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The Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key is definitely where you are going to get the most bang for your buck.
A Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI, keyboard controller lets you send input information to a personal computer. Akai Professional released its first MPK MIDI keyboard controller series to positive reviews.
The Novation Impulse offers you a solid build as well as a number of external functions and pads. In many circles, Behringer is one of the best brands when it comes to music equipment that is affordable and durable.
The Arturia brand is famous for providing quality synths and other types of modern-day analog sounds.
Once you’ve connected a keyboard controller to your computer system, you’ll need to access its software location.
MIDI keyboard controllers are becoming more and more popular today, seeing that technology continues to improve and musicians everywhere are slowly beginning the migration process of switching to a digital setup. Fore more information on this aspect of shopping, we recommend reading Sweetwater’sA how to choose your MIDI controller article. Some say MIDI keyboards are one of the most important pieces of music production equipment when building a studio. The original MPK series of MIDI keyboards by Akai Professional took the market by storm and quickly became one of the favorites in terms of MIDIA music equipment. We love this keyboard by M-Audio because of it’s lower retail price for those on a budget.
Alesis has been making their way into the MIDI keyboard game more and more lately, especially with their Q and QX models of controllers. M-Audio makes an appearance again with a keyboard that is very budget friendly, but this has pads, some necessary faders, encoders and other assignable functionality.
This keyboard by Korg instruments is even more simpler than the M-AudioA controller we mentioned earlier in the article.
Although it does depend on the musician, try to steer away from keyboards that have numerous other assignable options, such as faders, knobs, buttons, thumb-sticks or pedal inputs…unless these pertain to you.
After sifting through the beginner keyboards in the market, we went with something around the middle-tier of including the essential MIDI controller functions, the stability and build of the keyboard, as well as the overall price in general. What makes this MIDI keyboard also perfect for those of us starting out is their nice little software bundle. Aside from Ableton Live, you’re also getting a nice little virtual instrument which provides sounds for the keyboard to play.
Although we were quite careful in our pick for the best beginner MIDI keyboard, we have some near-winners below which fall in different price ranges for you to take into consideration. A little lesser known among the top brands, this MIDI keyboard is a gem and very affordable at that. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on our latest reviews, guides, information and news! Hello, I’m a university student on a slight budget but am graduating in Music and am a competent jazz player.
Music equipment researchers: recording gear, headphones, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and various other music equipment addicts.
You can get it for only $99 dollars on Amazon right now, and it is an excellent MIDI with a lot of value for the price. In the music equipment industry, the model and brand quickly became a favorite among musicians. Because of its quality, this unit has a higher price tag than keyboard controllers made by other companies.
This keyboard controller for pro tools will give you access to the basics at a price that you can afford. With the U-Control UMX, you’ll receive a solid key build as well as several assignable controls. Because of the company’s experience in this sound area, Arturia’s keyboard controllers offer a slightly different option. Newer computers generally do this automatically, but if yours doesn’t, then you may need to install a drive from the keyboard or online to obtain software recognition. I know people who still abide by analog equipment for mixing and mastering, but still use their MIDI controller frequently for various functions in their studio. Whether it’s synth-action, semi-weighted, full-weighted or equipped with aftertouch, it all comes down to preference.
A lot of keyboards coming out nowadays include drum pads, typically within the 8-16 count range with 3-4 possible banks.
Such as knobs, faders, buttons, arpeggiators, mod and pitch bend wheels, or various other performance controls. Akai, Alesis, Arturia, Novation and Korg are quite popular, but there are also some lesser known brands who make high-quality MIDI controllers. Or if you want an alternative to MIDI, read our top 10 best digital pianosA or 10 best synthesizers article.
Novation music makes us scratch our heads in confusion withA how a controller of this caliber can have such a solid build, include pads and other external functions at almost half the price of it’s competitors. Stated to be one of the best 25 key MIDI keyboards in our opinion previously, the Oxygen’s keys are very nice quality, being full-sized, velocity-sensitive and synth-action.
It’s a step down from our all-time best Impulse previously spoken about, so we recommend going with this if you want to save a hundred dollars or so.
In our opinion they’re one of the top 5 best brands when it comes to affordable gear. To our avail, a lot of the popular brands offer simple, more basic solutions for beginners or those who don’t want any of the fancy additional functions or software.

Some with digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live Lite, others with virtual instruments and effects plug-ins…but do you really need these? Fortunately today, it has become so big that most programs map with controllers flawlessly. If you’re looking for a controller with only pads, check out our best MIDI pad controller article.
I remember when I first bought my first MIDI keyboard I was a bit daunted by all of the extra features and pretty much only used the pads and keys for a good year or two. You can technically not even touch your mouse with the Oxygen — you just have to read some of the manual to learn how to do so. If you haven’t chosen a software to start learning to make your music yet, it comes with Ableton Live Lite (one of the most popular digital audio workstations out there!).
You can download some free sounds around the internet, but for starting, their inclusion of SONiVOX Twist gives you some nice synth sounds to play with out of the box. If you dont necessarily need drum pads on the controller, this is one to look at as it doesn’t have many additional features and gives you just the eseentials. Offering only keys (albeit a rather nice key-bed for the price), you get the essentials for under $100.A The keys are velocity sensitive as well, plug-and-play via USB, and it also includes a nice little touch with pitch and modulation wheels (assignable to warp sounds). What’s better about this keyboard is the inclusion of drum pads, a thumb-stick and a few encoders in case you need these functions (or you may end up learning how to use them down the road, so keep in mind!).
It also comes with 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons, not to mention a pitch and modulation wheel as well.
I’m looking for a semi-weighted 88 key midi controller to use with mainstage in logic for authentic piano, organ and synth sounds.
We like to review, guide, and provide new information to our fellow music equipment junkies. An MIDI device is a hardware item that you can use to manage your virtual instruments and arrange your music.
According to reviews, the Novation Impulse’s build, budget ratio and keypad are near perfect. The keyboard controller features 100 virtual instrument sounds in addition to 50 different VST effects. The company offers a unique 37-key model, and it is convenient to own since it’s lightweight. When considering keyboard controllers for pro tools, make sure that the unit’s software is operational with your computer’s operating system. Most of these come in different key counts, provide various additional functions as well as includeA pads and some decent software bundles. You’ve got 16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads, semi-weighted full-sized keys with aftertouch. The drum pads are a bit smaller than the Akai or Oxygen (which bugged us at first but we ultimately were able to get used to it), but it does have assignable faders and buttons (no knobs), as well as pitch bend and mod wheels. The U-Control UMX is rather unique, featuring a solid build of keys and a few assignable controls.
Not to mention the very nice key make, which are semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive and have aftertouch.
MIDI keyboard controllers are becoming more of the norm as time goes on, especially with the continuing rise of digital setups, whether it’s for the home, semi-pro or professional studio. Although, we list a few that have some extra features that still come in an affordable price as well. This is again where personal preference comes in — how big of a keyboard player are you?
M-Audio equipment is one of our favorite MIDI controller creators and their Oxygen model is in our opinion a great middle-ground to start if you are a MIDI beginner.
Otherwise, you’re still able to traditionally assign sounds to your keyboard through your software. We love the software bundle of the Oyxgen — just enough without sacrificing too much of the price of the controller. Feel free to check out the other versions if you want to save some money or think 49 may be too overboard.
Just keep in mind that it’s only 25 keys and they are mini (smaller than normal sized keyboards). It also comes with a nice virtual instrument called Eighty-Eight by SONiVOX, which has some nice piano sounds. If you invest in the new version, you’ll receive elements like semi-weighted full-sized keys that include Aftertouch along with 16 Red, Green and Blue, or RGB, backlit velocity-sensitive pads.
The device’s key make is solid while the synth action is slightly more bouncy than semi and full-weighted models. Velocity-sensitive keys and access to an audio interface increase the usability of the equipment item since the features provide external volume control. The key make is solid for the price and is synth-action (a bit more springy than semi and full-weighted, which I like) and comes with a nice orchestra-type of VST in the SONiVOX Eighty-Eight Ensemble.
Overall build and stability are great as expected from Novation (not as good as Akai but still solid) and it comes with Novation V-Station and Bass Station VST (PC and Mac), as well as their Novation apps for the iPad, so it’s a huge plus if you use iOS for music (seems to be getting more popular lately).
It is USB powered so you don’t have to hassle with an adapter and you also get an octave shift and key transpose button, alongside the nifty pitch bend and mod wheels. The keys are synth-action and have aftertouch and you’re able to create your own velocity curves if you want to get fancy.
As we saw in our top 10 MIDI keyboard controllers article, there are numerous models and brands out there that offer very nice makes of keyboards. We try to find the perfect middle ground of a keyboard without fancy stuff yet still provide a solid key-bed or pad-make at an affordable price. If that’s a concern for you, we give you a few options of keyboards that provide this.

They are nice not only for recording a more ‘natural sounding’ drum beat but also to play around with and jam!
The 8 knobs included can be assigned for mixing, particuarly certain effects for manipulation.
If you plan on becoming accustomed to some of the more additional features and think you may need it, we recommend grabbing this as a long-term investment. By purchasing the Impulse, you’ll receive Ableton Live Lite and two solid Visual Studio Team Systems. It also come with a good orchestra-type virtual studio technology, or VST, feature, which is in the SoniVox Eighty-Eight Ensemble. If you need some sounds to go with your controller, remember to check out our top 10 best VST plug-insA post.
You have a lot of options in terms of key-count and price, ranging from a mini 25-key to a full on 61 key. It’s also got the standard assignable buttons and knobs but unfortunatelyA no faders. Grab it if you don’t care about software and can sacrifice a little build for a cheaper price but still want pads that will get the job done. It comes with 100 virtual instrument sounds and 50 different VST effects, although some of these are just a bit preset-sounding in our opinion. Lastly, a huge hit with this keyboard is the inclusion of Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR.
Many keyboardersA will not go under 49-keys because they’re efficient in playing and need to use both hands.
You could assign a reverb effect to one knob and turn it up and down as you please for a particular track, etc. You first have the 25-keys (they are mini) and are synth-action as well, but it also comes with a thumbstick which allows you to do some pitch and modulation controls. However, the 25-key version is a good choice if you need one that’s smaller and more affordable.
The keyboard controller’s downsides include its limited software bundle and its lack of faders and knobs. If you need stunning synth sounds to create your best music, consider investing in this keyboard controller. A major benefit of this keyboard controller is the addition of Pro Tools Express as well as Ignite by Air. Be sure to evaluate your needs to determine whether your creative method requires faders, knobs and buttons.
A bit more expensive than the Novation keyboard but if you’re looking for a better software bundle, an arpeggiator and an overall better build, grab an MPK2. Just an overall solid keyboard and we recommend you grab this if you want to keep it simple and cheap.
The keys are relatively nicer, not as good as the Akai or Novation but they still do the trick (you get what you pay for). Doesn’t come with any price-adjusting software bundle either, besides the free download of theirA KORG KONTROL Editor. I’ve also heard of some saying 61 is the only way to go as it gives them an even bigger range for playing. However, most musicians only use these extra options during live performances, so if you need an affordable device for creative purposes, then this is the one for you.
If you already have your digital audio workstation in place, then you may not need the many options that this keyboard provides.
With the right device, you’ll have control over the major elements of modern music’s hardware and software. However, you get a slightly less better build and a bitA lower-quality of a software bundle and no faders. An 88-key MIDI keyboard is rather rare, but it’s an option and some even swear by this because it is the default count for a piano. Not to metion the pretty hefty software it comes with.You can read our fullA review of the Akai MPK Mini MkIIA for more info. With the KeyLab, you’ll receive assignable features like 10 encoders, 10 switches and nine sliders. However, if you’re considering changing over to Pro Tools, then Axiom AIR will help you get started. It also comes with it’s own audio interface for some external control of the volume and other functions.
Grab this if you want a convenient keyboard that doesn’t take up half of your entire desk, or if you travel with your gear a lot.
On the other hand, a 25-key keyboard is difficult to use both hands with, but if you want a smaller solution and can get away with it they are ideal for those looking to save money. In addition, Arturia’s keys come with Aftertouch and are semi-weighted as well as velocity-sensitive.
If you buy the Korg model, be sure to download the company’s Korg Kontrol Editor for additional options.
The unit also includes a few pads, so with the KeyLab, you’ll receive many of the industry’s technological advancements.
Check out their new V-model as well if you need an even cheaper option (no pads with them, however).

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