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Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume 2 'The Fretboard' by Bruce Emery (1998). Fingerstyle Guitar from Scratch - Picking Patterns for Vocal Accompaniment by Bruce Emery (2003). Download Mary Had a Little Lamb with easy-to-read keyboard music notesThere is so much you can do with this song! Add a LH chordAfter the melody is well in hand, we start trying out an open C chord (c & g) with the LH (left hand), pressing the chord on beat 1 of each measure.
With chord symbolsNow it's time to enlist this song in a new cause - transposing!After a few months, when Mary Lost and Found is second nature, I come back to it again with an entirely new mission -- transposing. More songs for transposingWhen they're through with Mary Had a Little Lamb, I always have them help me pick the next piece to transpose. Starting to learn beautiful chord patternsThe last thing I use MHaLL for is chord pattern practice. It is a stepping stone to greater thingsOne of my favorite piano studio stories happened the year the movie "Titanic" came out. Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
I NEED HELP! I'm 13 and I need some basic popular songs but I can't find any PLEASE HELP. I Don't Get the Piano Keys Umm I'm 12 and I don't get 123 does it mean C when there's white key black key white key black key when u play C??? My Son is Hooked I've been introducing piano to my son on and off for a year or so, but he's not had much interest. For your greater enjoyment, this sheet music includes the lyrics in English (one verse and chorus).
I provide here under (And I'll keep you updated with all the new free piano lessons we add).
Click here for a printable piano tab that help you practice the song the way we've played in this piano tutorial..
Usually I will have them "be" the LH while I play the RH, just to show them how it sounds, telling them that we'll try adding it to Mary Had a Little Lamb next lesson. The melody is so easy, that when it comes time for them to stretch themselves a little and start using broken chords in the LH, MHaLL is the perfect song. She's got so many terrific piano songs that I can't help but keeping creating tutorial for you guys.

Guitar players should learn to chord songs on pianoAfter youa€™ve mastered tuning (and training your ear), youa€™re ready to learn some chords.
These are called the white notes or white keys.The keys for the remaining five notes which are not part of the C major scale are set back. Related to the tonic, notes of a scale are often labeled corresponding to their distance from the tonic.
In fact, it will increase their comfort playing pieces by memory, or "by heart," as we sometimes call it. That's for later, when they've got pretty solid.) They will frequently come back to their next lesson having played this LH pattern all week long with their favorite hand,the right hand.
I am a piano teacher in New Orleans, LA and in the process of putting together my own curriculum and recordings. The kids and residents loved it and the parents were very pleased with the service aspect of their children's performance as well. I'm a voice and piano teacher and to have so many pieces in one place- for many different levels- is a Godsend. Guitar players should tune using a piano or keyboardI can hear you purists wondering if Ia€™m amiss here. For example, the notes of the C diatonic scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) can be labeled {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}, reflecting the choice of C as tonic.
If they have been doing pentascales, it's easy for them to go "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" with the LH, and then hit 5 and 1 together. This is rote, with the ear helping out.First D major -- I play it for them, with the necessary f#, and ask if they notice anything different. The keys of Ab and Db will feel similar to each other, but Bb and Eb will be a bit of a challenge. This is the song I use when kids are ready to start playing the pattern I call "broken chord stretch," which will open up the world of playing really beautiful chord songs to them. Thank you for the time and effort you have put in to make this so easily available to all of us stressed music teachers!!! This pattern starts over at the octave.White and Black keysMany keyboard instruments before the nineteenth century had key colors reversed - darker colored keys for the white notes and white keys for the black notes. We just do it again, and maybe have THEM try the melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb to it right then,so there will be no mistaking which hand does which. But in the 1960s Vox and Hohner did the same thing - so did Roland with its digital harpsichords.

In the C major scale, C is the first scale degree, D is the second scale degree, and so on.How do I match musical notes to my keyboard?Looking for more information on piano lessons?Play a virtual piano! It seems necessary to stress that"bottom" and "low" are LEFT on the piano ("where the men sing"), and "top" and "high" are RIGHT on the piano ("where the women and children sing").
With D, and then Dm a week or two later, I make a big deal about how it is the "3" finger that makes all the difference.
Electronic organs used reverse colors or gray sharps or naturals to indicate the lower section(s) of a split keyboard.
Farfisa's FAST series of portable organs had black, light gray and dark gray naturals and white sharps. If they are not yet grasping the formula for building a pentatonic major scale (Tonic, whole, whole, half, whole) then I draw little hollow circles on their lesson sheet to represent the 5 notes of MHaLL, and color in the ones that should be black keys with pen or pencil (or let them do it). However, I often wait for the second or third transposed song before I have them try transposing into the black-note keys, especially if there was a struggle learning it! Even if the "Tonic, whole, whole, half, whole," is hard for them, we still say it together and make the scale at the lesson. Even older transfer students who read into Level 3 music have been known to have difficulties.
That changes the key from major to minor, and gives the song a sad or melancholy feeling, or even a hint of danger. Some kids are electrified by this tiny change, and the power it gives them to create a mood! But they will all enjoy it, especially when you ask them to put the pedal down and play it up high.Mary Had a Little Lamb is TRANSFORMED. And we get to use the same open LH C chord.Now contrast major with minorWhen they are comfortable with that, then their assignment becomes to play "Mary Lost and Found" -- first sad (minor), then happy (back to major).
Very popular with kids.Adding in the V7 chordThe next change we make is adding a little G7 chord that I call a "pinch" chord.

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