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For parents, it can sometimes be hard to know when is the best time to start teaching your child about letters and how to go about it? I believe that Children need to be exposed to letters, through reading books with their parents, from birth. Children will be learning about letters long before you intentionally set up activities or expose them to any explicit or purposeful teaching of letters. You should know when your child is ready to start learning more about letters by them showing interest.
There are so many different "methods" and "programs" out there on the *best* way to teach Children the letters. Letters that have only one sound (eg M, F, S etc) can also be easier for your child to learn about.

Adding in knowledge about vowels (a, e, i, o, u) early on can be useful as well as you require these letters for word building. If you have any more Letter Learning posts that you would like to share with us, you're welcome to leave them in the comments.
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O Nico Rosberg remained undefeated this year, winning his third win in as many games, without having a substantial opponent. It's no wonder that often long before children start school they will start talking about, noticing and questioning about letters.

The entirety of their lives should be filled with books, words and text and learning about letters should be as much a part of everyday life as brushing your teeth.
Therefore, your job before this time is recognising their interests and readiness and providing FUN and ENGAGING ways for your child to learn more about letters. Some will pick it up very quickly with minimum exposure and others will need multiple exposures before they have consolidated the learning.

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