselves with Casio PX350 model. This model has a better overall sound and ivory and ebony feel keys, which make the playing experience even better. Sound realism is incredible and the key surfaces have a texture that gives your fingertips a grip which makes the actual playing a much better experience than on other digital pianos. So, with all of that taken into consideration Casio PX350 is for sure a good choice for an aspiring musician who wants an uncanny grand piano playing experience and great sound quality. As said before, sound quality is incredible, but some external speakers could be useful for those who like to play loudly, since on very loud volume audible compression effect is noticeable through internal speakers. Casio PX760 Digital Piano was launched in Singapore and the actual PX-760 display set is Officially available at The Pianist Studio. The 88 key scaled hammer action keyboard features 3 levels of touch response that lets you play more expressively with a wide range of dynamics.
Casio’s Privia digital pianos (models such as PX 860, PX 750, PX 760, PX 780, PX 160, PX 150,etc) have redefined the digital piano category with their excellent piano sound quality and performance features, presented in a compact, elegant and stylish design which also happens to be supremely portable.
The PX750 was the only digital piano under $800 across all brands, which offered a compact furniture cabinet model in a digital piano. The Air Processor utilizes the grand piano audio samples, recorded at four dynamic sampling to deliver the grand piano sounds with the natural decays and incredibly rich quality. There are also 3 sensors equipped in the keyboard that capture the dynamics of a piano performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy. To add even more versatility, Casio has introduced a new Concert Play mode in the PX760, which allows you to play the digital piano along with 10 recordings of live orchestra performances. A USB port in a digital piano allows you to connect easily with your Windows or Mac computer, in order to transfer files (recordings) from your digital piano to the computer and vice-versa.
Additionally, there are also 13 other instrument tones such as electric pianos, strings, organs and bass that can serve as supplemental music to the piano sounds. There is a new Lesson function provided, which allows you to practice to 60 in-built demo songs (plus 10 user-loaded songs). It has significantly improved audio quality and a very smooth key action, which provides a whole new level of piano playing experience much closer to that of playing a real acoustic piano. That’s when I found YDP 161 over the internet, which was available for an affordable price. Earlier, I had never played any electric instrument, but then one day I got a chance to do it at my friends place, I had wanted to give it a try. That’s when I read about the CP33 Yamaha on Amazon, which gives an identical feel of a genuine piano and still sounds so great. The keyboard can be easily divided into two arrays for the teacher and Alice to play simultaneously. Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano is the first of this series, and promises to usher a new era in digital piano technology.
Using only swipes and touch gestures, musicians can now navigate through tones, rhythms and various modes.
A six-speaker system is another first in digital pianos and easily has the best power output available, in its price range. It has the same weight and response as found in the real acoustic pianos, where the lower keys are heavier and get lighter as keys get higher.
You can use the piano in stereo or mono mode, and instantly change the settings to adjust it for rock, jazz, classical or any other genre to suit your needs. 220 ensemble rhythms (like Latin, Waltz) utilizing drums and percussions are also available to accompany your music, when playing with a full band. You can play vibratone with left hand, and piano with your right hand at the same time to render a more complete performance. It also includes a 17-track MIDI recorder and an USB audio recorder, to easily store your performance for future reference. This next generation digital piano stands as a proud testimony to the superior Japanese engineering, and comes strongly recommended by us for every piano enthusiast to give it a try. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. The previous model, PX 330 had three times less sample size of the main piano sound, which means the improvement in this segment is quite obvious too. Another good feature is definitely audio recording, especially since it’s simple to use. The latest Casio PX760 retains this excellent feature (and the extremely attractive price tag of the PX750, at $799), and features noticeable upgrades and additions over the PX750.
A further touch of realism is added to the digital piano sound quality, by simulating the sound of open strings, when dampers are raised by the pedal. The Tri-sensor technology allows the PX760 to reproduce key action and sound of a very similar quality to that of a grand piano, by taking into consideration the speed at which different hammers move inside a grand piano relative to he speed with which they are pressed. Using these live orchestra recordings, along with the other piano sounds allows you to enjoy the feeling of participating in a grander setting. There is no need to download or install any drivers in your computer to be able to connect to your digital piano via USB.

There are also the Reverb, Chorus and Brilliance effect present in the PX760 so that you can fine tune your piano performance in a much better way.
Using the Lesson function, you can practice with divided hands before you begin to use both your hands simultaneously on a digital piano. At under $800, the PX760 is an ideal learning instrument for students and beginners as well, if looking for a sincere piano with a few bells and whistles! It is very versatile, allowing me to play piano, electric organ and synthesizer all the same time.
I am glad my son spends some productive time exploring new tunes and recording them on our computer. I bought it immediately, as I had already read great reviews about its superb sound quality, and other multi-use features.
Not only do I enjoy listening them play, but I get to record my favorite tunes on it as well.
My grandpa loves the Mahogany board and is completely excited about its computer interface, which is easy to operate. In its price range, there is simply no match for Casio CGP-700BK’s Color Touch Interface.
The simulated ivory and ebony keys retain the pristine feel of acoustic pianos, and prevent fingers from slipping. This makes it one of the most dynamic and expressive digital piano ever with the most authentic piano sound.
Apart from these, a solid effects system is also in place with reverbs, chorus, delays and other essential add ons such as rotary speakers for organs and phasers for electric pianos.
The Duet and Classroom modes make the CGP-700 an ideal musical instrument for educational purposes. An optional SP-33 pedal system is also available in addition to a SP-3 switch foot sustain pedal, to provide soft, sostenuto and damper resonance.
If you want a combination of the latest technology and the lowest price possible for this kind of product, this is definitely the right choice.
All you have to do is plug in a USB flash drive and press a few buttons and you’ll be able to record everything you play in high quality WAV format. Our review of the new Casio PX760 below, will tell you everything you need to know about it, before you make up your mind to give it a try. Along with AiR technology and a 128-note polyphony processing power, the Casio PX760 is able to deliver a most realistic piano sound.
This allows for an ultimate key-to-sound feel and response, resulting in an incredible sound quality.
The Concert Play mode allows you to play a variety of classical music pieces, backed by a full orchestra performance at a tempo of your choice. The Duet mode on the other hand, splits the keyboard into two equal ranges, that allows you to practice with another person playing simultaneously. Also, there is a two-track MIDI recorder present in the PX760 that allows you to record and playback your performances on the piano. Also, do not forget the full-sized stand-up cabinet which comes attached to the PX760, a feature not to be found in any other digital piano at this price range. The onboard library has exceptional selection, its pedals have a good push and the recording aspect is quite appealing. Using the Duet mode, the keyboard is split into two equal ranges and allows two people (e.g. To have an of what this digital piano is like, there are some questions that need to be answered.
However, this will require you to possess the ability to read music or play by ear, in order to be able to interact with the classical music properly. The Duet mode is ideal for students, where they can play along with their tutors to enhance their skills.
The best part about the 2-track recording is that you can playback the left and right hand playback performance separately, and find out how good your either hand is! Other features include Metronome, Touch responsiveness Controls (to determine the touch responsiveness level of the keys), a built-in 8×8 watts Speaker system that is able to produce sufficient sound for a performance at home.
All of these features, which the PX760 carried over from its predecessor the Casio PX750 plus the additional, new improvements with seemingly no flaws, make the Casio PX760 a winner in its category.
Whereas the new Classroom mode splits the keyboard and configures the CGP-700 audio outputs to work with any external piano lab system.
The presence of two headphone jacks can also serve as brilliant aids for a teacher and a student while learning a piano lesson.

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