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In the austere economic climate, it’s more important than ever to get the best deal you can – especially in the lead up to Christmas!
AXD2 has an array of great features to offer, but first and foremost, it has a great piano sound and a 88-note, graded hammer keyboard that gives you a really nice feel. You will find 128 high quality voices on the Axus AXD2, two powerful 15W speakers, 1 song, 2 track recorder, a built-in metronome and many more functions.
Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Action (GHS) keyboard offers an impressive, realistic response across the range, and the Aux Out and USB to Host ports offer some extra usability with the right connections to a computer for recording or sampling. In summary – both of these digital pianos have been well made and offer a lot for under ?500! Jack is a Sales Advisor at Normans Musical Instruments and has been in this post since September 2012 after Graduating from University with a degree in Music. Nuvo, the company behind popular plastic woodwind instruments have a new release - the jSax! Axus AXS2 Stage piano is the perfect choice for families, entertainers, professional musicians and anyone who is looking for a compact digital piano! Axus AXD2 Digital Piano is one of our best-selling instruments among education services and beginner and advanced pianists.
New pBuzz is set to be the next big thing for introducing younger players to the world of music.
Finding the best keyboard piano from a huge variety of digital keyboards in the market can be a difficult task these days.
Here are the best keyboard piano models to get you started with learning to play the keyboards; these are designed to be budget-keyboards. These are budget arranger workstation keyboards with pro features, meant to bring the world of music at your fingertips. These are the best Professional Arranger Keyboards…includes the Yamaha Tyros and the Korg PA series.
Keyboard stage pianos for learners, experienced players and accomplished players, who are looking for rich piano sounds & authentic keyboard feel. Performance stage pianos for accomplished pro-performers; not the most expensive piano-keyboards but has sufficient power to help you create an impression.
The best digital stage piano for professionals looking to dominate the stage with an astonishing selection of sounds and features. Each of these offer premium sounds and professional effects in an ultra-light and compact design. Best Synthesizer Keyboard models for the performing and the working musician, those who cannot afford the most expensive ones but are looking for professional performance keyboard instruments. Here are the top 61 Key Keyboard Controller keyboards for those who are used to playing on 61 key piano keyboards. The best 88 key midi controller piano keyboard, suitable for those who prefer playing the piano; available with weighted keys as well. Very easy to carry around, and useful if you do lot of demos or if your workspace is always cramped!
Reviews of the best music recording interfaces, sequencer software, and other recording equipment, for your studio. There is no single keyboard instrument that can satisfy the varied needs of different musicians, especially the professionals out there.

There are many who get impressed with a good sound quality, there are others who are looking for that perfect piano touch, there are others who want complete control over every aspect of the sound, some look for portability, and then there are others for whom ease-of-use matters more. Aspiring songwriters out there, who cannot afford to buy a full blown workstation can look for inexpensive but very capable instruments that that will let you compose, allow you to tinker around with the sounds as in a synthesizer, and also can talk to a computer. This is for all the beginners out there, not in terms of your playing skills but your understanding of the digital music lingo.
If you are buying some high-end stuff, then be prepared to go through the included training videos and spend time on the various forums, if you want to get the most out of your instrument.
Most novices feel that though the pro keyboard instruments do come with the necessary instructional videos, somehow they don’t seem to be enough to help them create their first tightly-integrated song. Also narrowing down the best keyboard piano for you starts with an overall comparison…and then being able to narrow down your needs to determine precisely what type of digital keyboard you require. The ease of use and the ability to use a digital keyboard, piano for professional uses can make a higher priced instrument more attractive.
Way back in 1982, the American, Ray Kurzweil (with the help and guidance of Stevie Wonder) was the first to realistically sample and transfer the sound of an acoustic grand piano into a piano keyboard.
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Yamaha or Roland, but at the same time having a reasonable piano sound then Casio could be an option for you. Hadley offer an excellent range of affordable digital pianos that are suitable for anyone learning to play. Because Kawai also manufacture acoustic pianos they have good piano knowledge, which enables them to build good quality digital pianos. Korg make excellent stage pianos (some of the best), but they only have a small selection of budget range digital pianos.
Buy Original Song " Blankets - The Hanging Tree (Miskeyz Remix)" in digital media iTunes or Buy on Amazon for supporting Artist.
FreeLagu adalah penyedia konten gratis terlengkap mulai dari lagu, video, gambar, berita dan file lainnya. Axus and Yamaha in particular have listened to what customers want – the complete package for under ?500. It is perfect for pianists on a budget and has received great reviews and feedback from our customers.
This is a truly great piano for beginners and students as well as more experienced players. It is an excellent choice for those of you who appreciate the classic piano sound and feel and also if you like to get a little creative. With 14 high quality, stereo sampled sounds, it’s ideal for the pianist on a budget or the musician who’s tight on space! Great keyboards for getting started with music production or for live performance, meant for the budget conscious musician. These are available in the traditional classic looks and are suitable for playing at home, school or church.
Suitable for beginners and intermediate players looking for an affordable but pro sounding keyboard synth.
Meant for professionals, these are suitable for studio work as well for performing on stage.
No wonder then there are so many categories of keyboard instruments specializing in various aspects.

The simple bread and butter sounds, even though of much higher quality, do not satisfy the creative urge of most musicians. However, the built-in tones are also awesome and depending on your purpose, some of you might actually not feel the need to use some of the advanced features. Now Kurzweil has a vast range of digital pianos, grand and stage pianos, keyboards and synths. You can choose from their starter piano (EZ-102), or their most popular range (B1 and B3) for all levels and abilities. All their digital pianos have the correct key resistance to emulate the feel of a real piano, which is essential for children learning.
The starter piano (CDP1) is designed for someone that wants a realistic piano sound and touch without too many bells and whistles. Kawai digital pianos have a pleasant sound, and a medium-weight, soft touch at the bottom of the key stroke. The piano comes in a beautiful, traditional cabinet with a matching bench and it is available in black or rosewood. The P115 for stage or an understated look at home, or the Axus AXD2 for a more traditional look and permanent feel. These keyboards can be used for songwriting as well because of their range of built-in styles, to quickly come up with nice sounding tracks. Good for beginner students as well as for those who are looking for a portable piano for practicing!
Their top end digital pianos from the CA range are really good (they're worth comparing against the equivalent Yamaha CLP models). It is walnut and in good condition although hasn’t been tuned for a couple of years.
Check out the Hadley D10, which is a full cabinet-style digital piano with 3 built-in pedals, a great sound, and costs less than £400. A digital piano that does what is says on the tin: reliable, well-built and a good resale value.
Check out the popular MPS10 portable piano, the student piano M210, also the M10F home piano.
Casio have made some small improvements over the past few years but they really need to focus more on quality. Roland is worth considering and comparing against Yamaha and Kurzweil equivalents, but the prices are a little higher. Going up the range you have the M3W, which has an all natural wood key action made in Italy. The MK10 is a self-playing digital baby grand piano and is the only one available that has moving keys when in self-play mode (very popular in hotels, restaurants, bars and even for home use to impress the guests). Verdict: Very nice pianos with the latest technology, excellent build quality, reliable, and a good brand name.

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