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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing. The lightweight Gator GK-88 88-Key Keyboard Case is constructed of 600-denier ballistic material and features a polyethylene reinforced interior frame.
The GKPE-88-TSA keyboard case is an ATA (airliner approved), molded polyethylene case with TSA latches and wheels that's made for 88-key keyboards. This stretchy cover for full-sized keyboards is made of Lycra and Spandex and has an adjustable shock cord for a snug fit. The SKB SKB-5820W case fits 88-note keyboards, tucking the instrument between Puzzle Foam ends in the interior for total safety. Its nearly indestructible polyethylene construction and its unique wedge-and-block design for interior customizing give it the security and level-of-protection you're seeking while traveling with your precious keyboard. Its made out a nice quality flexible material and after a week or so I still have zero particles on my keyboard. The rolling keyboard case has a rugged roto molded exterior and meets ATA specs as an airline shipping container and is fitted with tough, lockable security latches.
The rolling keyboard case has fully adjustable padded straps to position your board securely into place. The handle on this case broke off within six months of steady use, so I replaced it with one from a hardware store. When you consider that the Motif ES8 with 88 weighted hammer-action keys weighs in at 63 lbs, adding more weight is not desirable.

I believe that keyboard and case combined come in at a whopping 95 lbs, which makes me very thankful for the built in wheels.
The wheels have held up, unlike other cases I've used, and it fits my Yamaha S80 with room to spare. My problem now is that the outer lining containing the zipper is tearing off, as is the mesh pocket on the outside.
I've seen poor reviews regarding the handles, but I believe they were for the previous model case (handle has been redesigned). I can carry my behemoth of a keyboard with just the one side handle without it breaking or appearing that it will do so in the future.I've owned other Gator cases for rack units and they are all built with quality. Overall, it's not a bad case, and you'll get a few good years out of it, depending on how much you play. This is no exception.Most of the modular padding had to be discarded to allow the Motif to fit inside. With the Motif in it there is about 1 in of space at one end left for you to store the power cord and to get your fingers under for removal of the keyboard. Even when stretched to its fullest extents, it wouldn't stretch around the keyboard enough to stay on when I let go of it.
No other accessories will fit inside without rattling against the keys, so I have to carry my pedals and other cables separately.
Not a big deal since the thing weighs so much already.I have already witnessed the protection from this case. The first time I used it I made the mistake of trying to let the case free stand on its end for just a moment while I moved something out of the way.

Then I used some spare foam to wedge between the edge of the board and the case for the other side. However the keyboard is unscathed from its fall.This case is sturdy from top to bottom as well.
I used ratchet straps to tie this case to the roof rack on my car and it showed no signs of collapsing under the pressure. It is light weight and it's great, but I had problems with the zipper in the corners not long after getting it and it just kept getting worse. The TSA locks aren't well made - upon receipt of the case I noticed the tiny springs inside one of the locks were missing and it will neither close or lock properly. The button that you press to open the locks and regular latches is a small plastic piece that has twice now popped out of a latch and I have to put it back in. I considered returning the item but it's so large that it would be difficult for me to ship it back.
On the 2nd trip with this case the latches came completely off and the piano hit the floor before I catch it.

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