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These insects are not great pollinators because they have a glossy skin instead of the fur of a bee.
Yellow jackets will give chase for great distances and even go around obstacles to get to you. Yellow jackets don't have a barb on their stinger and don't leave their stinger in you, so don't bother trying to scratch it off. When a yellow jacket dies it releases a pheromone (scent) into the air that inspires other yellow jackets to swarm and protect the nest. The same stinger a sterile female yellow jacket uses to sting you is the same organ that would have been used to lay eggs if she were a queen.

Yellow jacket nests have been found inside the cab of cars, on the outside of an abandoned truck, in an unused upholstered chair, an entire attic space, and even a bird feeder.
Hundreds of beautiful pictures of insects, including ants, moths, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, damselflies, caterpillars, ladybugs, and beetles. There are over 1 millions species of insect in the world, and we’re still discovering about 7,000 new species each year. Other insects, though not colonial, have ways of communicating with each other for purposes of reproduction. But don't think for a second that those hundred yellow jackets that just poured out of that nest are male.

The mature larva then builds a pupa (also known as a cocoon in a butterfly’s case) which they mature in and eventually grow out of once they are an adult insect.

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