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Do you want to buy a Steinway piano, at Besbrode Pianos we always stock a large selection of brand new and second hand grand and upright Steinways at our Leeds showroom. An unrestored, 1923, Steinway Model O grand piano with a fiddleback mahogany case and spade legs. For example: I got this sofa off Craigslist for free a couple of years ago, and couldn't part with it. With over 25 Steinway pianos in store ready to play and compare, side by side we have one of the largest inventory's of Steinways in the UK.
Incorporates specially engineered materials and large scale production techniques to deliver a level of musical performance and great value. Thou Shalt Look for Tags - This should be first on the checklist: flip the piece over and see if there's a tag.
Honor Thy Lines - It's all about looking past the baby-puke green or cat-shredded fabric that's on it now, and envisioning what it could look like in a luxurious velvet material, or a solid neutral. Thou Shalt Not Worship False Furniture - If you're not sure of its origin, or don't care, then just take a look at the quality of the construction.
Thou Shalt Examine Any Cushions - Foam is actually pretty pricey, so if you can re-use existing cushions, it'll save you some money. Be Not Afraid of Simple Fixes - If a table has just a few scratches, and only needs minimal love, consider whipping out your own mouse sander and spending an hour or so on it. Thou Shalt Not Kill Strong Odors & Pests (Easily) - If a cat peed on the sofa at some point, or you suspect bed bugs, then think twice about your find.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness to Your Wallet - Don't get swept up in that $60 price tag, without considering the very real expense of getting it re-done.
Thou Shalt Not Covet - This is easy to ignore in the excitement of finding something that you really like. I love the chrome against the fabric and it's otherwise very basic, clean and in good shape. Remember Your Day of Rest - Make no mistake about it; this will probably be a pain in the ass. If a used grand piano is less than 30 years old then you can normally expect it to be in a reasonably good condition. It's a whole other thing if it's the most uncomfortable thing you've sat on since the concrete amphitheater of 2008.
If the foam is as hard as a rock, and crumbles under your fingertips, it's time to add another line item to the reupholstery budget. If there is a strong smell of kitty, or smoke, know that there is vinegar in your furniture's future.
Even with re-usable cushions, you'll still have to purchase yards of fabric, then pay someone to upholster it. If it's a large piece, you'll likely have to find help moving it, and you might have to rent a van to get it home, then again to the re-upholsterer. If it looks like it's from the 70s and reads Thayer Coggin, put a sheet and some caution tape around it as camouflage, then run — don't walk — to find someone help you haul it home.

Then, as part of the August Style Cure, I finally traded in the Scandinavian crack den look and redid the room, along the sofa.
Is it worth sacrificing a part of your precious weekend, before you even factor in the cost? As soon as I got it home, I flipped it over and — lo and behold — there was the dreaded Walmart sticker.
In this age of knock-offs, make sure you are looking at the real deal, and not just crappy furniture posing as something nicer. If you work hard and have limited time off, sometimes it's okay to forgo a time-consuming project, and head out to brunch and the farmers market instead. It's still in my living room, and will do for now, but I shouldn't have even paid twenty bucks for it, and certainly would never bring it to some guy to refinish.
If only there were guidelines — holy reminders if you will — of things to keep in mind while looking at used furniture.

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