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Blues piano lessons have given influence to many different musical styles, like jazz, rock and country. One of the most common chord progressions on the piano is the 12-bar blues, which often uses 7th chords. The first set of blues piano lessons would start you off playing I-I-I-I intervals on whatever scale you're using. Now, it you're playing on the left hand, it's a rather simple eighth note pattern - I-III-V-VI-VIIb-VI-V-III. Blues piano contains these very simple chord progressions and techniques to make blues piano lessons enjoyable.
Before you dive into the beginner blues, checking out a few of our beginner web sites such as piano lessons for kids and piano lessons for adults may be extremely beneficial to you. As you continue to progress through the lessons you may want to check out a few more styles such as classical piano and jazz piano.
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The blues originate from a mix of different sources in music, so there is no satisfying explanation in theoretical terms about this scale. By learning these scales you will get great tools for improvising in the musical style of blues (these scales are also used in jazz improvisation). Learning to play Blues Piano is a fabulous way to improve your piano playing skills. It will help you learn to play by ear, understand how music is constructed, and enable you to fly over the keys. While learning blues, we’ll work on some extra music theory, to round out your understanding of how things fit together. Since the 1800’s Blues has been greatly influenced all types of American music, Classical, Folk, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, and more. Some well known Blues piano players from different time periods are: Otis Spann, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Oscar Peterson, Randy Newman, Professor Longhair, Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani. The way I teach Blues Piano is unique; developed over years of teaching, it’s easy to follow and understand. Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you.
We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. PIANO KID EDWARDS (piano;  blues vocal) recorded at Grafton, Wisconsin in about December 1930 for Paramount #13051 and 13086. BLACK BOB (piano;  scat vocal with the MIDNIGHT RAMBLERS) is an instantly recognizable, ragtime-influenced pianist who recorded extensively as a sideman at Chicago, Illinois during the 1930s for BLUEBIRD and occasionally for Vocalion performers. Interestingly, there was a black musician name Robert Alexander, details as follows, but his death seems to be too early for him to Black Bob: Compare Robert Alexander, musician, who had been born at Jeanerette, Iberia Parish, Louisiana in 1891, a son of Emile and Frances Alexander.
Compare Robert Alexander (aged 40 in 1930, married at 25), who had been born in Kentucky and resided at 4339 (South) Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois by 1930, with his wife Nora (29 in 1930, married at 14, also born in Kentucky), and a 13-year old daughter (born in Ohio) called Cathrine. Blues Piano for Adults Beginning adults students will find Blues Piano fun, and a great introduction to piano. Playing Blues Piano can evoke many moods and feelings.The ever changing swirl of textures can be mellow, exhilarating, intriguing, stimulating, graceful, riveting, electrifying, captivating, playful, and revitalizing.
Getting Started If you have never played piano before, wea€™ll start right at the beginning. I start students as young as 4, and have had students in their 80’s begin lessons as well.
A When Actor Steve ZahnA was preparing for his role playing keyboard in the recent movie Management, his production team arranged for him to study piano with Mr. To make an example of this, if your basic chord is a C chord, your melody's notes will be C-E-G-A-Bb-A-G-E, and on an F chord (which is another common one) it would be F-A-C-D-Eb-D-C-A. Blues often contains somewhat of a slow swing rhythm like jazz piano, where eighth notes are clipped slightly shorter every other note to give a swing effect. If you understand the techniques of interval shifting, chord changes and especially the pentatonic scale (and modifications of it) you can play blues piano quite easily.
Also you can see how you can learn at home with online video lessons and how essential they are to your success as a pianist.
A nice combination are the chords Am7, Dm7 and E7 together with the A pentatonic blues scale. Students who learn Blues Piano acquire a sense of freedom to play piano and keyboards effortlessly.

Learning to play twelve bar Blues begins with the left hand chord progression and right hand Blues Scale.
There is a special feeling of freedom and accomplishment to being able to play without music. Still hard for me as just a beginner and sight-reading is not my best, but playing with one hand it sounds great. Musicians of whom nothing or almost nothing is known, but who have left their legacies in just a few 78s.
He was a “com(mon) laborer” in 1930 and was shown as a laborer when he died (reportedly aged 60) at Chicago on 29 October 1945. But on page 314, they quote a Chicago Defender notice of 29 August 1936, giving a band personnel including Minnie and trumpet player Alfred Bell.
Adults who already play will discover that Blues will renew and invigorate their passion for piano. Learning to play blues piano from a book can be frustrating and confusing, and difficult at best. In a short time, youa€™ll be playing chords in your left hand, and improvising with your right. Students who have never played piano before will find Blues Piano to be a delightful and enjoyable introduction to piano. The right teacher should be a good listener, shape the lessons according to each student’s needs, and enable students to be comfortable with their new endeavor.
When you learn to play piano or keyboard, in addition to your playing skills, you will gain a knowledge of all aspects of music.
After studying music in New York City, he founded a music education software company and was a pioneer in early computer-music software technology. He’s performed piano professionally, composed music for television andA film, and written numerous songs. Blues piano has some rather basic conventions to follow, such as scale progressions, chord progressions and other chords.
Chords are based on scales - the C chord, for example, is based on the root, third, fifth and octave. Play these chords on your right hand, and remember to add the seventh interval to make it sound suitably bluesy. First, you should work on your 12-bar C-scale to get a feel for basic blues, then advance to other scales as you feel ready. Jamming Blues Piano with friends makes a great music connection. It’s the fastest way of learning to play music with others. Hidden by their pseudonyms and behind their 88’s , they have scored some of the highest moments in blues and early jazz pianism. Black Bob was recalled by Charlie West as being active at Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1920s, although Charlie said that at Cincinnati he was known as  BLACK JACK. Along with Blues, we might work on some other areas of music including: reading music, playing by ear, theory, songwriting, composing, arranging, jazz, classical, pop, new age, folk, and ethnic music. Learning to play piano develops physical coordination, and visual, aural, timing and language skills. On the piano, Blues Piano is generally more lively, doesn’t requite a singer, and can be played solo, or with other players. However, learning to play when taught person to person can be a quick and effective way to learn. I have taught many hundreds of people to play Blues, with a modern, easy to understand approach. Through the use of modern teaching methods, students can easily visualize musical ideas that evade traditional methods. Every note in a scale is given a number or a Roman numeral from root, second, third to octave for intervals and I, II, II to VIII for Roman numerals. Blues also often uses something called pentatonic progression by playing the starting note, then the third, going up an interval, a third up from that and repeating by going up and down the pentatonic scale as desired. Once you do this, you can practice rhythm and eventually learn to improvise your own blues songs. In the same way you can combine a G blues scale with the chords G7, C7 and D7 and so on in different keys. Complete beginners, after spending a few months learning to read music, can begin Blues Piano, learn new techniques and expand their proficiency.

Usually played as a twelve bar progression, there is a distinct chord and melody structure which gives it such a unique sound. Everything you need to know to master the basic styles of Blues will be presented in an easy to understand progression. He may be Kid (or Kidd) Edwards or Edward Kidd, born at Benton, Bossier Parish, Louisiana on 6 June 1900 , grandson of Paul L. Melvyn Hirst reported  that Paul Oliver told him that Big Bill told Paul in the 1950s that Black Bob was named Robert Alexander. Students feel a grand sense of accomplishment when they can sit at the piano and play effortlessly. Beginning students should feel free to express themselves, be curious, and ask lots of questions. Starting piano lessons or keyboard lessons from the beginning insures a thorough introduction to all aspects of playing piano. Running up and down the pentatonic scale is a good way to make a piano riff sound like the blues and impress your friends. Blues Piano is often played solo, and is a lot faster and more innovative than Blues generally played on guitar. Paul is on record as saying that he cannot recall which name was recalled as Black Bob’s given name.
If you thought about learning to play Jazz Piano, but found it too hard, consider learning Blues.
Some students will want to work only on Blues, others will want to explore other music genres. Parking is conveniently provided, there is a studio waiting room, and a large coffee shop next door.
Of course, learning actual blues songs wouldn't hurt either, but there's no rush; take all the time you need to learn the basics. In his 1936 social security application he named his parents as Charles Edwards and Carrie Kid (sic).
Bill told Oliver that he shared an apartment with Black Bob, and Paul had the impression that Bob hailed from Indianapolis or St. Schanault seems not to appear in the 1930 or 1940 census, but there are many black listings for Robert Chenault in the Midwest, and a couple for Robert Shinault. Remember - once you figure out blues piano, you have a solid foundation for other styles of popular music. None is mentioned as a musician, but veteran census watchers will know that expected occupations rarely appear. Many basic blues songs are broken up into three-chord progressions in the interval described above.
If you already play piano and want to learn this great American piano style, then you can begin right away. Playing Blues Piano helps students acquire a nice fluid playing style and improve all areas of their playing. Compare Kid Edwards, who ran a record shop at Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana in 1939.
Memphis Minnie claimed, in a letter to Mike Leadbitter, that she was working with Black Bob up to 1954, although he seems not to have recorded after 1942.
The 5-hour “Blues Before Sunrise” early morning show commenced over radio WBEZ, Chicago, from June 1980, and continued for 16 years.
His last surmised session backing Big Bill was on 9 June 1937, after which “Leeford” Robinson (almost certainly Aletha Robinson) began recording behind Broonzy.
However (based upon aural evidence), Black Bob is the pianist behind Washboard Sam and probably Tampa Red for their BLUEBIRD session of 16 June 1938. Aural evidence negates “Leeford” Robinson as being Black Bob, despite the fact that “Leeford” Robinson backed Big Bill on 8 July 1937, at a session shared with Victoria Spivey and Charlie West! Compare recordings made as  BOB HUDSON  at New York City in 1932 for the American Record Company.

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