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I love League of Legends and nothing infuriates me more when I die due to an equipment error. But before we get into that, let’s talk about some things you should consider before making a buying decision. I am not trying to deter you from getting wireless mouses and keyboards, but you do have to factor in these situations I mentioned above. Mechanical Keyboards – If you own a PC, mechanical keyboard should be your preferred choice for gaming in general, not just only League of Legends.
Having tried various mouses playing League, you will be surprised that I chose this as my preferred mouse as a right hander. If you want something cool looking and does its job well, then you will want to get the Redragon M601 mouse. Now for those that don’t want no fancy lighting and would like the basic functions of the mechanical keyboard, then the Logitech G710+ version will fit your needs. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
League of Legends Tournament has already attracted thousands of registered contestants, of many whom are hidden elite players with high rankings, are all participating the Taiwan national competitions from Taipei, Taichung, to Kaohsiung. Thermaltake is a well known brand for gaming & DIY in Case, Cooler, and PSU for years. This the most recommended and best League of Legends keyboard of 2016 used by pro League of Legends players from the North American League (NA LCS). This was by far the most popular and best League of Legends keyboard use among the pro gamer LCS teams (used by the 1st and 4th place teams in the spring playoffs); Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Team Liquid (TL). The Logitech G710+ came in close second in popularity for best League of Legends keyboard among the LCS teams of reported keyboards. This is a list of the most recommended and best league of legends keyboards of 2015 used by pro league of legends players from the North American league (NA LCS).
This was by far the most popular pro keyboard among the LCS teams, used by more than 40% of reported keyboards.
The Logitech G710+ came in close second in popularity for pro keyboards among the LCS teams, used by nearly 27% of reported keyboards. The Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro  is another well built mechanical keyboard  used by the LCS teams. Tagged  C9, CLG, Curse, EG, League of Legends Keyboards, LoL Keyboards, Most Popular LoL Keyboards, TSM. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Sheet Music Return Policy If you are not satisfied with this item for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Latest Best Projector for Gaming - Complete Guide Top 5 Best Short Throw Projectors Best Star Projector - Honest Review Top 5 Best Outdoor Projectors Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money - Pick the Best for Yourself! If you want to be considered a serious gamer you should definitely go with a mechanical keyboard. Blue switches – They are very clicky and noisy, but they will feel very satisfying when typing. Brown switches – They are like blue switches but without the noisy click, they are often considered good for league of legends.
Black switches – They have no tactile feedback, unless it is pressed all the way down. This is one of the most popular gaming keyboards out there, as you could see from the table above, it’s used by various very well known pro league of legends players. It has Cherry MX Brown switches that are quiet and can be used for playing League of Legends at night.
It features 6 macro keys, that can be programmed – can prove very useful in certain situations! A game mode key that disables the windows button, so you do not accidentally minimize the game. Logitech is a prominent player when it comes to gaming peripherals, and the G19s keyboard only reinforces that notion. The Logitech G19s is a heavily customizable gaming keyboard, with the stand out feature obviously being an LCD panel at the top of the keyboard. One look at this gaming keyboard, and it's easy to see that this keyboard was developed with gamers in mind.
With out a dout, one of the most notable features of this gaming keyboard is the built in LCD display. This keyboard offers plenty of customization features, as well as a wealth of functionality options via macros for the mad gamer to play around with.
It might not be a bad idea to move some of your hotkeys like 7, 8, 9, and 0, to `, Capslock, z, y, and q. What I do is that I rebind 8, 9 and 0 to the two extra buttons o my mouse and the middlemouse button.
My control groups are 1 2 3 4 5 6 F2 F3 F4 ~, that way my hands don't have to move overand my base camera is space so i can inject with it. I have question related to this.For those who have keyboards with G# keys (those to the left of capslock). Hey guys, I'm a Terran player and I have been messing around with my hand positioning.
Great diagram, i think this is definitely something that needs to be explored more if sc2 is to become a more legitamized sport. I just use grid and have pinky on the control, index on t or 6 (CC) and thumb I use only for spacebar. What’s more, on the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate and the Razer Anansi gaming keyboards you can customize the specific backlighting color to your personal preference.
Serious gamers know the value of macros – simplifying long, complex sequences of commands in-game to the touch of a single keystroke. Some Razer keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate are designed with additional macro keys along the left that are easily programmable and within quick reach.
Get that spark of genius in the midst of combat for a new macro but don’t have the time to alt-tab to set it up? The Razer Switchblade User Interface on the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your games.
The Multi-touch LCD Track-panel functions as a highly sensitive trackpad or can present secondary information like mini-maps, inventory loadouts, stats, and much more, right from the games you’re playing. Razer works closely with game developers to continually develop new custom Switchblade UI layouts specific to their games and software.
With full gesture support, navigating not just your games but your entire computer is as easy as a pinch and flick of fingers. Configure all your Razer keyboard settings on Razer Synapse 2.0 and have it saved automatically to the cloud. The Razer Anansi keyboard features a specific innovation for total control in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games. Nothing feels more exciting than watching as your character dodges out of the way of enemy fire as soon as your finger hits the strafe key. All Razer keyboards feature Hyperesponse technology meaning that as soon as you hit a key, it’ll be executed as a command on-screen. Mechanical keyboards have keys that deliver a distinctive tactile feedback to your fingertips in the form of pronounced taps.
Gamers enjoy this kind of keyboard because it gives them a feeling of assurance that their commands are being executed exactly.
Membrane keyboards use an infrastructure in which all the keys sit on a membrane web beneath the board.
If you press all your fingers down on a piano, what you’d get is 10 keys ringing out at once.
All Razer keyboards come with some form of anti-ghosting, whether it is a simple matrix cluster of keys, up to 10 key rollover, or best of all, full anti-ghosting. Strip away all distractions and focus fully on the game, when you can disable the Windows key. Razer keyboards make it incredibly simple to press play, pause, fast forward, rewind on your favorite movies and music.
We’ve put ergonomic scientists to work finding out the different ways our hands curve over the keys, and how far our fingers would naturally extend from their original resting positions.

Almost all Razer keyboards* are designed with a palm rest, so your wrists are supported as you WASD your way to victory, or stay up all night typing out that comprehensive ninety page strategy plan for your clan’s next tournament. The Razer Orbweaver mechanical gaming keypad features rest modules that mold to the shape of your hand, thumb, and palm. This includes my wireless mouse dying and I am in the middle of a team fight or pressing a non responsive keyboard when trying to cast an ability. The biggest perk of this keyboard is the programmable G-keys, which you can use to assign specific things like placing wards with those keys. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Also, Tt eSPORTS is proudly joining in alliance with Garena for the first time, introducing League of Legends Tournament. Geared by Tt eSPORTS’ professional-grade gaming products, these contestants will sure experience unforgettable gaming memories. Due to the constant requests for keyboards and mice from gamers and end users, Thermaltake decided to create a series of gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets with the Tt eSPORTS brand. This keyboard's got macrobuttons for frequent commands and the designed with the Wings of Liberty art we've seen on their mousepads. It's made to improve the performance of a player, and it's layout is designed for faster reactions. These pro keyboards have been used by the top teams in the NA LCS including the champions CLG, TSM, and Immortals and can greatly increase your play especially if switching from a rubber-dome or membrane keyboard. Counter Logic Gaming recently placed 2nd in the world at Riot’s Mid-Season Invitational.
This feature is essential for gaming since it means that when you press a key it is not lost.
Oh, and one of the best mechanical keyboards to boot, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Although not the most popular this takes third place in our list for the best League of Legends keyboards.
Although not as popular as the three above, these are the high quality keyboards that you expect to see in a competitive match. These pro keyboards have been used by the top teams in the NA LCS including TSM, CLG, and Dignitas and can greatly increase your play especially if switching from a rubber-dome or membrane keyboard. Certainly, this speaks to the excellence of the Razer Blackwidow, checkout the reviews of the most popular keyboard for league of legends. It’s one of the most popular online games, so obviously some keyboards have been designed with LoL in mind.
They have switches under the keys to determine when the player has clicked the key and then sends the signal to the computer. If they have made it in competetive league, and most probably have summoner ranking, then these keywords must be good, right?
All that boring stuff is done now, let’s get right on and pick a f****** keyboard (sorry for the language). It’s the most expensive keyboard on this list and I think that that should speak a bit for itself. It all comes down to personal preference, but this keyboard might just be the best keyboard for league of legends. It is definitely a top of the line offering from Logitech, packing in all the functionalities and goodies that a gamer might need, and even a little more. Logitech calls this screen the GamePanel, and it allows gamers to monitor and track their in-game information like CPU and GPU performance, or even chat with their team-mates without taking up any of the precious screen real estate. Instead of the usual drab of conventional keyboard buttons, the Logitech G19S has extra keys and functions packed into almost every inch of the available space.
The built-in display is a nifty feature, but it remains to be seen as to how useful it really is. I rest my index finger on 5 (rax), my middle finger on 3 (2-3-4 for army) and ring finger on 1 (CC's). Today I found out my keyboard has a Switch Lock function which allows me to swap the Caps Lock and Ctrl.
This way, you never have to mess up any key binds on the keyboard itself, and be assured you have all the commands you need close at hand. No sweat, Razer keyboards come with on-the-fly macro recording so all you have to do is press the Record button, execute your desired sequence of actions and keystrokes once, and then press the Record button again to save. With its crisp clear smartphone quality display, you’ll enjoy seeing more of your game on your Razer keyboard. Get stuck on a level, watch a walkthrough on YouTube, or even browse the Internet for tips, without ever having to Alt-Tab out of the game. Its 7 thumb modifier keys expand the number of possible skills in your hotbar for more ways to devastate the competition. Razer keyboards are designed to respond to every touch accurately and instantly to keep you on top of the game.
We take the processing workload for keyboard inputs away from the computer, so there is zero lag in game response time.
Each key also requires less force to actuate (45 – 50g) for blazing fast in-game responsiveness.
Gamers enjoy this kind of keyboard because of its slim keycaps that allow fingers to travel quicker across the keys, and each key press responds with a soft, cushioned touch. With this information, we then optimized keycap height and space exactly for optimal actuations. Your fingers are always in the perfect position to hit all the keys, without feeling a single ounce of strain, whether in the first or tenth hour of gaming.
I have compiled a list of the best gaming mouses and keyboards recommended by my experience and also veteran players. The rubber side grips will reduce the sweat stains you will get after using it for a long period of time. I played a couple of times using his keyboard and I feel the difference between his and my HP ENVY laptop keyboard.
This activity was a huge success and an awesome experience, educating the proper methods in installing and assembling computing parts, and professional e-Sports techniques.
Starting March 17th, contestants can register online for this tournament, and the event will last for two months until the finals hosted at 2012 COMPUTEX Taipei computer exhibition.
By using Tt eSPORTS, we want to extend our product lines into the gaming industry, and provide more ''personalized gaming'' gears to gamers and enthusiasts worldwide.
Certainly, this speaks to the excellence of the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, checkout the reviews of the most popular keyboard for League of Legends. Take a look at the impressive roster of well known pro players from around the world that use this keyboard to win major competitions. In the spring LCS playoffs in NA, TSM and Immortals took home 2nd and 3rd place respectively using these keyboards.
All of these League of Legends keyboards have the highest ratings and can be expected to perform as well if not better than the most popular keyboards.
This is another quality keyboard, checkout the review below by SaintVicious, the coach of Team Curse. All of these league of legends keyboards have the highest ratings and can be expected to perform as well if not better than the most popular keyboards.
Fancy keyboards with shiny back lighting might seem a tempting purchase, but the truth is that they are made that way only to lure dumb customers, who think that they are ultra pro gamers. If you have never used a mechanical keyboard, playing League of Legends on it will feel very different. If you are a fan of visual effects that I previously criticized, then don’t worry, they look amazing on this keyboard and it’s added to lure you, but who cares? On the right side of the keyboard there is a roller knob for volume adjustment and media control keys. I think they should of called it the Computer Stats Screen, because that's basically all it is.
Next things I want to improve are army control and multitasking (I'm capable of losing 70 supply lead regularly). I personally like having a many of my hotkeys on the left side of the keyboard, because it increases accuracy when I don't really have to lift my hand too much. First of all thats very slow because you have to press 2 different keys with the same finger..

I'm thinking of trying this out as I think it will allow me to position my hand higher up on the keyboard allowing for better reach to F1 to F4 and also to 7 and 8.
Just look at any other sport, there are only a couple ways to hold a racket, hold a football, any other way is simply wrong. I also have a number of numeric hotkeys on the extra mouse buttons but I don't use them much because the mouse (Razer Copperhead) is designed such I find pressing the buttons completely impossible.
The ten keys let you program hotkeys, macros and specific in-game commands for more control at your fingertips. For instance, if you were to run diagonally and melee an opponent (pressing W, A, and F together), non-gaming keyboards may not be able to carry out those actions as a result of hardware limitation. The best part is, it is all adjustable to suit the different hand sizes and shapes of every gamer out there. That means that response times will be faster, which is always an advantage, no matter how small it is. It is plain and simple, plus, there is no fancy functions that will get in the way of you dominating on the rift. This mouse is also very responsive and I personally feel it is a tad more responsive when I was playing at my buddies place.
The perks of the mechanical keyboard that each key has its own switch and is not bound to other keys. Tt eSPORTS is offering more than NTD$250,000 cash prize and gaming products as gifts for winners to take home, and it is all happening at 2012 COMPUTEX Taipei computer exhibition!
With years of experience in gaming industry, Tt eSPORTS is committed to bring the most personalized and the highest quality weapons for the most competitive cyber battles. This is another high quality keyboard that the highest level pros use to win championships, checkout the review below by SaintVicious, the coach of Team Curse. This is a high quality mechanical keyboard that features Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches. The second option is the  “Razor Orange” switch which have a tactile feel like Cherry MX Brown. It’s known to be a spectacular keyboard and when you have the money for it, why the hell not? The 12 programmable macro keys take up the entire left end of the keyboard for maximum playability and access. This keyboard also has provisions to help you switch between a gaming and a non gaming mode. I guess it is a little handy though, after all it does feed you a steady stream of information like some gaming stats and your system's data. I keep rax on 5, facts on 6 and starports on 7 so for production I run from my default position on index finger to the following two keys the right.
Customizable iconography on all the keys ensure you know what keys you’re pressing at all times. No problem, download all your saved settings onto the new device, so you’re ready for battle instantaneously. The downside of a wire mouse is that there will be wires hanging, making it not as suitable for traveling and also taking up more space. All you need is your left click for choosing things, right click for orb walking, kiting and targeting enemy champions.
It comes with a user manual plus a durable smooth TEFLON feet and contoured body for ultimate gaming control. That means if something from your regular keyboard is broken, it will affect the other buttons. The keys feel good and the keystrokes are quiet, so no key sounds even when you play at night.  The lighting makes sure you never lose your finger placement. It feels as if you completely understood your keyboard and exactly know how it’s going to react to your click. Each key can be programmed with up to 3 macro functions, swappable by the push of a button.
While in the gaming mode, the keyboard disables the windows switch so that no accidental keystrokes can push you out of your games. I mispress keys frequently (build armory instead of starport, TWICE in a row) and sometimes have to look at keyboard to find out where my fingers are. Plus, they also have a few options besides the classic, and that includes a left-handed edition for the rare left handies. I think their side looks better than the Razer Chroma mouse, but whether it is beats it in terms of comfort for long gaming sessions is up for debate.
Plus, it is also very responsive and when I press Q to cast a skill, its response time seems to be better.
It was in June 2011 COMPUTEX exhibition and fans and visitors went to witness the pride and glory from the super star players.
It will be a must-watch highlight of the tournament, and guarantee the climax will be peaked constantly throughout the event! That sentence was a bit poetical and silly but seriously, if you want to be good at League of Legends, get a mechanical keyboard. This Logitech G19S gaming keyboard also offers 6 -key anti-ghosting and six key rollover to handle multiple keystrokes registering at once. The display has a built in adjustable hinge so you can set it to any angle needed, suiting it to your seating positions and style of play. I personally use my middle finger for 1 and my ring finger for a although I prefer to have my army on 2, because my hotkeys are based in the middle of the keyboard and 1 is further away from my normal handposition.Overall I like your hand positioning, except that you use your pinky so much.
Not a particularly fancy answer, no tricks involved, but it works You'll make adjustments as you practice. Getting a new keyboard with much smaller and closely-crammed keys was big and it works for me great since I have long skeleton fingers. If your hands are huge, you might want to get the M602 version, which is slightly bigger than the M601. When I do finally decide to get a PC instead of a laptop, this will be the keyboard I am getting! Nasus E + Q combo while putting down a pink ward against Akali or Rengar becomes a lot easier to execute. This might sound like less then other gaming keyboards, but has definitely addressed the ghosting issue.
Another issue with the screen is that it needs a separate power source, along with the standard USB fare. In my opinion it is faster to use the ring finger for everything you use your pinky for except ctrl and shift.
Depending on what race you play, you'll notice that specific keystroke sequences happen more often than others. If you are looking for a cool mouse that glows and is comfortable for extended 6 hour ranked sessions, the Razer DeathAdder mouse is great!
Backlighting color presets can also be assigned to each mode so you can know with a glance which mode your keyboard is in.
I have used this for many years, unlike some of the expensive models I bought before that already broke after 11 months of use. If you are into premium gaming gear, then the GAMDIAS GKB2010 mechanical keyboard has all the features you are looking for. There are many different pro players who have weird habits like HuK using his thumb to press ctrl.From watching tons videos of progamers playing I liked the way SaSe uses his keyboard the most.
I want to discuss here the best hand positioning possible for standard hotkey setup (only camera hotkeys remapped), i.e. I use his controlgroup setup and I really like it, because in my opinion it uses the full potential of the left hand and you don't have to make weird hand movements using this setup.
My normal position while playing is having my index on 5 and my middle finger on 3, so I can keep switching between 5 and 3 very easy and fast to constantly produce workers and to not miss any warpin round. I watched a lot of replays and checked the controlgroups of many different progamers and I found these to be the best.

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