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Serves as a news magazine with everything that is been shared all over the web, right from the breaking news to the stories on world sports, events and many. This is a completely new fighting action-packed game developed by Chair Entertainment Group. You no longer need a paper and pen to play Tic Tac Toe game, now you can play this on your iOS device using the app Tic Tac Toe ?. Halfbrick Studios, the creator of the well-known game called Fruit Ninja has released another exciting and thrilling action game, Jetpack Joyride. This is a funny game, which is all about stacking your empty cone into the sky by catching as many ice cream scoops as possible. Easy to use app which helps you in managing and recording your vehicle expenses and mileage for your business as well as personal use. Check your tax returns status after you have filed them and instantaneously obtain the estimate of when you can expect the refund. Access audiobooks and digital books anywhere from your college, public, and school library with this app! This is the most popular weight loss app which has been designed to track points; For every meal or food, specific points value is assigned and the main objective is to be within your points quota for the day. Medical Encyclopedia serves as a medical reference which has over 50,000 pages and readers friendly information in Spanish and English languages. It is a timekeeping app which lets the musicians to mark the time just by giving a click sound at a preferred rate.
This is a lovely piano app which has dual row, navigation bar, sustain pedal, original piano sound, flexible reverb, note labels, flexible metronome, glissando, theme colors, learn sheet music, chord support, and many more!
Try this free Guitar app with original fretting and strumming, and it helps you in learning songs on it!
For advanced users there is the normal keyboard in which you can adjust to fit more or less keys and shift them.
AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. DISCLAIMER: Virtual Piano is the property and trademark from droidmaher, all rights reserved by droidmaher. Not only sending messages, it also allows you to transfer files like photos, audio notes, videos for absolutely free! Apply several wonderful filtered effects to your images and share them with your family members and friends, and keep track of your friend’s images!
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Though the gameplay is same like that of traditional angry birds, Angry Birds Seasons has come with 15 new, exciting seasonal levels and five seasonal themes.
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You can add these to your notes, emails, text messages and nearly anywhere you can compose text, and make your messages more joyful!
Its medically reviewed info has been divided into various categories tests, nutrition, symptoms, diseases, etc to make your searching as easy as possible.
To help such people, Stroika had developed Phobias which serves as a visual encyclopedia of phobias. It serves as a virtual piano by which you can learn and play piano anytime and anywhere on the go!
Get the perfect, and comprehensive maps with the built in street view, Google local search, and many more! Speedometer iOS app is an easy to use app which can indicate your present speed, average speed and the highest speed. In addition there are mini Contest challenges to play songs and earn points & achievements. Whether you’re a novice or advanced pianist, Perfect Piano is the ultimate app for learning to play or simply playing the piano on a mobile device.
Here you can see more information to compare costs and also read the customer reviews before you buy.
Not only these, you can even have a group chat, send smileys, emoji emoticons, images and voice messages, add your location and many more!
Just capture a photograph of any book’s front page, then this app instantly finds the book for you.
You just have to answer no or yes to the query “Is there any number match your age?” Then the app displays your accurate age on your screen based on a math trick. All along your way, you encounter several coins and unique power ups which give you special abilities when collected.

It features new obstacles, new graphics, more power ups, bigger monkey, and beautiful new environments. Maintain your zombie nature disguised as you develop a career, purchase a home, get trendy and live your life to the fullest. It provides you with the information of the operational costs of your vehicle and also helps you to keep tabs on the fuel efficiency.
MyFitnessPal is an amazing diet tracking app which presents you more than 2 million food databases, including fast foods and exercises topics. This app serves as a hearing loss screening test with the help of which you can test your hearing ability. With its extraordinary sound effects, it is the best app to learn piano basics or to just have fun.
Brought to us by the developers of one of the best multi-instrument apps, Walk Band, Perfect Piano is loaded with features like several keyboard types, various learn-to-play solutions, multi-player modes, and much more. You can change the keyboard type from traditional Single Mode to Dual Row Mode, Two Player Mode, and Chords Mode.
It’s loaded with features to teach you in various ways, has plenty of songs to download and learn from plus it has a couple recording modes along with support for external MIDI keyboards. This is free app for android, you can read the detail and review about app and download it also by the link bellow. Avoid vegetables and stack the scoops of similar colors together for gaining additional points. The interesting feature about this app is you can know the nutritional contents of your own food recipes through Recipe Calculator feature.
You need to enter the displayed number accurately, thats all, you get your result after you complete a test! You can access to lot of info like on what causes the phobia, how does that affect the sufferers and possible treatments. The amazing graphics of this game make you feel like you are really riding in a waterslide! Play the missions from the full game, meet your uncle and help him in his exploration to hold on the control of Liberty City’s Triad gangs. Recordings can easily be played back- chords are interactively replayed back when recording in MIDI format. What makes this game much challenging and interesting is within a certain time limit, you have to answer the questions in a set, and for every wrong answer loses you more time. There is an AutoPlay Mode which features Practice Mode for playing real-time with the ability to pause, Watch and Listen, and Pause Mode which pauses at every note until you play them.
The keyboard consists of Acoustic, Bright, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth, plus more that can be downloaded from Google Play as separate plugins. The Learning Mode features Music Sheet shows a traditional sheet of music to play, Note Falling & Recital Falling modes are similar to Guitar Hero games.

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