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The keyboard controller, done rightThe Impact LX88's 88-note velocity-sensitive keyboard sports a silky semi-weighted action with medium tension.
Sweetwater's friendly Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. When I first saw the description of the Nektar LX88 I was initially very impressed with the range of features it incorporates but was skeptical about the price (just seemed to cheap for all that functionality). Short story: If you are looking for a 88-key semi-weighted keyboard that seamlessly integrates with most major DAWs then this is the controller for you.
If your looking for a full size midi controller at an affordable price, then look no further.
Sweetwater's Flexible Payment Plan is a convenient, interest-free way to buy gear now and stretch your purchase across three budget-friendly payments. Get your Nektar Impact LX88 88-key MIDI Controller Keyboard now and spread out the payments! The Kronos music workstation was unveiled in 2011 to widespread critical acclaim, winning one award after another. Doubled SSD capacity of 62 GB allows support for gigantic sound library expansions, such as the Kronos Sound Libraries and the KARO Sound Libraries.
User Sample Bank feature allows users to create extremely large sample libraries that take advantage of the generous PCM RAM and SSD capacity.
Numerous artist signature sounds created by top musicians are included, letting you make the sounds of classic songs your very own. Set List mode: Organize the Programs, Combis, and Songs you need to perform your set in a single, easy-to-select screen – including performance notes! Smooth Sound Transition: This often-requested feature allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes.
USB Ethernet adapter compatibility enables high-speed data communication between the Kronos X and your computer. Roland has announced the A-88 and A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controllers, two all-new controllers that combine pro playability with mobile convenience. The piano-action A-88 and synth-action A-49 feature high-quality keyboards along with a slim, light design that’s ideal for today’s on-the-go musicians.
There’s no shortage of keyboard controllers on the market, but most have playability that’s far below the quality found in high-end digital pianos and synthesizers. The A-88 features 88 full-size weighted keys and Roland’s acclaimed Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement.
Born for mobile use, the A-49 features road-tough construction yet is extremely lightweight (under six pounds).
The dedicated SuperNATURAL mode button on the controllers unlocks a host of unique sound-selection features when connected to a Roland SuperNATURAL instrument such as the new INTEGRA-7 sound module or the JUPITER-80 and -50 synths. The A-88 and A-49 offer USB and MIDI OUT connectors, along with jacks for connecting optional expression and hold pedals.
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Yamaha KX8 Keyboard MIDI ControllerThe Yamaha KX8 USB Keyboard Studio (hereafter referred to as the “KX Series”) were conceived and designed to support creativity and MIDI music composition without getting in the way.
They also feature a range of drum, guitar, bass, keyboard and other musical phrases built in, minimizing the need for complex manual MIDI data programming. The KX series derives its superior feel from a long lineage of Yamaha pianos and keyboards with its own high-quality Yamaha keyboard action. The KX USB Studio includes Cubase AI, a special Advanced Integration version of Steinberg's legendary music production software.
I don't like the composite wood board on the bottom, but it certainly doesn't make the unit weak.
Yamaha SO8 88 Key Synthesizer KeyboardOrder your Yamaha SO8 88 Key Synthesizer Keyboard and enjoy 0% Interest Payment Plans, Free Shipping, Free Extended Warranty and 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.
The Yamaha S08 is a sleek, lightweight, portable instrument with a palette of 749 high quality AWM2 sounds, 64-note polyphony, XG & GM2 compatibility, a USB port and advanced storage on SmartMedia.
The S08 has many stereo sampled pianos and drums which are identical to those found on higher-end Yamaha S-series synths. It's also packed with over 700 of Yamaha's finest voices, many of which have been taken right from our award-winning S80 professional synthesizer. The S08 is equipped with Yamaha's original Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard - a true weighted 88-note keyboard based on the highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard found in the Yamaha P series digital pianos. From beautiful grand pianos and orchestral instruments to punchy synthesizers and bass sounds for the dance floor, the S08 gives you the equivalent of 28 MB* worth of high-quality AWM2 voices-over 700 in all. Although the S08 is an 88-note weighted action synthesizer, its light weight makes it the ideal keyboard for the gigging musician who needs portability yet demands the feel of a real piano.
The S08 is fully compatible with Yamaha XG and General MIDI Level 2 specifications, both of which provide an extended range of instruments and effects over the original General MIDI standard. Having hundreds of voices at your fingertips is a wonderful thing - that is, until you find yourself having to look through them one by one to find that particular string voice you liked so much.
Unlike the small displays used in competing keyboards, the S08's custom liquid crystal display makes it easy to see the currently selected voice and other information at a glance. Scrolling through voices and editing parameters is easier than ever thanks to a convenient control dial. A newly designed playback sequencer lets you play back standard MIDI files (format 0) directly from a SmartMedia memory card.
Equipped with a USB MIDI interface, the S08 can connect directly to any USB equipped Windows® or Macintosh® computer. Purchase the S08 and download (FREE!) all the software necessary to get you started making music on your Windows® or Macintosh® computer. This convenient software editor lets you visually edit the onboard voices on a personal computer.
Under the hood, the PC3LE8 features the same groundbreaking chip technology that has made the PC3 the most talked about keyboard in recent years. The PC3LE8 comes equipped with over 700 onboard effects chains from which to choose, all with real-time controllers already assigned to relevant parameters.

In the PC3, Kurzweil introduced the "INFO" feature, a soft button-press that allows the user to see which controllers have been assigned to parameters within a program. At the same time, Kurzweil wanted to give users the quickest, simplest possible way to adjust the PC3LE's sounds to suit individual tastes and needs.
Kurzweil understands that flexibility is important when it comes to customizing your sound.
With the PC3LE8, Kurzweil has introduced a new set of dynamic physical controllers—8 backlit, velocity-sensitive drum pads that can be used to trigger sounds, sequences, chords and arpeggiations. Complimenting the LE's new features are a few old familiar Kurzweil favorites; Setup Mode, Quick Access Mode, and Song Mode, all taken directly from the PC3. Setup Mode enables the LE to act as a powerful MIDI controller as well as providing 16 simultaneous, independent, fully programmable arpeggiators, with factory and user-programmable patterns. Quick Access Mode allows you to create custom banks of 10 sounds that can be accessed by a single button-press, and Song Mode delivers a full-featured 16 track sequencer with all of the powerful editing features that you'd find in a high-end workstation—event editing, swing, controller scaling, input quantize, input filter, and chasing controls. Saving, loading and updating the OS are all made easy on the LE with the inclusion of both USB Host and Device ports. Based on their award-winning Panorama, Nektar's Impact LX88 uses intelligent mapping to give you hands-on control over your session immediately.
A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly about the Nektar Impact LX88 88-key MIDI Controller Keyboard.
However after doing some research and watching some reviews on YouTube I became a believer. Besides the full 88 keys, the DAW integration feature works seamlessly with Logic Pro X, haven't tried it with garageband (since i don't use garageband) but i'm sure that if you follow the instructions provided with the controller you'd find that it should work just as easily with any other DAW software.
Very fast shipping, and free shipping at that, made it possible to have my gear when I wanted it. Simply choose the "3 Easy Payments" option in your cart, and we'll divide your purchase amount into three convenient payments, billed to your current MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card. With a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X is the ultimate workstation. They also offer USB, MIDI, and Apple iPad compatibility, as well as onboard control of Roland’s SuperNATURAL-powered synths such as the INTEGRA-7, JUPITER-80, and JUPITER-50. With the A-88 and A-49, Roland is pleased to offer keyboard controllers that play like pro-level instruments, giving musicians mobile convenience with no compromises.
This is the same Progressive Hammer Action keyboard found in many Roland stage and home pianos, and allows users to play software-based pianos, soft-synths, and sound modules with an authentic grand piano touch. The 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys have a rounded shape for a comfortable touch, along with many enhancements to reduce noise and increase playability.
Both controllers can be powered via a computer’s USB bus, while the A-88 can also be powered with an accessory AC adapter.
The A-49 is also available in white, a perfect companion color for users of the white-finish iPad. Based on a range of innovative features with advanced software integration and connectivity via a single USB cable, these control keyboards help create an efficient environment that supports traditional music production workflow.
With the addition of four assignable control knobs, dedicated performance controls, and DAW integration controls for soft synths and sequencers functions, the KX Series is a complete USB MIDI Studio that is as comfortable on stage as it is in the studio. Inspired by the Motif ARP phrases, these arpeggios can be played back by the included HALion One softsynth using sound content from the Yamaha Motif or the VST Mega Pack Bundle featuring exclusive content from IK Multimedia, BFD, and Arturia.
Cubase AI is conveniently controlled via a dedicated control section on the KX, turning it into a complete music production solution. This DVD contains a massive collection of sounds and VST instruments from industry leaders like IK Multmedia, Sonic Reality, FXpansion, Arturia and Keyfax. But if you use VST's, you can program one of the controllers to transpose or you can use your mouse to transpose. Its 88-key, balanced hammer keyboard has Initial Touch (similar to that of the Motif 8 Synthesizer). The Yamaha S08 gives you professional quality sound and performance in a stylish, lightweight package -and at an affordable price. They've even added in a complete XG and General MIDI Level 2 voice set to complement the built-in SMF (Standard MIDI File) playback sequencer. Although a graded keyboard is ideal for playing piano sounds (it's designed so that the lower keys have a heavier touch), it's not practical for playing voices such as drums and basses. And to ensure the highest standards of voice quality, the S08 uses Yamaha's own 24-bit effects processing chip to provide you with a complete range of high-quality effects, including 17 reverb types, 17 chorus types and 54 variation effects such as delay and distortion. The Category Search function makes it a snap to find just the voice you're looking for by allowing you to search through the preset voices by instrument type-such as Piano, Organ, Bass or Strings.
Transferring MIDI files to a SmartMedia card from your Mac or PC is smooth and easy thanks to the included Card Filer software.
This feature, together with pitch and modulation wheels, makes it an ideal MIDI controller for computer-based music production-amateur or pro. This also allows you to transmit all edited data to the synthesizer at one time, or to store voice data on a computer. All of the PC3's sounds are included—the famous Kurzweil grand piano, vintage electric pianos, Clavinets and Mellotrons, dazzling Orchestral and Strings collections, stunning VA virtual analog synths, KB3 organs, realistic basses, drums, guitars, percussion and horns, General MIDI, plus nearly 200 new programs developed specifically for the LE—over 1050 programs in all. For the LE, it's taken this to the next level, with an interactive user interface that communicates directly with you whenever you move a real-time controller. In any given program or effects chain, select relevant parameters have been pre-assigned real-time controllers for easy access.
Every program in the machine has a drum kit assigned to the pads, so you'll always have access to a rhythm track when you need it.
On top of that, each setup can have up to 16 simultaneous Riffs—sequences that can be triggered by buttons, drum pads, or notes on the keyboard.
You can save your user programs, setups, and songs to a USB thumb-drive or directly to a computer. To suit your playing style, you get four velocity curves that gradually increase in dynamics.
The streamlined Impact series of controllers offers intelligent mapping and tight integration with most popular DAWs, preset mixer and plug-in modes, transport and navigation controls, midi programming capabilities, and five user presets.
However, after doing an investigation I took a chance in buying this piece of equipment; and to say it's really worth the money.

There is a $10 processing fee for using this service, and your billing address must be in the United States to be eligible.
With newly released system updates and an inspiring and growing array of Kronos Sound Libraries, we've brought Kronos to an even higher level of performance. From the bedroom studio to the big stage, these controllers truly deliver inspiring playability and top-level performance.
In addition, the white keys are built with a moisture-absorbing material that replicates the feel of real ivory. All these features add up to a premium keyboard that even the most discerning pros will appreciate. Of course Yamaha keyboard know-how acquired and refined through years of experience offers feel and response that provide optimum musical control and comfort for smooth production. In addition to the bundled sounds there are thousands of dollars worth of rebate coupons and added values from Antares, ASK Video, Broadjam, Electronic Musician, Electrix, Garritan, KeytoSound, Obedia, Steinberg and Tunecore. Panel switches, a large LCD display and controllers that include pitch bend, a mod wheel and a numeric keypad, provide complete, quick control. In fact, it has many features that you would expect to find only in synthesizers costing much more. The S08's BH keyboard has been specially designed to accommodate both the need for weighted feel and quick response across the entire length of the keyboard, allowing you to enjoy smooth weighted action regardless of which voice you play. When connected to an external sequencer, up to 16 instrument parts can be played simultaneously for composing and playing back fully arranged songs. The S08's Chain Playback function gives you uninterrupted playback of up to 100 songs-perfect for live performance or simply practicing at home with sequenced accompaniments.
Voice Editor can be used both a software plug-ins for OPT supported sequencers and stand-alone software. Kurzweil has improved the method for navigating through such a massive sound set; programs in the LE can be viewed and selected with a new set of Category buttons. Whether it's the rosin of a bowed string instrument, the resonant harmonics of a piano's damper pedal, or the thumps and squeaks of an electromechanical keyboard, Kurzweil's done its homework and provided a level of detail and realism previously unimagined, allowing you to focus on the important business of making music. The PC3LE8's architecture provides up to 10 insert effects, which can be distributed among 10 channels, with an available auxiliary effect as well. Turn a knob, hit a button, or move a wheel and the LE's screen will display the controller, its real-time value, and the parameter being affected.
Move a controller and hit the SAVE button—no menus, no pages with endless parameters—and you get one touch sound customization. OS updates can be loaded from a thumb-drive or directly from your computer, and of course the LE sends and receives MIDI over USB. Sweetwater knows you spend hours on end at your music workstation (we do, too), so the feel of your keyboard is important.
For certain types of synth parts requiring consistent output, there are three fixed velocities.
The black keys are a bit stiffer than the white keys but I got used to that anomaly in about a week.
There is nothing more to me that shows you care for your customers than communication with them. Even with its premium hammer-action keyboard, the A-88 is light, portable, and easy for gigging musicians to transport. For starters, it's equipped with a full-size weighted keyboard that offers a remarkably realistic touch. For the live performer, there's a convenient Category Search function that makes it easy to find the voices you want on stage. And because the S08 provides up to 64 notes of polyphony, you need not worry about running out of notes when playing long sustaining passages or sequencing complex arrangements. Select "Leads" and you'll see a list of all the synth leads in the machine, grouped together.
An example would be moving the modwheel on an organ program - you would see the following: "Modwheel 79 Distortion Drive".
Just as Kurzweil put a great deal of effort into making sure that the keyboard action feels just right, the drum pads were implemented with precision and care, with utmost attention given to how they feel when played.
The Impact LX88's 88 semi-weighted keys give you a smooth, velvety feel, as do its pitch and mod wheels. Pitch bend and modulation wheels are properly placed to your left, with the octave and transpose buttons above them. I'm glad to have made the investment and say to anyone if you think of purchasing a keyboard for home usage, check out this midi controller before you buy big gear. Overview: My five star rating is based on the fact that Nektar has put a lot of work in to making sure this controller works seamlessly with all of the popular DAWs right out of the box. Many controllers had feel issues or noise issues associated with the keyboard action and so-so reviews because of it.
This system never breaks down—you can change effect chains freely and all of this info remains intact, updated to reflect the new chain you've selected.
In fact, all the controls - including the knobs, faders, and performance pads - feel amazing. For those looking for an affordable weighted action synthesizer for the studio or stage, the S08 is a dream come true. Also, this info is transferred seamlessly to Setup Mode so you can see whatever controllers have been assigned to programs used in any zone of a setup.
I put off buying because I wasn't convinced that any of the controllers I saw reviewed would work for me. It did everything I wanted it to do really really well,and way more than I was planning on. It works great with mycomputer recording software, my digital audio interface mixing software and my MOTU BPM drum software.

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