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Everything is becoming wireless around us, from wireless phone chargers to wireless headphones and wireless lawn mowers.
The number one best seller in computer keyboard and mouse combos, the MK270 impressed its customers through a reliable wireless connection. The selling point of the Dell KM714 wireless mouse and keyboard combo is that the Unifying USB receiver allows users to connect not only the two gadgets, but up to four more devices. With a reliable and sturdy build, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 guarantees a flawless connection on a 15-foot radius. This keyboard and mouse combo requires an easy setup to get the devices ready for Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Ranking first in computer keyboards, Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550 is constituted of the K350 keyboard and M510 mouse. We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. A single nano-receiver is in charge of connecting both keyboard and mouse to the computer or laptop. Both devices are ergonomically optimized, with the mouse boasting rubber grips for a smooth control. This is extremely convenient because not only do you free up more space for working at your desk, you also only occupy a single port for two devices. The hot keys provide quick access to much needed tools, such as audio controls, calculator or zoom. Guaranteeing a 10 meter operation radius, the Logitech Wave Combo Mk550 boasts its battery life to last as much as two years for the mouse and three years for the keyboard.

Wireless keyboards and mice are nothing new under the Sun, but they’re getting better, faster and stronger with latest tech advancements. The mouse and keyboard combo boasts a slim, professional design that beautifully blends in with any office desktop. The Microsoft keyboard and mouse work easily connect to the laptop or computer with the same nano-receiver. With 12 hot keys for quick access, users need only touch a button to turn the volume up or down, to start browsing the web or access their email inbox.
This year, the market has been saturated with cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combos that exceeded most expectations and left customers wondering how much better they can still get.
Boasting 2 years of keyboard power and one year of mouse power, the MK270 is not only user friendly, but also environmentally friendly. Great for Windows 8, the Dell KM714 mouse sports a nifty wheel that can not only scroll up and down but also left and right for a smooth navigation through tiles.
The ergonomic build of the keyboard is paired with a splash resistant feature that keeps the device safe and prolongs its longevity.
Designed with user experience in mind, the MK270 has eight hot keys that allow you quick access to the web and keep videos and music controls at your fingertips at all times. The responsive chiclet keys are comfortable and precise, while the shortcut keys offer easy access to various functions for videos and audio files. The transceiver can be left in the USB port or it can easily be hidden in the bottom of the mouse for travelling.
It connects the keyboard and the mouse to the laptop or desktop, and also enables you to add more compatible devices to it, ridding you of the hassle of taking over multiple USBs.

The low profile keys are quiet and provide a comfy fit, while the mouse is ergonomic and ready to use right out of the box. Sleek, ergonomic and budget friendly, the KM714 is a great alternative for a clutter free desk.
The Logitech MK270 is so fast and powerful it eliminates delays and gets rid of any unwanted interference. Despite the fact that it’s slimmer than most models out there, the keyboard comprises all the standard buttons and a few quick access ones.
With the simple press of a button, you can switch between more intense shades like green, yellow or red to lighter ones like white or blue. With customers singing its praises and underlining the silent keys, comfortable fit and high quality materials, the Mk550 combo is perfect for office use since it frees up space on the desk.
A bonus point goes to the automatic sleep mode that kick in automatically, relieving the user of the hassle to remember turning everything off in order to preserve battery. It lets you know when it’s time to stock up on batteries through a red light that turns on whenever the battery runs low. At the same time, it’s also suitable for home use, providing reliability, multiple functions and one of the longest battery lives on the market.

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