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In October 2012, Yamaha marked the beginning of the 125th anniversary year of the Company’s operations, founded under the leadership of Torakusu Yamaha in 1887.
At the Kakegawa piano factory, Yamaha combines traditional crafting skills with the latest technologies to manufacture the models in this new series.
Music wires made in Europe, which have distinctive sustained overtones, have been* used in the CX Series, thus giving these instruments a wide, natural resonance with rich overtones.
Yamaha developed and launched its first C Series grand piano model in 1967 with the goal of offering a professional-quality grand piano for both the home and studio. In 2010, Yamaha unveiled their new flagship model full-sized concert grand piano, the CFX, which was created using new design methods. The miniature piano sized just right for children features 25 piano keys with a range of two full octaves.

Yamaha also conducts continual research and development towards the goal of creating pianos that are not only mechanically perfect, but also superb, top-quality musical instruments. Yamaha has drawn on the technology developed for creating the CFX, introduced in 2010, and these models incorporate Yamaha’s expertise in piano craftsmanship.
Just as the sounds made by a great singer reverberate throughout his or her body, so do the rich resonances that are projected when the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the soundboard. The CX Series also features a superior grade of hammer felts, similar to those used in the CFX.
The C Series embodied the highest quality and also incorporated all of Yamaha’s piano building expertise acquired during the development of high-level concert grand pianos.
The bright, colorful design includes the names of the notes each key represents right above the keys which when used with the songbook and color coded key chart will have kids playing songs in no time. The C3X and higher models in the series are equipped with soundboards based on the soundboard technology of the CFX, and to project a richer resonance, the dimensions and the design of the back posts have also* been changed.
Added to this is an unparalleled ability for changing musical nuances, which gives the CX Series pianos their outstanding expressiveness.

They were created by combining the best of manufacturing technology together with the skills of experienced artisans.
That same year, the gold prize winner of the International Chopin Piano Competition and in 2011 the winner of the silver medal at the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition both performed on the CFX.
The dimensions of the back frame of the piano, where the entire tensile force of the piano comes together, have been made more than 20 percent thicker than in previous models. Though there have been model changes and offshoots of new models in the C Series, these pianos have been* some of the most popular instruments ever made for much of their 45-year history.
Whether they play drums, guitar, pianoor any music instrument, we have a unique music gift for them. The sleek, sophisticated external design of the CX Series was also influenced by the appearance of the CFX.

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