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Thanks to its impressive presence and sturdy construction, the new 113cm K113 delivers a rich, expansive sound with great depth and volume. The 3-ply solid maple bridge guarantees optimum tuning stability and makes a significant contribution to the K113’s tonal personality. April 23, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment All the musical desires of a musician can be fulfilled with this magical instrument in his hands called piano. Realizing that some vibrating strings can produce sound is something that man discovered back in the prehistoric ancient times. Later a keyboard with strings attached evolved during the 14th century which was termed to be a dulcimer.
Harpsichord and Clavichord together gave the foundation for the development of piano and its limitation led to the invention of piano with which musicians were given freedom of expression and increased control over softness and loudness of sound. First ever piano was invented by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori in 1709 in Padua, Italy.
Now today when you ought to buy a grand piano or a designer digital keyboard or any other model, the best part is that you get a number of choices that makes buying and using the instrument more exciting with a number of options and features diversifying your abilities as a musician.
If you are looking for something within a lower price range in comparison to buying a grand piano, you can purchase a modern digital piano. Even when a number of digital and enhanced instruments are now easily available at comparatively reasonable prices, traditional acoustic pianos are still popular. Pianos have a rich history and these instruments not only have gained popularity among upper-class but you will find some good pianos in the houses of families leading a middle-class life.
Front and rear castors enhance movability and the beautiful, traditional cabinetry ensures that the K113 elegantly complements your living space.

Piano was and is one of the most premium musical instrument that carries with itself a rich history, an opulent present and a bright future. Earlier it was only a series of strings stretched and attached with the use of bows, boxes and gourds. These instrument are real acoustic pianos including hammers and strings played normally without any digital technology. Many of the top piano making companies are not also producing some well-sampled digital pianos whose sound samples are taken from top range of instruments’ voices offering you enhanced realism. The basic design of these instrument closely replicate to the ancient ones that were developed back in 1700s.
The Grand Prince of Tuscany, Ferdinando de’ Medici employed him to take care of his instruments. Digital pianos today are software based and thus they offer exciting methods of learning making them ideal choice for beginners. But as time is passing, various technological advancements have been made at a quick speed. Now even if you own a small house, you can enjoy experience of a grand piano over a digital piano so this leaves no room for excuses of not being able to accommodate one. This instrument was not the first one of its kind but it was founded over some earlier technological innovations that led to the development of this instrument commonly known as piano today.
After dulcimer, clavichord was invented after which a number of various keyboards evolved including spinet, clavecin, gravicembalo and harpsichord. This new invention was termed gravicembalo col piano e forte (meaning soft and loud keyboard instrument) and was exhibited first time in Florence.

Features like on screen display, learning programs, internet connectivity, preset sounds and effects etc. Now you can find acoustic pianos made with different materials adding more durability and making appearance more beautiful. Not only elders but even kids at a very young age are encouraged to learn to play piano and this skill once learnt will be with you for your whole life.
Various technicians have worked over mechanics of acoustic piano for more than 300 years now and thus now you can find pianos that not only look and feel great but also sound better in tonality and effects. There was lack of expression witnessed that gave rise to the need of adding expressiveness to this instrument. With these pianos, even if you don’t know or enjoy playing piano, you can enjoy live music played for you at any time you want. Only some of Cristofori’s instrument survive today dated back from 1720s and his earliest piece is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. You can even get some baby grand piano in order to accommodate it in a small space around a corner in your house.

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