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By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order's status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. Jul 21, 2011Casio's Electronic Musical Instruments Division Demonstrates Passion And Commitment To Music Dealer IndustryMore than 31 years ago, Casio America, Inc. May 26, 2011Casio WK-7500 Delivers The Songwriter’s Keyboard At A “Wicked Cost”Casio America, Inc. Jan 13, 2011Casio Launches Four New Keyboards: CTK-6000, WK-6500, CTK-7000 And WK-7500Casio America, Inc.
Mar 30, 2010Casio Announces Limited Edition Of Celviano AP-6 And Privia PX-3 Digital PianosCasio announced today the release of three limited-edition digital pianos designed to commemorate the launch of its first electronic musical instrument introduced in January 1980.
Jan 14, 2010Casio Introduces New Additions To Its Celviano Digital Pianos LineupCasio America, Inc.
The media section includes images, videos and audio files related to the product Casio CTK-4200. The tutorials and tips section includes user tips and tutorials to help you use the product Casio CTK-4200. The user reviews section includes the reviews written by members about the product Casio CTK-4200. The prices section allows you to find an online shop or the nearest shop selling the product Casio CTK-4200 at the best price.
The classifieds section displays the ads of our members who want to sell, buy or exchange the product Casio CTK-4200. The forums section includes all threads from our community about the product Casio CTK-4200. Dan Organ Casio CTK-810In v?a mang l?i s? d? dang va thich thu khi h?c t?p am nh?c v?a h? tr? d?c l?c cho vi?c bi?u di?n. Dan Organ CASIO CTK-2100 v?a mang l?i s? d? dang va thich thu khi h?c t?p am nh?c v?a h? tr? d?c l?c cho vi?c bi?u di?n. T?t c? cac am cai s?n, bao g?m am dan piano va am nh?c c? am thanh, gi? day nghe hay hon bao gi? h?t!
B?n co th? l?y m?u am thanh t? m?t may nghe nh?c c?m tay ho?c thi?t b? khac, va sau do choi am thanh do tren ban phim.
B?t ch? d? phat l?i c?a may nghe nh?c c?m tay du?c n?i v?i gi?c c?m AUDIO IN (C?NG AM THANH VAO) d? l?y m?u cac am thanh, do?n khuc nh?c va nh?ng am thanh khac khi phat l?i.

Vi d?: n?u b?n l?y m?u am thanh "Leng keng!" c?a k?ng tam giac, b?n co th? choi cac n?t b?ng am thanh do tren ban phim. B?n co th? l?y ma?u do?n khuc nh?c ho?c ti?ng tr?ng yeu thich va? s? d?ng chung d? thay th? m?t s? ki?u tr?ng c?a Nh?c d?m t? d?ng. N?i may nghe nh?c k? thu?t s?, may choi CD, ho?c thi?t b? am thanh khac va b?n co th? choi theo nh?c du?c phat qua cac loa c?a ban phim. Ch?c nang th? thach am nh?c ki?m tra t?c d? ph?n ?ng c?a b?n b?ng cach yeu c?u b?n ?n cac phim du?c ch? ra trong hu?ng d?n ban phim tren man hinh theo k?p t?c d? B?n nh?c d?m t? d?ng b?ng cac ngon tay dung nhu trong hu?ng d?n ngon dan tren man hinh.
D? n?m v?ng m?t b?n nh?c, t?t nh?t la ng?t no thanh cac do?n ng?n, n?m v?ng t?ng do?n, va sau do ghep cac do?n l?i v?i nhau. N?u ban phim nh?n th?y b?n dang co v?n d?, no s? giup b?n b?ng cach g?i ra s? ngon dan b?ng gi?ng noi mo ph?ng. Nh?ng bai hat cai s?n bao g?m nhi?u th? lo?i am nh?c cho vi?c h?c choi va thu?ng th?c c?a b?n.
Tinh nang Nh?c d?m nang cao cung c?p cho b?n kh? nang truy c?p vao b? suu t?p l?n bao g?m cac giai di?u dan t?c tren toan th? gi?i, v?i s? tru tr?ng d?c bi?t t?i nh?ng giai di?u Latinh. H? tr? MIDI chung (GM m?c 1) cho phep k?t n?i v?i m?t may tinh ho?c m?t thi?t b? tuong thich GM khac. D? bi?t thong tin m?i nh?t v? h? tr? trinh di?u khi?n va ?ng d?ng c?a Windows® 7, vui long xem ? day. Gia tr? d?t s?n m?t ch?m t? d?ng thi?t l?p ban phim d? kh?p v?i giai di?u du?c ch?n hi?n t?i. Dan Organ Casio CTK-2200 la m?t s?n ph?m m?i c?a Casio, s?n ph?m du?c c?i thi?n m?t s? tinh nang d?c bi?t la ch?t am khi?n ngu?i choi c?m th?y thich thu hon giup loi keo ngu?i choi vao ti?t t?u d?m da c?a 150 di?u m?u (rhythms). If you know something about it that we did not cover yet, don't hesitate to submit a news item to our team. If you are very familiar with this product, we encourage you to share your knowledge by writing either a tip or a tutorial. Con gi dang yeu hon khi cac em co th? t?u len nh?ng giai di?u tr?m b?ng v?i nh?ng am thanh phong phu, du?c hoa d?m b?i nh?ng ti?t di?u mang hoi th? s?c s?ng th?i d?i. Ph?c di?u t?i da 48 am cung c?p nhi?u bien d? d? gi?m thi?u nguy co roi n?t khi cac am du?c x?p l?p khi choi v?i Nh?c d?m t? d?ng. T?p dan theo t?ng bu?c lam chinh xac nhu v?y, cung c?p s? h? tr? ma b?n c?n d? c?i thi?n vi?c choi dan c?a b?n.

Do nh?ng h?n ch? v? b?n quy?n, m?t s? am trong Kho bai hat co th? khong co trong Sach bai hat. Ben c?nh nh?ng giai di?u Bossa Nova, Samba va nh?ng giai di?u co b?n khac, b?n co th? nh?n du?c c? Cumbia, Reggaeton, Calypso va nhi?u hon th?! D?c bi?t CTK-2200 du?c kem them 5 gi?ng n?n co s?n ho?c co th? k?t n?i v?i d?u CD, MP3 qua c?ng Audio Input , nh? v?y b?n co th? d?m theo m?t gi?ng hat ma b?n ua thich. Intended to advance the skill sets of amateur and intermediate musicians, Casio’s keyboards deliver ground-breaking sound quality and musical portability in a stylish design. If you don't own it but you would like some more information about it, don't hesitate to request a user reviews from other members who own of this product. Tinh nang l?y m?u nay la cach tuy?t v?i d? t?o nen nh?ng am thanh m?i mang tinh sang t?o cao. The latest Casio keyboards will be on display in Booth # 736 at the 2011 Summer NAMM Session, July 21st-23rd at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.Casio’s newest keyboards are ideal for any level of musician looking to create compositions, as the keyboards feature a 5-song and 6-track recorder, perfect for capturing original music.
In addition, Casio delivers 600 built-in tones which include stereo grand piano tones, offering a range of dynamic and inspirational sounds for the musician to choose from. The 180 built-in rhythms provide a full range of accompaniment or individual drum patterns, triggering a virtual band at a musician’s fingertips.Casio WK-225The keyboards are equipped with Casio’s renowned Step-up Lesson System, which allows novice users to learn the 152 built-in songs phase by phase, at their own individual pace. Utilizing the LCD display, aspiring musicians can learn both music notation and correct hand positioning, while Casio’s innovative lesson system evaluates performance so users can track their progress and incremental success. The WK-225 features a 76-Key Piano Style Touch-Response keyboard and has the ability to import additional songs utilizing the SDHC Card slot. The simplicity and power of Casio’s LK-280 has the additional ability to teach with the aid of the lighted 61-Key Piano Style Touch-Response keyboard.“We are thrilled to provide musicians with the enhanced tools and instructional features found in the CTK, WK and LK series,” said Mike Martin, general manager, marketing, Electronic Musical Instruments Division.
The new series also includes an audio input which transforms the keyboard into a stereo speaker system for a MP3 player.The new keyboards will be available at music retailers in August 2011.

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