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TweetThis layout is for Arabic Keyboard for Saudi Arabia 102 AZERTY, on MS Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7). If you’re new to Arabic typing, I recommend that you take a printout of the following image and use it while you type. The character on the upper left-hand side can be typed by pressing and holding the Shift key.
Depending upon the physical layout of your keyboard, there may be slight difference in some keys. If you’re an advanced Android™ developer in search of keyboard mapping information in order to make a custom ROM for your Xperia™ pro or Xperia™ mini pro, look no further. To localise custom ROMs for our most recent Xperia devices that have keyboards – Xperia™ pro or Xperia™ mini pro – you’ll need to ensure that the ROMs properly handle the physical keyboard corresponding to the country you wish to develop for.
The AZERTY layout takes its name from the first six letters to appear on the first row of alphabetical keys.
The Bopomofo keyboard layout is often abbreviated as zhuyin and colloquially called bopomofo.
The Stroke keyboard layout refers to strokes needed to form Chinese Hanzi characters currently in use in China, Japan and Korea.
Hi, I recently bought an xperia pro from germany and I would like to change it to a swedish keyboard. I am planning to buy a german Xperia pro myself (as no other versions seem to be available any more), and wish to change to a swedish keyboard layout.
I am actually no advanced data-hacker at all, so a simple step-by-step guidance would be extremely appreciated. In your case, I would try to do what I recommended that Athar Kamal should try to do (the post below).

At first nothing changed and I was confused, but when restarted the smartphone, everything was perfect as it should be since I bought my Xperia Mini Pro! If the “normal” way of changing languages (the “globe key”) doesn’t work with your rom then I suggest you try to modify the xml files that map characters to the keys. Also, please make sure to make backups of the original files before trying to modify anything! You could also post a new thread there, and if you do, be sure to include details of what phone you are using. The on-screen keyboard application, which is included in Windows can be useful in that case. In this post, we‘ve listed the keyboard variants for our most recent Xperia™ devices that have keyboards, which will help you create customised ROMs that can handle keyboards with country-specific characters, such as the cedilla in Portugal or stroke keys for Hanzi characters in China. Below, you’ll find a list of keyboard mappings, by country, for the Xperia™ pro and Xperia™ mini pro. It is modelled on the English QWERTY layout, and is used most by French speakers based in Europe.
The system consists of 37 characters and four tone marks, and makes it possible to transcribe all possible sounds in Mandarin.
Keyboards in Russia have Cyrillic letters and numbers on the keytops, as well as Latin characters. Since Hebrew is read and written right to left, as opposed to the left to right system in English, the cursor keys and delete keys work backwards when in left-to-right directionality mode. The method is widely installed in mobile phones with small screens because the method only requires five key taps for the 5,000 commonly used Chinese characters. Since you have a German (QWERTZ) layout, if you just changed the whole layout to the Swedish version some of the punctuation would be wrong.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. It is also considered too tedious requiring a user to type out all the strokes constituting a single Chinese character. I have also rooted it to be able to install a keyboard layout zip-file, which I got at the xda-developers thread. The main reason for having different input methods is that we want to provide the best text input engines possible.
But the zip file only made the keyboard even worse, and it didn’t give me any swedish characters.
You could even try replacing the entire contents of the file with the contents of the qwerty-en.xml file which is the default “English” layout. As you know, Korean, Japanese and Chinese are very different from the other languages when it comes to text input so other text input engines are better for these languages. In this case, please note though that some of the characters may be placed on different keys on the English layout compared with the Arabic layout that you have. For example compare the positions of the “(“ and “)” characters between the two keyboards on the pictures in this thread. We are however constantly evaluating our keyboards and their engines so in the future we could be in a position to merge some or all of these keyboards into one.
I don’t know why you wouldn’t be allowed to save the files if the phone is rooted though… Hopefully you will have better luck with these files.

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