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The easiest, most effective method to learn and practice all the major, minor, augmented, diminished, sixth, sixth minor, seventh, seventh major, and seventh minor piano chords!
Our conventional flash card system provides consistent piano chord notation, finger positioning; it is simple and organized so you can learn and practice faster and more effectively.
Say you've learned Mary had a little lamb by chords and you know exactly what to play when you see the C and G chords, but what happens when you want to play something more challenging? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you like to buy grand piano, upright piano, digital pianos in melbourne , then Piano time is best. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Steinway & Sons have been creating world class pianos since 1853, and still build their instruments the same way they did when German immigrant, Henry Engelhard Steinway and his sons began building them in a Manhattan loft over 160 years ago.

But recently, the renowned firm had announced they were looking for a buyer, and Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm based in New York City, stepped forward.
1.    Preserve and support everything that makes a Steinway piano special, including its skilled employees, carefully refined and exacting manufacturing processes, unwavering commitment to the highest product quality standards, and dedication to all members of the musical community. 2.    Help bring the joy of playing and owning a Steinway to more artists and customers in countries throughout the world.
They have committed to sharing Steinway’s pride in its great heritage, and as such are determined to protect the high quality standards that produce pianos that are favoured by some of the most celebrated and demanding pianists in the world. The team at the Lincoln Piano Centre have years of experience working with Steinway Pianos, and with a huge range on display for you to try, alongside the benefit of our expert knowledge and advice – if it’s a Steinway you’re looking for, we’re sure we can help you find the perfect piano to complement your musical style.
What a hassle!Professionals have designed Piano Chord Flash Cards to make it physically appealing, easy to understand, and easy to navigate through 108 piano chords with simple mouse clicks. No PayPal account is necessary, pay directly with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.

Since then the skills they amassed have been passed down for many generations, from master to apprentice.
Kohlberg were founded in 1987 and have developed a distinguished reputation for investing in market leading companies. Along with the recognized fields of study, we offer generic certificates that can be adapted to suit any need. They are renowned for the great skill and care, and never rush the manufacturing process; so much so that one of their beautiful grand pianos takes over a year to build.

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