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Look closely at the keys, if you can see the fine line that is the joint between the keytop and the stem, then your keys are indeed ivory.
Thanks towards the web and to numerous other free of charge means available, these days you are able to understand how to experience piano without having breaking the bank. Regardless of whether they’re written lessons, video lessons, or audio lessons, you can find endless choices which will appeal for your various styles of understanding how to experience piano.
The problem appears to be that humans just don’t tend to curve their fingers naturally when they first learn to play piano. And some of the more observant ones will insist they’ve seen concert pianists (or rock or pop artists) using straight fingers…so, of course, they assume they needn’t bother to be any different. And, of course, even young female students are known to prefer keeping their nails long (another topic for this blog category), making curved fingers more problematic. To be honest, if a student truly has little or no ambition to really take their piano skills to the next level, keeping their fingers curved likely will emerge as a low priority…and likely needn’t be anything more.  And, as I’ve told students many times, many easier pieces could be played with your nose or big toe…so it’s not as if straight fingers won’t work sometimes.

I don’t believe students should be pressured every moment throughout every lesson to keep their fingers curved.  I certainly would not condone “old school”-style rapping straight fingers with a ruler!  Beginners and very young students should focus more on note-reading and rhythm than on finger technique. So, be expressive and musical when playing repertoire, but when you do drills…?  You got it: KEEP THOSE FINGERS CURVED! The piano is among the most stunning instruments and is also among the instruments that most individuals quit playing.
You can find numerous means obtainable to you and all you should do would be to discover them.
Should you know that you’re a visual learner, then DVD lessons are most likely the method to go. Either they believe it is as well tough, they get confused, or they just do not wish to commit the time to understanding this fantastic instrument. With all these means it is going to be simple to float from 1 towards the other in no way truly taking in any info.

In colder climates, you may need to heat the piano keys with  warm air from a hair dryer to create solid contact. Select wisely, go for high quality lessons that you simply believe will maintain you excited to understand the piano. Use it until eventually you have learned every thing you are able to, and you are able to no longer understand a single point from it, simply because in the end, that’s what it is there for!

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