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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.
This affordable package includes a Casio LK-230 61-Key Lighted-Note Keyboard, an On-Stage Stands KS7190 Single-braced stand, Musician's Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench, and Gear One G900DX Headphones.Casio LK-230 61-Key Lighted-Note KeyboardNot only does the 61-note Casio LK-230 feature the helpful Step-Up learning system, in which the practice pieces are broken down into small learning units that are then learned step by step, the keyboard also inspires musical creativity. The Casio LK-94TV 61-Key Lighted Portable Keyboard features 61 lighted keys, 3-Step Lesson System, and voice fingering guide to help novices learn to play piano.
Casio AL100R 88-Key KeyboardAn instrument has been created that truly delivers the joy of playing the piano to anyone who has ever dreamed of learning to play. The AL-100R comes with many special features that will bring musical enjoyment to your home and make learning easier.
Auto-Accompaniment -- With a choice of 100 accompaniment patterns, you'll always find a background to suit your mood. Accompaniment Mode -- Players of varying skills will enjoy the benefit of a choice of Full-range, Fingered, or Casio Chord modes. One-Touch Preset -- With the touch of a button the right-hand instrument, tempo, effects, harmonies, and more are all automatically selected, awaiting your performance. Song Sequencer (17 Tracks) -- Record your performances, lessons, compositions, phrases and more for future playback.
Large Backlit LCD (Musical Information System) -- Easy-to-read display panel shows current piano setup, fingerings, chords, dynamics, etc., providing a wealth of information about the keyboard's many functions.
Music Library -- For practice or simply for your listening enjoyment, 80 tunes are provided.

Advanced Lesson System -- Select the lesson that matches your skill level and play along with either music library tunes or those imported from a floppy disk, advancing at your own pace. 3-Step Lesson -- This easy-to-follow feature can be used with any arrangement or lesson part. Sign up to receive our All Access Pass newsletter, and never miss out on information handpicked for you by our gear experts! Its Voice Pad function makes it really simple to play back voice samples and other sounds and effects. Authentic tones -- carefully-sampled from a concert grand piano -- mate with an all-new naturally-scaled hammer action to provide for a most realistic and satisfying musical experience.
Several of the patterns are piano-based, allowing you to sound like a pro utilizing as few as 2 fingers. The LK-230 also includes the AHL sound source that boasts of 48 notes, 150 rhythms, an extended automatic accompaniment feature with an on-bass chord, and a large, easy-to-read display.The 61 light-up keys on the LK-230 keyboard guide you through a whole host of songs.
In addition, this 61-key Casio keyboard is a powerful musical instrument with 32-note polyphony, 4 reverb and 4 chorus DSP effects, 264 PCM tones, 120 rhythm patterns, auto-accompaniment and a 65-tune song bank. An advanced lesson system featuring a remarkable dual-color Key-Lighting keyboard provides a powerful yet easy-to-use teaching tool that will help make your dreams of piano proficiency come true. A practice piece is divided into individual sections and then learned step by step, just like in a traditional music lesson.
Casio also gives you interactive scoring with voice and display, practice phrase switch, LCD music information system, transpose and tuning control, pedal jack that assigns to sustain, soft, sostenuto, and rhythm. The AL-100R is a totally new concept in digital pianos that will bring musical enjoyment to your home for many years to come.

Step 1 allows you to first concentrate on the tune's timing before moving on to the next level. The Casio LK-94TV also has built-in speakers and a USB port that allows connection to a PC for MIDI and data transfer. The AL-100R provides you with 64-notes of polyphony to easily accommodate sustained passages and complex arrangements.
Also, the innovative 400 AHL tones produce top-quality sound perfectly suited to both classical piano music and other genres.
To ensure clear, rich authentic sound, Casio's Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation (ZPI) utilizes fortissmo and pianissimo samples of a fine concert grand piano, recorded across the entire range of the keyboard.
150 rhythms provide you with a colorful overview of the world of music, and you can listen, sing along, and play along while the LK-230 stores 110 top-quality songs. Recordings can be played back with the keyboard and pads using the sampling function (audio input), and 10 additional sound effects are provided to boost the fun factor.The Voice Pad function provides a simple way of playing back voice samples, as well as other effects and sounds using the keyboard's pads.
Moreover, the audio-in function lets you record your own samples of up to ten seconds, which can then also be played through the Voice Pad function. In addition, you can simply plug in and get singing: The Casio LK-230 has a practical microphone input that allows users to sing along to a selection of songs or make recordings using the sampling function.
It's easy to connect a CD or MP3 player to the audio input and play along with your favorite song on the keyboard.The 110 practice pieces in the electric keyboard's Song Bank can be controlled through the Song Bank Controller in a similar way to a CD player, allowing players to practice the piece effectively.

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