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There are some useful questions to ask when buying a second-hand upright grand piano from a private seller.
If the answer is that it is no longer played, then ask when it was last played and how often. Pianos need to be tuned at least every 6 months on a regular schedule, regardless of whether or not they are actually being played. Pianos should ideally be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room at a consistent temperature (ideally around 20 degrees Celsius).
A piano which has been played by a committed pianist, even a serious amateur, is likely to have been well looked-after.
The piano has been a popular instrument for many years and can be used to play many sorts of music. I own a Clavinova CLP330 with GH3 keys, what from my point of view, is a good option if you cannot afford an accoustic piano. As a very-VERY overdue homage to my late uncle who left a few dollars to spend, some of which I already spent UNWISELY, I've decided to use some of it to try a do what he wanted earlier in HIS life. I've come across a 1942 Steinway Console with ivory keys and they say in excellent condition. Hello.I know someone who has one Hemingway digital piano, and one of the pedals is not working but eventually will be fixed. If you are a beginner or just getting back into to swing of keyboard again after quitting, you may be thinking about a great-sounding keyboard with a great price tag-- this is not a smart thing to do. Hi,IA?m trying to find a solar panel to provide electricity to my electronic piano, and I have no idea how many W should I look for. I love the Music Database as I am starting to write my own songs and this is great for ideas for chords and bass lines.Problem is, I don't want to 'rely' on the accompaniment of the bottom chords (as much as I love them), in my live performances. UK Pianos is the number 1 piano retailer in the UK with the largest selection of pianos for sale (digital, upright, grand and keyboards, brand new and second hand), piano reviews, tips, comparisons, questions and answers and free information. If you are an acoustic pianist looking for a piano substitute, or you would like to use your keyboard to learn the piano, then you should be looking to purchase a digital piano. If you have decided on a digital piano, the first thing you should look out for is the sound that it makes.
Arranger keyboards can come with many different features and you need to decide which of these will be necessary on your ideal instrument. You can purchase arranger keyboards with 61, 76 or 88 keys, depending on the complexity of the music you will be playing.
No piece of furniture is more indicative of taste and refinement than a piano, with the grand piano making the boldest statement. If we take for example the Roland keyboard piano, the keyboard comes with a standard number of notes of polyphony, either 64 or 128. Piano For SaleIn helping clients purchase their pianos, they inform me of the kind of pianos they are looking for and the budget that they have.
Piano Teachers????Selecting a Piano Teacher who is not only a master at their craft but also very apt and experienced at various levels of teaching is extremely important.
My goal is to tap into the musical creativity present in students of all ages, and to set a high standard of excellence as I help develop in them a deeper appreciation for music, healthy technique, confident musicianship skills, and a love for sharing music with others.
Piano Teacher HoustonSelecting a Piano Teacher who is not only a master at their craft but also very apt and experienced at various levels of teaching is extremely important.
If you are interested in this Hopkinson upright piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Guitar Pedals JOYO Effect Wholesale Cheap Any 4pcs Bulk , JF 01 02 03 to JF 39 Overdrive Distortion Chorus Phase Delay etc. In addition to being a versatile instrument in its own right, it is also popular for accompanying singers and dancers. These are horizontally-strung pianos, such as grand pianos, and vertically-strung pianos, known as upright pianos.
There are many reasons for this but by far the biggest is the fact that even though the piano can produce the most delicate of tones, there is about 20 tons of string tension in action behind the scenes.
Part of the reason for this premium is that buying a brand new piano from a reputable seller carries an implicit guarantee that the instrument has been well looked-after.
They will help you to judge both the original quality of the instrument and how well it has been looked after.
If the instrument has been played regularly but is for sale due to a change in circumstances, then it is more likely to have been looked after than one which has, literally, been gathering dust. The piano may sound right after an amateur attempt, but they may have inadvertently caused internal damage. Be very wary of pianos which have been stored in unused rooms, or even worse; storage facilities. This is less likely to be true of instruments used by people who were forced to take piano lessons to satisfy their parents or to meet the requirements for academic courses in their main instrument, for example. These days, however, many of the best bargains are found on the Internet and in particular on eBay.

Buying a quality upright piano is an investment which will provide a great deal of pleasure to its owner.
I'd really like to play an instrument that has a touch similar to the touch of a piano and which I could afford.
My keyboard is at the repair shop and i would like to continue my pratice and studiescould you please recommend a "Virtual piano" program for my computer? I was doing the beginners section and found that I don't have as many black keys as a piano. The manual is too technical and the instrument is far more complicated than my Yamaha P 120.
A guy down the road from my house I met at the local coffee shop said his mom had one that was working tuned and in good shape that i could have. After seeing one of my friends playing at their house with their kids made me want to learn.Anyhow, they have an extra grand piano they are selling, Baldwin M 170736. I currently have a little keyboard that doesn't even have the full set of keys on both sides. Old or antique uprights are straight strung and over damped, sometimes they have a wooden frame. Everything from Korg workstations, Yamaha keyboard synthesizers to Casio digital pianos and everything in between. If you will be using your keyboard for songwriting, composing and live performances, and if you want to be using backing tracks and a number of different voices, an arranger keyboard or what is commonly referred to a workstation keyboard. A quality digital piano will have a weighted keyboard, where the keys will be lighter towards the treble area and heavier towards the bass area. If you will be playing in any performance venue you might want to consider garcinia cambogia to ensure that you look your best on stage and an instrument with an amplifier incorporated into it.
You should try out the keyboard to be sure you are comfortable with the feel of the keys and the sound produced.
For those just seeking the keyboard experience and not a showpiece, there are electronic keyboards which have overtaken much of the traditional piano sales because keyboards are considerably less expensive, a lot more portable, and offer more choice of sounds than a traditional piano.
Coordinating with you is important when it comes to helping you find the perfect piano for you. Houston clients will greatly benefit from searching through our list, and you can also look at the pictures and basic information about our new, used, and restored pianos that are for sale. This insures the student will be receiving the best possible music lessons and generally prolongs the student’s interest in music and in playing the piano. As it is a big instrument, buying a decent upright grand piano requires an upfront financial investment. Instruments which are strung horizontally can use much longer strings and also have a longer soundboard. Some business sellers offer a selection of second-hand pianos, the quality of which is effectively guaranteed by them. A knowledgeable seller will at least ensure that the piano is appropriately covered and kept in tune. It is very risky to buy an out of tune piano, since the fact that it is out of tune could hide serious internal problems. With this in mind, it may be worthwhile to ask for a quote from a piano-moving company before taking a final decision as to whether or not to bid.
With that in mind, it can be helpful to ask the seller for a link to a sound file or a video of the instrument being played.
I am a basic learner of the piano and have watched videos of piano lessons and read your insructions on the basics required, they are very good. My worry is if I were to invest in a Yamaha CVP; for instance, is that the increase in size of both the width of the keys and the heavier touch will take a lot of practice to master and my present expertise will suffer as a result.
I live in a large house and I have a music room with other instruments, but I just don't know what type of piano to purchase. With that in mind, you should determine your needs regarding notes of polyphony to ensure you have enough to meet your needs, but that you are not paying for excess polyphony that you will not use. Over the last 20 years, I have developed strong professional relationships with Piano Teachers throughout Houston and many of them are fluent in Mandarin. That is why I lay a solid foundation of classical music supplemented with different polular genres and why I create many performance opportunities for my students in Houston, Texas…….More. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano". This means they can produce much richer, fuller, more balanced tones than their vertically-strung counterparts. Another key issue is that modern pianos are built to withstand the rigours of central heating, whereas older ones were not. There are also many second-hand instruments for sale by private sellers which are in excellent condition and being sold for completely legitimate reasons. It is also recommended to ask the seller explicitly if there is parking for the mover outside their home and if there are any issues with the location of the piano which might cause difficulties when moving it, as these may increase the price of the move).

Although instruments with a good voice may still have internal damage which will become apparent over time, eBay rules require sellers to disclose all relevant information about the item they are selling. If you go to buy an instrument without a clear objective and know which functions you need, it will become very confusing given the endless variety of features and functions available. Shopping for a piano is like shopping for a painting or a used car — even when the piano is new. The literal meaning of polyphony is ‘many voices’ and it means mixing together a number of melodic voices in a way that is pleasing to the ear. I can also assist you by providing you with information on all types of pianos that are available on the market. Mauris commodo, dolor nec cursus gravida; nibh sapien feugiat tellus; nec interdum erat tellus non sem!
Unfortunately, even the smallest horizontally-strung pianos are far too big for the average modern house and are also very expensive to buy, to move, and to insure. If looking at an older piano which has been restored, it is important to find out specifics about what was done, when and by whom, since the term restoration is very broad.
Ideally the seller should provide the paperwork relating to the original purchase as well as a clear explanation of why it is for sale. If buying a new second-hand piano, ita€™s important to enquire about this, if the piano has no warranty, check why not.
This means that regardless of whether the instrument is being sold by a business or by a private seller, buyers can rest assured that the item description is accurate. Upright pianos can be listed as New, New Other, Manufacturer Refurbished, Seller Refurbished, or Used. You might even end up buying more keyboard than you need.  Music keyboard reviews are worth the time to read. Each piano has individual characteristics that affect its sound quality, with some models of pianos better suited for different types of music.
The number of notes of polyphony on a musical instrument refers to the number of notes that sound simultaneously, including sustained notes.
Whether you are looking for new or used pianos, Houston piano enthusiasts can expect only the best from the Chinese Piano Lady – Maggie.
It is also worth remembering that, at the end of the day, there is a limit to what restorers can do.
When there are problems, usually these can be resolved by the buyer and seller communicating directly, but if not, buyers can contact eBay for assistance. Upright grand pianos are usually listed alongside standard uprights and can be identified from the description.
Sorry, I ramble.I recently purchased a "44" key electronic piano keyboard "JUST" to learn piano-style music and to, LEARN, read music.
That is, pop, rock, and modern jazz music tend toward a piano with a crisp action and bright timbre whereas orchestral music tends toward rich overtones. The minimum number of notes of polyphony available is 16, with digital pianos and keyboards coming in standard 32, 64, 98 and 128 notes of polyphony. But like buying stereo speakers, the sound you hear in the showroom may not match that which you hear at home because of the difference in room dimension and acoustics. Generally the more notes of polyphony the better as this will allow you to play complex, dense musical passages without running out of notes. Although they can not quite match the sound quality of the horizontally-strung pianos, they can still have excellent voices which age well.
Whatever piano you choose, there are lemons among even the top pianos brands so avoid pianos that creak or make thuds when playing.
Upright grand pianos are the largest of the upright pianos and therefore can use the longest strings, giving the best sound. If you are buying a keyboard with a sequencer you will probably be using it for complex compositions with several parts playing simultaneously. Keep it in a room with relatively stable temperatures and 40-45% humidity; keep the piano away from windows and vent and out of the way of direct sunlight. You want to avoid all things that might cause the instrument to frequently or unevenly warm and cool or to warp as these conditions will effect the musical tuning of the instrument.
And periodically, you will need to have your piano cleaned of dust and tuned to compensate for the stretching of the strings. Fortunately many popular brands including Yamaha keyboards, Roland keyboards and Korg keyboards offer mid-priced keyboards with 128 notes of polyphony.
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