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Jazz is characterised by a triplet swing feel, syncopated rhythms, and improvisation - all derived from it's African roots. The time feel comes primarily from the ride cymbal and hi-hat foot which are the dominant voices in jazz drumming. When playing with a rhythm section it is important to listen to the other comping instruments (typically piano or guitar), so that your comping fits in and doesn't get in their way.
In jazz drumming the bass drum is usually played heel-down except in shout choruses and drum solos. The ride cymbal is played by holding the drumstick with your thumb up (sometimes referred to as French grip).
Whereas a standard G7 chord contains G, B, D and F notes, a G9 chord contains G, B, D, F and A. Try substituting the 7th chord in the ii V I above for a diminished 7th chord played a semitone higher (i.e. If you learn the basic jazz guitar chords on this page, you will be well on the way to being able to play any jazz chord progression. Subscribe HereSubscribe to our FREE email newsletter for guitar lessons, news, information and articles. Fresh from shows in london and new york the regions best emerging designers showcase their work throughout the summer in our stunning building. Photographs by James Perry Walker follow the Reverend Louis Cole and his congregation through rural Mississippi and Tennessee in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Join our friendly specialist musicians in the homely surroundings of the Gregg's Children's Room where they will delight and engage budding musicians of any age in singing, movement and music making.
As well as being great fun, these classes are designed to support your child in developing essential musical and social skills, whilst giving the whole family lots of new ideas for songs and musical games to sing and play at home. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance from the Ticket Office or online (available up to one hour before the start time). Including Prom favourites Walton's Crown Imperial, Wood's Fantasia on British Sea Songs and of course Rule, Britannia! This fun filled 2 day workshop for ukulele players and singers, will give you the opportunity to learn Simon and Garfunkel favorites. This fun filled 2 day workshop for Singers, will give you the opportunity to learn Simon and Garfunkel favorites.
The workshop is suitable for singers of all abilities and will end with a short collaborative performance of the pieces learnt during the workshop. Put your sunglasses and sun hats on for this hour-long workshop all about the sea, sand, sun cream and sandcastles.
Sub Pop will release Low's Ones and Sixes, the group's latest studio effort worldwide Friday 11 September.
We’ll sing songs, play games and show off our fabulous dance moves all whilst dressed in pyjamas! Our Folkworks adult summer school has everything…instrumental technique, repertoire, concerts, ceilidhs, sessions and sing-a-rounds! We?ve given you more options as to whether you fill your boots with music, take a walk, practice what you?ve already learnt, or play tunes with friends. We believe that if you?re using well earned annual leave then good friends and good food really help the holiday experience, and our school has both! Fiddles and accordions both have two tutors; each instrument group will meet together on the first day and decide between them how they would like to work for the week. If you haven?t booked a place but really would like to attend late bookings may be taken under special circumstances, please contact the team directly on the email above to discuss options. Our Folkworks Youth Summer School is the very best place to learn and enjoy a week of folk music tuition.
There is the opportunity to perform to your fellow students, to listen to the world class tutors in a tutors concert, a ceilidh, and to attend concerts. Many well known folk musicians attended our summer school in their youth including many of this year?s tutors. We offer residential and non-residential places with accommodation comprising of dormitory rooms with our experienced pastoral staff onsite 24 hours a day, non residential students receive lunch and dinner at the school. The school is open to any musician, including singers and dancers, who can play to at least basic level (a few tunes and scales), on an acoustic instrument. In Our Garden: Come and help us create a musical garden full of sweet flowers, songbirds and mini-beasts. The session is open to brass, woodwind and recorder players and is for intermediate and advanced players and also for beginners who are comfortable reading music.
A chance to see the results of hard work, sweat and tears, of joy and laughter from those who have been part of the Folkworks Adult Summer School this week.
A fast moving kaleidoscope of ensembles drawn from participants and tutors from the Folkworks Adult, Youth and Juniors Summer Schools, giving a unique glimpse into the work that has been taking place over their week.

Pack your bags, we’re going on a journey, singing songs as we go in a fun, hour-long workshop! There?s no better place to kick-start your career as a professional musician than by coming to study music at Sage Gateshead! Find out more about the degree courses which take place at Sage Gateshead, in partnership with University of Sunderland. Join Simon Fidler for a taste of the Sage Gateshead Adult Learning programme with these Summer Evenings.
Come along for this fun and informative session with the highly experienced, Sandra Foxall.
Join us for this exciting workshop in which we will learn upbeat dance grooves from popular songs using tuned and untuned percussion.
Following the success of a sell out show in 2015 Colin Holt and his band make a welcome return to Sage Gateshead accompanied by Internationally acclaimed Snake Davis.
With his band they perform an eclectic set of material built around Colin Holt and Snake Davis compositions. He joined forces with the Colin Holt Band in 2010 and enjoys the flexibility and freedom in being part of the band. Come and try your hand at the ukulele, steel pans, fiddle or singing in these short taster sessions. Newcastle singer songwriter RJ Thompson returns to Sage Gateshead to perform a very special headline show. In advance of the show, sign up to his Fan Connect platform (for free), and receive a free Signed 3-track EP! The workshop is open to intermediate and advanced instrumentalists (Drums, Bass, Keys, Electric and Acoustic Guitars) and singers of all abilities. His voice is full of gravely soul, easily tackling both piano ballads and foot-stompers, going head-to-head with a gospel chorus thanks to a killer range and often heartbreaking lyrics. In this workshop you will get the chance to learn some new techniques that you may have not tried before on the Ukulele. A fun afternoon of ukulele repertoire from the sing era including tunes like What a difference a day makes, Moondance, De-Lovely and more.
Krocodile Klub has been running since 1998, providing a friendly atmosphere where people with learning disabilities and their friends can make new friends, meet up with old ones, hear great music, dance, chill and perform on open mic. On September 2nd The Wedding Present will be releasing their widely anticipated ninth studio album. The week after its release the band will be playing at five specially selected small venues across Great Britain. It was heavily influenced by African music, brought to America by the slaves as well as popular American and European styles of music.
Jazz music typically uses complex chord progression and deliberately dissonant "outside" melodies and harmonies.
Swing refers to a way of playing rhythms where notes off the beat are played shorter than notes on the beat. The purpose of comping is to support and stimulate the soloist and to create interest and variety. Playing heel-down allows you to control the volume of the bass drum and play open notes more easily. The hi-hat is usually played heel-up, so that the full weight of your leg can produce a loud, crisp "chick" sound. Below are some of the basic jazz guitar chords that any aspiring jazz guitarist should know.
In fact, playing a major seventh chord in place of a major chord in any chord sequence can often give it a more jazzy sound.
They can be played in a number of ways, but the shapes below are often used by jazz guitarists. This work, exploring one small Black Baptist circuit in Mississippi and Tennessee, was created in the 1970s, at a time when the culture was visibly in the process of change.
Heritage Lottery and Arts Council England funding is supporting a major programme of access and engagement work around the collection, which has included the redevelopment Side Gallery, where this exhibition was first shown in 2007. Come aboard the good ship Sage Gateshead for a swashbuckling trail in the name of treasure and pieces of eight!
The activities support your baby?s development through music and movement, and can easily be used at home.
The ghost of an old miner has one night to save a community, but to change the future, he must relive his past.
You pick your main instrument study and then have the opportunity to pick what type on ensemble you?d like to be in and work towards a performance in the Durham Gathering at the weekend.
We pride ourselves on providing a week full of inspiration, repertoire building, sessions, songs, dancing, and friendships.

As if that?s not enough, there is a session that runs late in to the evening, allowing you to play together informally. The school runs Wednesday through to Saturday morning with highly skilled, motivated, and energetic tutors who will teach repertoire, technique, and ensemble skills including instrumental work, singing, and dancing in one large ensemble. These elements produce the most fun and welcoming learning environment for students to connect with the traditions from Great Britain and beyond while making life-long friendships. We’ll have our best summer dresses, shorts and sandals on for a fun hour-long workshop of singing, jumping, planting and just lazying around together!
This session will give you the opportunity to try your hand at quick to learn, easy to play favourites. A range of ensembles take to the stage in a free concert at Elvet Methodist Church, Durham showcasing just some of the learning that has taken place over the previous five days. You?re not just learning about music and current industry practices, you?re learning inside those practices, alongside a community of amazing professional musicians, right in the heart of one of the UK?s finest music organisations. Here, we offer a BA (Hons) Community Music and a BMus (Hons) in Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music. Simon will take you through repertoire from some of our classical singing groups and our Mood Indigo Singers with an informal sharing on the Saturday. The workshops will explore a wide range of material and is open to intermediate and advanced players. This workshop aims to explore the blend of these two percussive disciplines and is open to all abilities.
Spend some time with our experienced leaders getting to grips with the basics and see what you enjoy.
Following the release of his Live album earlier this year, which includes 5 tracks from his performance here last year, RJ brings new material and a brand new full band line up! The session will be split into two halves (band and singers), coming together at the end of the day to piece the songs together. The rhythm section is made up of drums, bass (either double bass or bass guitar) and one or more comping instruments such as piano or guitar. This is the opposite of rock drumming, where the time feel is provided by the bass drum and snare drum. The swung off-beat notes are usually played as triplets but can also be played earlier or later than a triplet.
Time is played on the ride cymbal and hi-hat foot while the bass drum and snare drum play improvised comping rhythms that fit in with the melody or solo.
In big band and traditional jazz music the bass drum is sometimes "feathered" on all four beats. It is recommended that beginners play the ride cymbal palm down (American grip) and transition to playing thumb up over time as their finger control improves. In these beautiful photographs, he was recording the tail end of an oral tradition both deeply African and American.
Guided by experienced jazz musicians you will learn to improvise in an informal supportive environment. The accommodation is university halls of residence with our skilled and experienced pastoral staff onsite 24 hours a day. You will learn to play harmonized arrangements of a wide ranging repertoire from folk, classical and popular music. But he is in fact a wicked soul wailer with a huge voice, a skinny white guy with a raspy, weathered sound coming out his body that defied expectation.
Swung notes are typically played straighter at faster tempos and more delayed at slower tempos.
This can be by responding to the melody and filling in the gaps or by playing along with the melody and catching the accents. This means the bass drum is played very softly and felt but not heard underneath the rest of the band. Another technique is to play heel-toe, rocking on the hi-hat pedal from the heel to the ball of your foot. You do not need to have prior knowledge of folk music nor do you need to be able to read music. A big band will usually have around thirteen horns while small combos typically have one to three horns.
Beat one is not emphasized the way it is in rock and pop music and jazz rhythms are often highly syncopated to create a sense of unpredictability and surprise for the listener.
For loud or up tempo playing you can play closer to the bell to reduce the amount of wash in the cymbal tone.

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