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Students who already play, will discover that learning blues improvisation, will revitalize and energize their playing. Along with blues, you might also be interested in working on some extra theory, learning arrange your own music, and writing original music.
Blues is a kind of jazz, and it’s a great way to get introduced to the world of jazz improvisation. Blues piano is a great introduction to learning to play by ear, playing jazz, and becoming fluent on the keyboard. If you sing, you might want to learn to accompany your voice with chords. Children love to experiment on piano, and blues gives them a way to use their imagination. However, I’ve yet to find a student who could make sense of the material presented in book form.
Those who are starting piano from the beginning will enjoy the freedom of playing without music.

Students who acquire basic facility with blues, experience a sense a freedom of being able to play piano with ease and little effort. Once you have basic playing skills, blues is an excellent way to be introduced to new playing techniques. The twelve bar blues progression is a structure of chords combined with melodies and improvised. Some popular blues players piano players are: Oscar Peterson, Abdullah Ibrahim, Otis Spann, Dr. After a short time practicing the basics, you’ll be improvising your very first original blues. If you have tried playing jazz piano, and found it too hard, blues piano should be a much easier style to learn. On the piano, blues often has no vocals, and the music is much faster, and full of creative energy.

If you already play piano and have a good ear but don’t read music, then we can begin blues right away.
Each student is a unique individual, so the lessons are guided by each students interests and comfort level. Its constant swirl of textures can be imaginative, delicate, rambunctious, evocative, captivating, elegant, and playful.

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