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I have compiled a piano chords chart containing the two most important chords that you will ever learn, the major and minor chord.
The reason for this is because each chord is a derivative, or built from, the major chord or minor chord. The Cmaj7 contains the exact same notes as the C Major Chord, with only one additional note. This is just one example of how once you learn major and minors you can then use the foundation of those two chords to start building more difficult and complex chords.
There is a whole lot more then just knowing the notes in the printable piano chord chart, such as Fingering, Inversions, and so on.
FORMING AUGMENTED TRIADS OR CHORDSOne of the easiest ways to form an augmented triad is by raising the dominant note which the high note in a major triad or chord. No doubt the sound that is been created by the augmented triad gives a sense of incompleteness, this is because these type of chords are used as passing tones. Do you find the lessons and articles on this website interesting?Then keep updated by following Choose-Piano-Lessons on Twitter or share this website on Google Plus.
Now that you’ve learned all about half steps and whole steps, you are ready to learn the formula for building the 2 most common chords, Major triads and Minor triads. It’s easier to remember all the major chords by counting up 4 half steps for the distance between the first 2 notes. Use these patterns as guidelines, making sure to change a few of the notes here and there each time you play them.
Use only the chord tones at first and then try to add non-chord tones as you get more comfortable with how they sound.
While you’re playing, make sure that your fingers are relaxed and not lifting up from the keys.
Practicing scales not only helps give you more control over your fingers, it helps you understand harmony and improvising better. With just 10 minutes a day on the Chord Master 5000, you can be on your way to the perfect chord shapes you’ve always desired… JUST KIDDING! The reason they are so helpful is because you practice finding the chord 8 times in each arpeggio in multiple different situations. While the right hand is rolling the chord, the left hand will start moving to the next highest C chord, crossing OVER THE TOP of the right hand. Left hand then hits a single C note on the top when the right hand is finished and you play the opposite direction (from right to left). With my private lesson students that I teach in person, I ask them to play their 12 major chords and 12 minor chords in 30 seconds each and this is the exercise that helps them get up to speed! Here is a country piano lick that would work for any part of werewolves of london or sweet home alabama. To take this to other keys, you really should know the major scale for the key you want to play it in so that you can use FLAT3, 3, 8 to find the notes. IF you don’t know the major scale, the trick is to find the third of the chord or triad.
Even though some of these are simpler, when I’m trying play and sing at the same time, I’ll use these simple patterns the most!

It should take you 10-15 minutes if you are a beginner to learn the patterns in the video really well.
REALLY focus on making the transition to each chord smooth and be able to switch between the variations with ease! Try to use your pinky, middle and thumbs only on this song to play the chords and the bassline. If you use these mnemonic devices or memorization tricks, your reading will become much quicker. Now, that I am more active in the Lao music community, finding what I need is much easier and cheaper too.
There’s a small paradox in the world of guitar teaching in that students often want to jump right to guitar chords. Another interesting aspect of all this is that we often forget that a guitar is capable of playing less notes and still sounding good (pianists have the same problem).
If you have found this Piano Lessons World helpful in any way, please donate to show your support. Remember that a major chord is formed by choosing the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of a major scale. All you need to do to form an augmented triad is to sharpen the last note that makes up a major triad.Here is a diagram showing the difference with the G major triad and the G augmented triad.
Try playing the C major augmented triad on your piano and then go back to the C major chord. All triad means is a group of 3 notes… As far as what major means, think of it as a chord quality. In this lesson we start of with some very simple patterns for the C major and F major chords. Not because it sounds good or is showy, but this exercise can teach you the basic method of moving your fingers around on the piano. If you’re playing a note with your index finger, your pinky should still be touching the keys. You still play the C chord, but you’re starting with the top note G first, then E, then C. The 3 means go up three notes (to E), and the Flat3 means count up three notes in the C major scale (to E) but then lower or flat whatever that note is a half step (Eflat).
It sounds the best if you use lots of different variations for variety rather than playing the song the same way through the entire time. If you can do that at a fairly steady fast pace, then you know you’re ready to move on. You’ll find them used over and over again in many published song books… so it makes sense to practice them! You could download the keyboard chord chart from this post and start practice playing them.
After many hours of frustration I was able to locate a website in Los Angeles that offers to sell Lao music styles. If you would like to share yours with the community please shoot me an email and I will post it.

Because of the density of the black keys in the chart, you should be careful not to print these charts too often.You can also lower the density of the printing in your printer settings.
The 5th note is referred as the dominant in a major scale.Below is an illustration showing how augmented triads are formed by raising the high note in a major chord. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be comfortable with your inversions of chords and arpeggios. For example if you play the note F in your right hand, with the chord C major in your left hand, the E&F notes will clash. Crossing under with your thumb is the smooth and fast way to span large distances on the piano. If there were one exercise that I would do for fun and get good at my chords at the same time, I would play arpeggios.
If we do all three at the same time too low on the piano it sounds muddy and has no energy. This is also a good tool for helping kids remember the lines and spaces on the grand staff of the sheet music. I would suggest you start out with learning these chords first – Dm F Gm Am C Bb – When you learn these five chords you could play just about all Lao country songs out there because with the keyboard you could use the transpose button for scaling the notes. The problem is that chording is actually a bit of an advance technique for beginner guitarists who haven’t yet developed the strength and the dexterity on the instrument. You will be able to recognize each chord and the shape that it makes on the staff without reading the notes individually or taking the time to study the sheet music. Search through the printer settings and find where you can adjust the quality of the images. In other words, when the fifth note of a major scale is raised or sharpens then that note is considered to be an augmented fifth. In the video, In the video I show you how to play it on D major, C major and G major, but it will work on any major triad!
Sharp keys like E, A and D are very popular on guitar, and keys with lots of white notes or low numbers of sharps and flats are easier on the piano. I’ve found that by using these types of chords and exercises, students can start playing chords right from the beginning which helps keep their interest as they become better suited to full chords. Use a lesser quality printer setting to use less ink.Print out the printable piano chord and leave it with you at the piano. If you play the F note only for a short duration as just a passing note, then the clashing will not be that noticeable. They can also be fairly redundant because most of the attention is going to be on your right hand. And if I want to get the chords for the song I would mute all the channels except for the guitar chord.
Your left hand just plays a supporting role to drive the music, while your right hand gets the spotlight.

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