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Keyboard cover is the best way to protect mac-book pro keyboard, Keyboard covers protect your Mac Book from dust,dirt and scratches. One important point is that do should not scrub or crumple it, permanent wrinkles will be appear in that case.
Kuzy’s Black Keyboard is a pretty good option if you’re looking for a nice and durable keyboard protector for your Mac Pro 13,15 or 17.
Most of the Keyboard covers around us, have some issues: Either they won’t give you full protection from dust or probably will wear out your keys. One slight issue you may notice is that after applying, light on the keys (back lit) will dim a little bit, but that is not kind of big deal. It is another good key board protect tor for your mac book pro, Although for non-retina displays only. Silicon rubber makes more friction with plastic keys, so as the time will pass by, you may be feel your timing is a little slow now. Beside being a good cover for Mac book pro, it is also very good if you’re a Serato’s Scratch live user. One issue that we often experience is that a Keyboard skin doesn’t help up its own tend tends to slip very often. Another good reason to have it, especially if you’re a Photoshop pro, is the very large amount of Photoshop Shortcuts on it. Other than this, it has large-size letter on it, which can definitely help you .if you have low vision. Its main con is that if you’re typing a letter which is on the darker color-side, you will have difficulty to do so in dark. Taking more about its conformable feel, its silicon-made skin is very fit flexible and durable. Security software to protect any combination of up to 3 PC, Mac and Mobile Devices (Android tablets and smartphones, iOS and Windows Phones). This resolution yields bold color and is great for Web browsing, light reading and studying, and casual gaming. Connect the tablet into the included keyboard dock for use as a touch-screen PC, then unplug it to enjoy and share movies, games and apps from anywhere.
Summary: The HP Spectre XT Pro is one of the best 13 inch ultrabooks you could buy right now and has plenty of strong-points on its side, but the few noticeable quirks, including the average screen and battery life, plus the rather hefty price tag, only make it one of the few to consider, and not the one you must buy no matter what. In the meantime, HP also developed another machine, built on top of that Envy, called the HP Spectre XT PRO, which targets exactly those corporate and enterprise buyers. PRO or No-PRO, is the HP Spectre XT good enough to stand out in this more and more competitive segment of 13 inch ultrabooks? The clip will of course tell you the main things you should know about the HP Spectre XT PRO, but for the goodies, you’ll have to dig deeper.
The Spectre XT combines the aluminum you get on the hood with some soft rubbery plastic for the sides and the underbelly, which feels good to touch, provides grip and won’t scratch easily. So the only thing missing is VGA output, but HP will offer an HDMI to VGA adapter with this laptop, although i believe you’ll have to pay extra for it. Opening the lid, you’ll notice a nice looking interior, also covered in aluminum, with the keyboard and trackpad slightly deepened into the chassis. All in all, the HP Spectre XT Pro looks good and feels solid, although the screen is a bit wobbly and the plastic grill beneath it feels a bit cheap.
The screen however is not as good as you’d expect from a modern laptop, especially one meant for enterprise environments. The first is actually quite good, with a proper layout, well spaced keys and good overall tactile feedback. Oh, and some, me included, might not appreciate the reversed Function keys, but I think I could get used to those. Ok, it’s now time to tell you a couple of things about how this laptop deals with the everyday tasks. Long story short though, the Spectre XT feels pretty much as any of the other top ultrabooks in this class right now. When watching some HD movies, editing some photos or performing some other tasks that will require a bit of extra power, the fans will kick on and you’ll hear them when using the laptop in a completely silent room. Of course, the sound is usually going to be covered by the overall good speakers on this unit. I should also mention the HD webcam on top of the laptop, which performs alright as long as there’s some light in the room, otherwise the provided images are going to be grainy.

Now, before talking about the battery life and prices, I should remind you that this is a business designed laptop, which means that the Specte XT Pro comes with Windows 7 Professional by default.
The home-user version of the Spectre XT starts at $999, ditching the business targeted features. Luckily, some online stores do offer significant price cuts on the Spectre XT 13 and the Spectre XT PRO, so if you’re looking to save some money on these laptops, you should definitely check out our other post here.
If HP would have bundled a better screen on this machine, the Spectre XT could have easily been the best 13 inch ultrabook on the market, cause except for that, there’s little you could say wrong about it. The laptop is beautiful and feels sturdy, the keyboard and trackpad are among the best in the class, it’s as fast as most of the other good machines in this segment, offers good speakers and modern wireless connectivity. With the average screen and the rather short battery life though, combined with a pretty hefty price tag, the HP Spectre XT fails to score all As, but still remains on of the top 13 inch ultra-portables you could find out there. However, I for one am still waiting to hear more about the Elitebook Folio we saw back in May, that looked like a true business ultrabook, packing the specs, the construction, the screen and the accessories needed in this environment.
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On a first look, Chromebooks are a breed of laptops designed to be easy and safe to use, compact and affordable. Brand New: An item that has never been opened or removed from the manufacturera€™s sealing (if applicable).
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Please Enter Your Name And Email And I will notify you, when the site will be ready…. It can save your Mac book pro’s keys from dust, oily stains, spill and other things like that.
It is extremely easy to wash and reuse – just apply some detergent on a cloth and rub It in this protector and wow! Its only the price which is higher, but if you can afford to buy a Mac book pro, you can definitely spend some money to buy this. Even if you have a Macbook Air 13? or iMac Wireless Keyboard, it can be fully fit in those keyboards.
Even if those things don’t happen, a typical Keyboard cover will be somewhat misfit or thick for your Mac and you will wonder after a while if that was your once-premium hardware? It has extremely light Silicon Skin, which will surely has a nice touch on your fingers and yours keys will not worn out.
Besides that its extremely thin nature and matte-like touch will also increase your grip on keys, which will benefit you in typing. Detach the tablet to work and play anywhere, and dock to enjoy the comfortable keyboard, smart gesture-enabled touchpad and advanced connectivity. Run your existing desktop programs, download apps from the Windows Store and share files in the cloud for easy access anywhere you go. At the time, I was considering it just a fancy laptop, more focused on looks than anything else, especially since it came after the HP Folio 13, a more restrained laptop that was quite appreciated withing business environments. It might not be the most appealing 13 inch ultrabook out there, but it’s fairly beautiful. On top of the keyboard there’s a plastic grill that integrates the Power button and hides beneath some of that Beats Audio speaker system.
But while the body does not impress in any particular way, I find it practical, which for me is extremely important. As a result, the viewing angles are narrow and you’ll get plenty of annoying reflections when using the laptop in bright light. From the moment you’ll lift it from that desk though, things will change and the panel, plus the fact that the display does not bend that much on the back, will show their limitations. The keyboard is also backlit, and yes, the illumination level cannot be adjusted, but I can live with that. It’s also quite accurate and responsive, both for everyday use, bot also when it comes to using multitouch gestures.

My test unit is built on an Intel Core i5-3317U processor, with 4 GB of RAM and a fast 128 GB SSD. It also helps the laptop boot fast (in under 25 seconds) and resume from sleep almost instantly, which is indeed what you’d expect from an ultrabook in this price range.
There are four of them packed on this laptop, two on the bottom and two on top of the keyboard.
There’s also a TPM module embedded and can be sold with Computrace, on top of the other pieces of software HP bundles on this unit, including Office Starter and a bunch of others. And that can of course be squeezed to 5+ hours when using the computer lightly, switching off the keyboard’s illumination or dimming the screen. And yes, having TPM and Win 7 Professional does add to the cost, but I still feel that HP should have gone a bit softer with the prices here. Since 2007, I've only owned smaller than 12.5" laptops and I've been testing tens, if not hundreds of mini laptops.
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It is made with extremely thin Silicon – with only the one fifth of the thickness of other keyboard skins available. It also has key-Letters printed on it, so wouldn’t have visibility issue regarding key-words.
Amid all that, I should tell you that it is available in a whole lot variety of colors like Solid, Solid Metallic, Rainbow (my personal favorite), New Rainbow and Army camouflage etc. Each of its button is color coded with shortcuts that are used in Serato, for both left and Right decks. It is very touch and durable yet you will feel it comfortable and very light on your fingers.
But that’s not the case with this cover, it can easily applied and removed, and it is also very fit and stays on its place. Besides that it makes almost no noise which makes it ideal for environments like Libraries and School classrooms etc. Notice that the hot air is pushed towards the back, away from the user, while most other similar ultrabooks either push it behind the screen’s hinge or on the left side.
In fact, this is probably one of the most comfortable keyboards featured on a 13.3 inch ultrabook and its only small issue are those cramped Up and Down arow keys. The integrated click buttons perform surprisingly well too, so I must say, I’m quite impressed with the trackpad on this HP.
As a result, it is fairly snappy while performing casual activities and can also handle multimedia content or more intense programs. During daily use, the fans stay quiet as well and for most of the time they are even completely shut down. However, while they do provide punchy and loud sound for a 13.3 inch laptop, I was probably expecting them to be somewhat better in terms of audio quality as well, as the sound feels a bit blunt. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Besides all that it is pretty flexible and easy to wash,apply or remove so that you don’t have to worry about re-applying it. Apart from that, it is highly transparent, such that you may not notice it, after applying it for some time. One other thing you should know is that it easily hand-washable and doesn’t make you noises while you’re typing.
While most of the premium Keyboard skin’s are made up of Silicon, it is made up of Microban’s antimicrobial product protection, in addition to the normal silicon. Still, this is definitely better than what you get on most other 13 inch ultrabooks available right now.

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